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1821. Born 22/02/1821 St. George’s, Southwark to Charles Andrews and Margaret Male . Baptised 20/01/1822. St. George the Martyr, [Anglican] Southwark. Address Prospect Place, St.Georges Field, father a carpenter.

Prospect Place was the old name of part of what became just St. Georges Road: see map near end of page. .Still called Prospect Place in 1837, and indeed in 1841: ref. Janes Andrws. Have studied the enumerator's route for both Dist. 9 - St.Georges Road - and dist. 5 - Prospect Place - for 1841C, and have failed to differentiate between them.


St Johns Church, Waterloo
Inside St Johns, Waterloo


1840.       Marries Elizabeth Richards in St. John’s, Waterloo in parish of Southwark, on 13/10/1840. Both are given as full age [ he certainly 19 & 9 mths, she ~19], but 6 mths later, for the Census, they are both recorded as 20. But ages rounded down to nearest 5 in 1841C. [Have been unable to find out what ‘Full Age’ implied in 1840, but think it was considerably lower than today] . His occupation is given as carpenter. His father given as Charles Andrews, carpenter, and hers as John Richards, carpenter. Address is St. George’s Road, and witnesses are T. Neal and M. Bennett. Marriage Certificate MA1. Thomas Neale is a lodger with them in 1851C!

61 St Georges Rd, Southwark: 2008. A real Lyons in the picture.

1841 Census. Living at 61, St. George’s Rd.[still exists today], Southwark with his parents and his wife, both given as aged 20 [Dist.9, p.1 of 20]. Both he and his father were carpenters.

At 31 Prospect Place, Southwark is a Jane Andrews [mistranscribed as Janes Andrws- St. George the Martyr, London Road, Dist.5, p.3 of 15], 20, a female servant to a Sarah Wilkinson. Is she a sister[prob. older] of Charles,1821? Given that ages were rounded down in this Census, she could have been born 1817-1820. But I failed to find her baptism on the St.George the Martyr fiche, 1817-1821,[ in August 2009 in LMA] which is the church where her maybe brother, Charles, was baptised in 1822, nor does she appear in London Parish -Baptisms1813 onwards - records on Ancestry..

[Ages in 1841C were rounded down to the nearest 5 years, after age of 15}

1842. ‘Mar’. Charles Andrews born. Cannot find any Andrews baptisms in St. George the Martyr, or other protestant churches, 1842 - 1851 . Dot/Vic does not have his b.c. : Vic being descended from him.

1844. ‘Mar’. Elizabeth Margaret Andrews born.

1846. ‘Jun’.  Frederick Thomas Andrews born, 4/4/1846 at 2 Garden Row. [ b.c. from Barbara Balfe]

1849. ‘Mar’. Frances Rebecca Andrews born. Geoffrey does not yet have her b.c. Garden Row[from 1871C]

1850. ‘Jun’Hannah Andrews born 9/5/1850 at 2 Garden Row Southwark..BA0.  All births registered in St. George, Southwark, apart from Frances in Lambeth. Perhaps the name Hannah was chosen for Charles' grandmother, Hannah James/Andrews c.1748->1782.

But, in fact, both Hannah & Frances were born Garden Row, as indeed was Frederick, according to the 1871C.

1851 Census.  Living in 2, Garden Row [most of the road has been redeveloped, but (an altered) number 2 is still there: road shown on map - by 1866 entry ], Southwark. All down as born St. George, except Elizabeth and her sister Anne Richards

Charles  Andrews 30    Carpenter   b. St. George
Elizabeth   29   Artificial Florist  b. Lambeth
Charles  9    
Elizabeth M.       7  
Frederick T. 5  
Frances R. 3  
Hannah  1         
Anne Richards 19 s.-in-law. Artificial Florist. b. Lambeth
Thomas Neale lodger [mar.witness] 29 chairmaker. b.Purfield

1851-1861.   It does not seem likely that they had more children as no more in 1861C and no deaths that correspond with Andrews’ births in this period.

1857 & 1858. Listed as a Carpenter in PO Directory , Charles Andrews, Jnr 2 Garden Row. Not listed in 1860, so maybe already moved to Worth?.


2 Garden Row, Southwark 2008

1861 Census. Family is living in Lodge Cottage, Worth, Sussex, but Elizabeth & their eldest son, Charles, are living with his parents in Southwark. All born Southwark.

Charles Andrews 40 married          Joiner 
Elizabeth M.       17   Governess
Frederick T.       15   No trade
Frances R.  12  
Hannah  10   

 And living at 61, St. Georges Road, Southwark[same address as 1841].

Charles   Andrews   
81  Carpenter       b. Dorset, Leigh?
Margaret         80    
b.St.Lukes Mddx
Elizabeth   39 daut.-in-law. Toy maker.   b. Lambeth
Charles  19  grandson     Toy maker.    b. Southwark
And 2 lodgers    

Why has he moved away from Southwark with most of his family, but left his wife and eldest son with his parents? It could be that they were just visiting on Census day but I doubt this as daughter Elizabeth marries in Worth in 1865 and he is described as Head of the household in the above Census entry. Thomas Brinkhurst, who Elizabeth marries in 1865, is a carpenter in the 1861C, in Worth, so maybe he worked with Charles Andrews there..

1862. His 20 year old son, Charles Andrews, marries. . . 17 Oct 1862 at the registry office in St George Southwark - fathers both Charles - Andrews a carpenter, Strange a poulterer, witnesses were Charles Andrews [presumably father] + John Richards [presumably younger, 1834, brother of the groom's mother, Elizabeth Richards]. His address given as St.Georges Rd. Lesley Balfe has m.c.. I think Charles 1842 was also a carpenter, but in this 1861C is a toymaker and is a fancy toy maker in 1887.

 1863. His father , Charles Andrews c1779, dies 22/10/1863 , aged '85' at 61 St. Georges Road. Does he, his son, bring the family back from Worth at this time?

1865. Daughter, Elizabeth, marries Thomas Brinkhurst, a carpenter, in Crawley Down, Sussex. 11 children - see Elizabeth Andrews

1866. Maybe living at 2, Union Street, Southwark, as this is where his mother, Margaret Andrews, died 26/11/1866, and his daughter, Frances,17, is the informant and at the same address. Union Street runs N/S just opposite 61 St. Georges Road and parallel to Garden Row, which itself is to east of the green Philanthropic Society on map . This d.c held by Barbara Balfe, details Death Certificate DA2 : original can be seen on Charles Andrews 1779 page.


1867. Charles Andrews, of 2 Union Street, listed as a Wool & Skin Toymaker in the PO Directory.

1870. Charles Andrews, carpenter, dies,1/12/1870, aged 49, at 11, Hanover St.[bottom right on map] Newington, of Apoplexy [stroke], 3 days. Informant was F.T.Andrews [this is son Frederick, 1846] of same address. Death Certificate DA3. No probate. Buried at Tower Hamlets and City of London cemetery, aged 49, of Hanover Street, Newington .

1895. His wife/widow, Elizabeth Andrews dies, 2/02/1895, aged 74, at 12, Skipton St.[York St. renamed] of Bronchitis & Cardiac Debility, informant being her son Charles, 1842, of 28, Runham Street, Walworth. Death Certificate DA4. Buried at Tower Hamlets and City of London cemetery, aged 74, of 12 Skipton Street , on 11/2/1895


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