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This is the family history so far gleaned for Chris & Hazel Lyons, tracing their origins back through their parents, Frank Lyons & Joan Turner. Detailed information is best got from the family fan chart

Lyons family 1964 . 1964 Honor Deo Lodge - his Presidency

Story of Chris as of June 2010.

My husband, David Grant, had traced his Irish Grant lineage over the years from the age of 18 . At the time of my parents' Golden wedding, 14/12/1990, celebrated in our Cotswold Hotel, Chadlington Manor, I decided I would like to know about the Lyonses. Dad's brother Bill had started some research in the 1970s and his son John continued his work: I was too idle to start from scratch and wrote to John asking for details of what was known. Unfortunately this letter was overlooked whilst he was moving, and my enthusiasm remained latent. Around the same time, David had just completed an Open University module on Social Family History and I thought I might also do this. To this end, I asked my father and his 2 surviving sisters, Hilda & Eva, if they would write down memories of their childhood: nothing seemingly emerged from this request, although in 2007 I discovered that my father had indeed written of his youth, but of the year 1934, when he was 19.

Thus it was only on our retirement in 2007, driving the lanes of Ireland, still gleaning facts about the Grants, that I again decided that I really would find out whether my Lyons gggrandfather had indeed come from Cork. John sent me all he knew and in the last almost 3 years our now joint research has deepened to include all our gggrandparents[ and beyond] , and, on my part, also those of my maternal lineage, the Turners.

Although we had yet to discover from where, in County Cork, gggrandfather Lyons originated, the moment of my discovering that he was called Stephen Lyons was, in itself, momentous : for our son, Stephen, was named after his gggrandfather Stephen Grant, whose grave we had discovered in Galway over 40 years ago, and now I found that he had another Irish gggrandfather namesake: Stephen Lyons,~1827.

Over the past 3 years I have become more proficient at searching for records, and have moved on from the thought that this website was just for Lyons. Thus the need for a revamp of this, its front page.

All I have discovered may be seen by clicking on the Fanchart showing both my father's Lyons relationship and my mother's Turner relationships and then clicking on the relevant ancestor.

Story as of December 2015.

DNA evidence has Stephen Lyons ~1827 coming from the Ballyvourney area of County Cork . Jim Lyons . Also a likely link to Kilnamartyra Stephen Lehane

Original First page of website. - Lyons Summary Page showing Lyons tree & photos and an outline for just the Lyons ancestors.

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"If You Could See Your Ancestors"

If you could see your ancestors,
All standing in a row,
Would you be proud of them,
Or don't you really know?

Some strange discoveries are made
In climbing family trees;
And some of them, you know,
Do not particularly please.

If you could see your ancestors,
All standing in a row,
There might be some of them, perhaps,
You wouldn't care to know.

But there's another question
Which requires a different view ...
If you could "meet" your ancestors,
Would they be proud of you?

An article published by the Stebbing FHS in 2008: another in 2015, and, soon to be, in 2021

Below, 6 photos in Philippa's possesion- ie once in the possesion of Hilda Lyons 1909 - that we can not categorically identify

hannah-maybe .babes .unk1

John thinks they are the sisters of W J Lyons, my great aunts :

Left Elizabeth Lyons 1891, centre her sister Josie 1888 with left babe her child Irene, right babe William Lyons 1919. Right Helen 1885 & Elizabeth 1891 .


unk2 .unk3 .unk4

L to R Helen (the nose)playing with a dog: centre unknown ( maybe Helen but ?not her husband ?) , right Helen (nose match) with unknown dog



Chris Grant