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Photos of St.Martins, Lillington, visited 2011

.1780. Charles Andrews was baptised 20/02/1780 to David and Hannah Andrews in St. Martins Lillington. The 6th of 7 siblings

1800-1819. Charles Andrews married Margaret Male ’ from St.Lukes, Middlesex. There exists an 1805 marriage, 17/9/1805, on LMA records on Premium Ancestry, of a Charles Andrews to a Margaret Male in St. Marys Newington ,


m.c. of Charles Andrews in St. Marys Newington 1805

Although their son Charles was baptised in St. George the Martyr, St. Marys Newington was not that far from Prospect Place/St. Georges Road.

1821. Son Charles Andrews born, IGI, 22/02/1821 to Charles & Margaret. Baptised 20/01/1822 , St. George The Martyr, Southwark. An Anglican church. Record also found on London Parish Records, 1813 onwards.

No sibling baptisms on this IGI reel, but only seems to start in 1820.[ 6 other Andrews having children baptised in St.George 1818-1828, a Benjamin, Thomas, James, Richard, Abraham & William, from IGI, and I actually found a Jane 1818 & a John 1821, both baptised to Richard & Susannah Andrews, he a milkman, of Green Street: X092/033]. None on London Parish Records, 1813 onwards, either . This is the same church, where the parents of the future wife, Elizabeth Richards, of Charles Andrews ,1821, got married in Dec 1820. Thus the Andrews and the Richards were probably acquaintances, if not friends. I found Charles' baptism entry on X092/033 [LMA, August 2009] the family living at Prospect Place, St.Georges Field, father carpenter.. No godparents were named . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Survey of London 1950 editors-Sr.Howard Roberts & Walter H. Godfrey
St. George's Fields encosure & development. The formation of Waterloo & Southwark Bridge Roads altered the configuration of the ------
This & the adjoining Terraces were originally known as Prospect Place [There was a lot of reading,I just skimmed - from Googling. ]

Were there any other children? There is a Jane Andrews, '20' [that is 20-24] in 1841C, living as a servant to a Sarah Wilkinson in 31 Prospect Place [info. from B.Balfe ,but Census entry shown below]. So, she must have been born 1817-1821. Searched for her baptism on St. Georges fiche 1817-1820: there was a Jane baptised 23/01/1818 but to Richard & Susannah, as mentioned above. So, feel Charles might not have had a sister Jane, although Prospect Place is a powerful link! Have also searched the London Parish Records on Ancestry and no other baptisms to Charles & Margaret after 1813, the year the site starts.. For the 2 Jane Andrews marriages: Sep 1845 Camberwell 4 28 & Jun 1846 Lambeth 4 279 , neither of them has father Charles- nor Richard.! And I cannot find her still single in 1851C, b. Southwark. So maybe she is a red herring!

61 St Georges Rd, Southwark

1841 Census. Living at 61, St. George’s Rd., Southwark [with his son & daughter-in-law]

Charles  Andrews  60  Carpenter    not born Surrey
Margaret    60       not born Surrey
Charles     20   Carpenter     b. Surrey
Elizabeth        20        b. Surrey

1844, 1848 & 1849 Listed in the Post Office Directory as a Builder, 61 St. George's Road.

1851 Census. Living in St. Georges Road, Southwark "Carpenter Mas.[ter] employing 2 join/ men" ?

Charles  Andrews    71   Carpenter Mas.,employing 2 Join?  b. Limington, Dorsetshire
Margaret  71    b. Mddx St. Lukes
& 2 lodgers.    

1858, 1863 & even 1865! he is down in the PO Directory as Carpenter, 61 St. George's Road.

1861 Census. Living at 61, St. Georges Road, Southwark.

Charles Andrews    81  Carpenter   b. Dorset, Leigh?
Margaret  80  b. Mddx, St. Lukes
Elizabeth  39  daut.-in-law  Toy maker b. Lambeth  [her husband & other children in Worth,Sussex]
Charles  19  grandson    Toy maker   b. Southwark
And 2 lodgers.    

His son Charles,1821, is meanwhile a joiner in Worth, Sussex, with the rest of his 5 children.

1862. His grandson , Charles, marries, his address still given as St. Georges Road.

1863. Dies, aged ~84, Dec, St. George Southwark, 1d.128.   22/10/1863 , aged '85' at 61 St. Georges Road... Died from a fit- maybe a stroke. Certificate seems to say ' Shock to his nervous system by a fall whilst in a fit, immediatetely'. Then says 'Information received from William Payne, coroner for London and Southwark. Inquest held 22nd October 1863' - the same day as the death. DA1.[from B.Balfe] . I could maybe get this inquest in the LMA - unusual for an inquest to be held on an 85yr old! . So, maybe it was after this that son Charles returned from Worth to create a family home where his mother could be looked after. No Probate record exists. He, stated age 83, and of St Georges Road, was buried on 28/10/1863( over 20 burials there that day!) at City of London and Tower Hamlets Cemetery like his widow 3 years later . Ancestry image exists Nothing in FMP Newspapers



1866. Widow, Margaret, dies, aged 86, 'Dec' St. George Southwark, 1d.127. 26/11/1866 . [Image of d.c from B.Balfe] . DA2. .Died of 'decay of nature', at 2 Union Street, Southwark, her granddaughter, Frances Rebecca Andrews , only 17 at the time, was the informant on the d.c. Interestingly, Margaret's dead husband Charles is described as an undertaker as well as a carpenter. Seems as if Margaret moved in with her son's family after the 1863 death of her husband. [Union Street was just opposite 61 St. Georges Road, the parallel and neighbouring street running N/S to Garden Row where son Charles 1821 and family were living 1846-1851 at least].

1866. Margaret Andrews, 86, of Union Street, Southwark, was buried 4/12/1866 - Ancestry City of London and Tower Hamlets Cemetery Registers, 1841-1966

From 1841- & maybe indeed from 1821, as son Charles baptised from Prospect Place and his part of St. Georges Rd was then thus called -Charles lived in the same house until his death. I wonder if he could be in any trade directory as an undertaker? Do any deeds for 61 St. Georges Road exist?? When did Charles leave Dorset & why? Prob. married Margaret round London. Did he have any siblings that also moved with him?


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