Maud Marion Andrews 1873-1951



I am in contact with John White 1935 and his twin sister Joan[Till] 1935 and have had contact with David Poole 1943.

1873. Born 19/10/1873 at 11, Hanover St. Newington. Birth Certificate BA1.This is where the family were living in 1871. Mother Hannah Andrews, no father given.

1881C. Living at 16, Draper Street, Newington.[no longer exists but in the same area, to the north , as Hanover Street,1871C]. See map on Hannah's page.

Elizabeth Andrews  59 widow  Toy Manufacturer   b. Lambeth
Hannah   30 Daughter  Toy maker  b. Southwark
Maud. M. Granddaughter Scholar  b. Newington

1883. Her mother, Hannah, gives birth to a 'half' sister, Jessie, in Union Workhouse,Christchurch, on 28/06/1883. Hannah describes herself as servant, 50, Bermondsey Square.

1884. Her mother, Hannah, marries a cousin, John Sullivan, on 18/11/1884 in St.Saviour Register Office. MS2

1891C. Living at  12, York Street[ shown on map, just west of Alfred Place on Elephant & Castle junction], Southwark, in a 4 roomed house.

John Sullivan 35  head  P. house decorator  b. St. George, Southwark
Hannah     40 b. St. George, Southwark
Jessie 7      daughter   b. St. George, Southwark
Elizabeth Andrew   69  Toy maker  b. Lambeth
Maud Marion Andrew     17   niece Toy maker  b. Newington, Lambeth

1892. 13/1/1892 Her step-father, John Sullivan dies at 12 York Street. .

1894. Aged 21, married George White, 24, packer, in St. George the Martyr Church, 2/12/1894 , having Charles Andrews, carpenter[deceased], down as her father!.[ he, 1821-1870, in fact her grandfather ]. Address for both of them 12 Skipton Street, where she had lived since 1891 at least [York Street was renamed Skipton Street]. Thus they started their married life living with her mother and grandmother. Do not have this certificate: did Joan send me it?

Note: witnesses are Charles & Jessie Maffey, brother-in-law & sister of George White.

1895. 2/2/1895 her grandmother, Elizabeth Andrews, dies at 12 Skipton Street. Her first child, Maud Hilda White, born 8/3/1895, bapt.14/04/1895 at St.Alphege Church; thus born within 3 months of the marriage .. Still living at 12, Skipton Street. Husband George White described as a Packer.

1900. George Major White , born 9/12/ 1899, bapt. 4/3/1900 in St.Alphege Church. Dies Mar 1906, aged 6, Lambeth. Family now living 194 Southwark Bridge Road. Husband George White described as Warehouseman. I wonder if Major were the maiden name of George White's, ~1870, mother?

1901C. Living in 2 rooms at 194 Southwark Bridge Road, Southwark. George White, 31, colourman's assistant, Maud M. White 27, Maud H. 6, George M 1, both children born Southwark.

1905. Arthur Charles White born 7/3/1905, bapt. 9/4/1905 at St.Mary Magdelene, Southwark.. Now living at 2 Darwin Street. Husband George White descibed as Packer.

1906. Mar George Major White , aged 6, dies.

1908 . John Henry White born. Dob was 1/9/1907 from Joan. He dies 1909. Is there a baptism ? - London Baptisms end, at present, in 1906. Joan White thinks these 2 deaths were due to diptheria & scarlet fever.

1909-c1930. Lived on ground floor of 10 Darwin Street [from Electoral Roll books, Southwark Library]

1910. Ethel Jessie White born 7/9/1910 - just 7 months after my aunt Hilda Lyons was born.

1911C. Living at 10 Darwin Street, Old Kent Road, in 4 rooms, George 40, counterman -oil & colour, Maud Marion 37, married 17 years, 5 children, 3 alive, 2 died, Maud Hilda 16, still at school, Arthur Charles 6, Ethel Jessie 6mts, and Hannah Sullivan, wife's mother, Fur Toy Maker - own account - home 60.


4 other people are occupying another 4 rooms in the house.: Emily Livick, Edward Evans & wife & Charles Bond.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Skipton Street - 1904 photo.

1912. Her half sister Jessie [married 1909 to William J Lyons] moves into 2 rooms on first floor of 10 Darwin street and the 2 families are there together until ~1915/16, when the Lyonses move opposite to 21 Darwin Street.

Grandddaughter Joan, nee White, thinks that someone in the family was a coffin maker or seller - JL wonders if this were a Sullivan, but more likely a Major?: but, infact, Maud's graet grandfather, Charles Andrews 1780-1863, was described as an undertaker on 1866 d.c. of his widow.

1930. 14 November. Moved out of Southwark, buying 9, Brockley Gardens, Brockley, S.London. George apparently did not want to leave Darwin Street. He continued to work at the Southwark firm - that he must have started with aged ~17 back in ~1887 - until 1940, when he retired. Son Arthur cotinued living at 2 Darwin Street for a while.

1939. Maud M White, born 19/10/1873, unpaid domestic duties, is living 9 Brockley Gardens with George White, born 9/11/1870, colorman shop manager retail, and 1 closed record

1943. Celebrated her Golden Wedding and still living 9, Brockley Gardens .


1945. Her husband George White died 13.10.45 at St Alfegas Hospital Greenwich. Address was recorded as 23 Parchmore Road, Thornton Heath: this likely the address of their son, Arthur White. Seemingly no probate.

1951. Died 11/08/1951 , aged 77, at St James Hospital Battersea and was buried 22/8/1951 at Nunhead Cemetery. Address was recorded as 23 Parchmore Road, Thornton Heath.. As she lived with son Arthur White & his wife Gertie & their twins, Joan & John., this was likely their address. Nov 2011: JL went to Nunhead to find Maud White's grave but was defeated by dense undergrowth, jungle like. Helpful staff there promised to look for the grave and call him if successful: did so & in April 2012 JL and I were able to reach the grave, photo below. . Maud was buried in this private grave with George, although no mention of her name on it.. Probate, administration - gives her effects as £71. 7s.- to Arthur Charles White, 'local government officer'.

William & Jessie Lyons’s children, especially the 3 eldest, kept in touch with Maud’s children probably up to the 1990s., in particular, Arthur & his wife Gertie

Arthur bears a strong resemblance in the photobelow to my father, Francis Lyons: both were grandsons of Hannah Andrews, but with, probably, different grandfathers. Also, Hilda White strongly ressembles Hilda Lyons. Could it be that Maud and Hannah did indeed have the same father, maybe a married man, even cousin John Sullivan?

George & Maud Marion White with son Arthur
George White, prob. at back of 10 Darwin Street
Maud Marion White, prob. at 10 Darwin Street
Above should read Maud Marion with daughter Maud Hilda ,taken Folkestone 1951. L. to R. Christine Lyons, Joan Lyons, Gertrude White?[probably: it is said she always looked older than Arthur], Arthur White/Frank Lyons??, John White. Bognor 1946? Jessie Lyons 1923, Jessie Lyons 1883, Maud Marion White & Eva Lyons 1912
9 Brockley Gardens in 2012
The 1945 Grave of George White in Nunhead Cemetery
Chapel in Nunhead Cemetery 2012.
Side of his grave
cleared by the cemetery staff at JL's request
his wife Maud Marion also thought to be in the grave

Photo of Arthur & Gertie White in later years [married 1932] on Francis Lyons page.

Children Of Maud Marion.

Maud Hilda White.1895-1977. Married Richard Henry Columbell 21/9/1937 . No children. In 1939 Maud Hilda Columbell, born 9/3/1895, is living 229 Queens Road, Leicester, with Richard H Columbell, born 7/7/1896, bank cashier . She died 9/7/1977, he 24/1/1978.

hilda white hilda-white-marriage
Correction: Hilda & " Harry" Columbell with Len. Maud Hilda's 1937 wedding to R. H..Columbell


Arthur Charles White .1905-1974. Born 7/3/1905- from 1939 reg. . Was born and grew up in Darwin Street, Southwark. When his parents moved to Brockley in 1932, he stayed  in Southwark, living then at 2 Darwin Street. Married Gertrude Jane Robinson on 14/7/1932 in St.Peters, Brockley. An 'Aunt Tin' from Elephant & Castle was present - could she have been Elizabeth Amos??: but I think not as by 1934 she was living Rouel Road, well to the East..  It is  thought that Arthur became the Chief Public Health Inspector for Southwark. Arthur & Gertie had twins, Joan & John, born1935. Joan married Roger Till in 1960 and has 2 sons, 3 grandchildren. John married Cynthia Mae Allan in 1960 and has 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren. Arthur died 7/4/1974 , living 25 Kings Close, Lancing then, [ having suffered from Parkinsons disease] and Gertie died 3/2/1992.

arthur-white -wed.

Young boys (front) at Arthur & Gerts wedding could be the Robinson's - her step brothers apparently. L to R.front row, Aunt Tin, boy, WJLyons, Lily W Robinson, Jessie Lyons, Hilda Lyons, ?, Eva , Arthur, Gertie, Hilda White, boy, ?,?,Maud White, Jessie Maffey[ married sister of George White]. Behind Gertie are Harry Payne & George White.

1939 register . Arthur C White, born 7/3/1905, chief clerk Health Services Southwark Division, is living 23 Parchment Road, Croydon, with his sife, Gertrude J,. and 2 children- records closed


2012 photo . L-R John & CynthiaWhite, David Poole, Audrey Ball-daughter of Eva Lyons/Payne, John Lyons , Joan, nee White, & Roger Till

Thus the twin children of Arthur White, ggrandchildren of Hannah Andrews, with 2 other of her ggranchildren, Audrey & John, descended though Jessie


Ethel Jessie White 1910- 2004. She married Robert Poole 11/9/1935. They had Patricia Poole1939 and David Poole1943. The latter sent me these photos - thanks


Ethel White's wedding to Robert Poole 11/9/1935. Parents Maud Marion and George White on right of photo, lady between them Jessie Maffey [his sister] with Jessie Lyons[M.M.'s halfsister] between Ethel & M.M, Hilda White at end on the right.

1939 Ethel J Poole, born 7/9/1910, was living Dalcherra, Battle with Robert G Poole, born 3/11/1901, drapery clerk, .One closed record

ethel .ethel-obit

Although I lived 1976-1980 in Steyning - very close to Worthing and to Lancing, where her sister-in-law Gertie lived, my father, Francis Lyons, never visited either Ethel or Gertie to the best of my knowledge.


Joan sent me the following thoughts in 2008:

I can remember going to your Grandparent’s house at Kenton, they had a lovely garden and if my memory serves me correctly they had a stream running through it. My Grandma [ Maud Marion 1873] told me that during the war when the Vl ‘s started to land in South London her sister Jess had phoned to ask her and George to leave Brockley, where they lived and to go to stay with them at Kenton as she felt they would be very much safer there. My Grandfathers reply was that if there was a bomb with their name on it, it would get them wherever they were. Sadly only a few weeks later the house at Kenton had a direct hit.

One other memory I have is coming over to Herongate Road at Christmas (may have been 1945) and you had a huge Christmas tree in the lounge which I believe was at the back of your house. My present off the tree was a metal Yoyo, whilst playing with it I cut my finger and my Mother was more worried about blood dripping on your Mothers carpet than my cut finger. What silly things we remember. A Boxing day Party? - Hazel remembers these.

 During the war there were no luxury things and the one thing I [Joan] wanted for my 10th birthday-1945- was a school satchel (bet the children of today would not know what that was) and your Father [F W Lyons]got a leather skin and had two made one for me and one for John

I have been thinking about George White (1899) and wonder if he was a cousin of my Grandfather - No, her Uncle, but died 1906 . I know that my father (Arthur) had two brothers who died very young also I do not recall any mention of the family living in 194 Southwark Bridge Road, I always thought that they moved from Darwin Street to 10 Brockley Gardens, Brockley,South London - they did, Southwark Road was 1900. . Will clarify this when I get the address book from John. I remember Maud Marion talking about a cousin of hers she called Tillie [if a true cousin, she must have been a daughter of one of Hannah's siblings and it would seem likely that she was a daughter of Frances Andrews/Markham - but I have ruled out the possibility of any of them being in this area in 1950s] and she lived in the Elephant and Castle area, not sure if that is in Southwark. She was still alive in the 1950's as my Mother and I went to visit her in a one room bedsit. Another name comes to mind and that is Arthur and Lily Jenvy who lived at Barnes and ran a small general stores. Have you come across the name of Major and Nelly Maffey? - 'Jessie' Maffey was a sister of Joan's grandfather, George White, so maybe Major Maffey was her son.. Dad always referred to them as his cousins but not sure which side of the family. They lived during the war in Streatham and had one son called Bill/William. After Major died Nelly and Bill moved down to Worthing and ran a grocers store. The name Markham rings a bell so will give that more thought. I know there were some relatives that lived in the Bermondsey area as they worked in the Peak Frean Biscuit factory.

Philippa sent me the following

Regarding Gertie & Arthur again I've not seen any pics. I remember visiting them in Thornton Heath as a child. John & Joan were older than me . Don't recall them. In his Xmas letter to mother David mentioned John had a house in Ireland, that they'd been on holiday together last summer, ~2008?. David would have access to photos if there are any. I know he's quite close to John & Joan. He gave Ethel's diamond ring to Joan after Ethel's death.

We also visited Gertie & Arthur again after he retired to Sussex. I remember him reminising about his work. He was Chief Public Health Officer for Southwark [I think] clearly loved the job. Gertie had been a Lyons Nippy. Apparently his mother was cross when they married and had pushed him to study to advance his career.

Hannah Andrews

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