Charlotte Bennett 1832 - 1874


1832. Born probably between May & December 1832 [consensus from censuses, m.c. & d.c.] in Bocking/Braintree, probably the 6th of 8 children. No baptism record found, whereas her older siblings were all baptised in Braintree.  In 1851C, she is given b.Bocking, whereas in 1861C & 1871C, birthplace is given as Braintree.   Parents Joseph  Bennett (born 1801, Braintree) and  Mary Frost   (born 1800, Sudbury).

Look up Baptist births- D/NB18/4/1

Her father is given as a silkweaver from 1822-1838 [on the 1822-1830 baptism records of siblings Martha, Joseph Samuel, Mary Ann, Elizabeth & Samuel and on the 1838 b.c. of Eliza]. So, her elder 5 siblings were baptised: I have looked for a 1832-5 baptism in other parishes, namely, Bocking, Black Notley, Stisted, Cressing, Rayne & Bradwell junta Coggeshall and found nothing

1841 Census. Living in Coggeshall Lane, Braintree.

Joseph  Bennett  40  Labourer. b. Essex
Mary    40   
Betsey     15  Silk factor. b. Essex
Samuel    12  b. Essex
Charlotte     b.Essex
Barber b.Essex
Eliza    2    b.Essex


Adults' ages rounded down to nearest 5 in 1841C. Mary Ann,15, is missing here. Betsey's age should read 14 and Samuel's age 10/11 & Charlotte's age 7/8. Father's occupation has change from weaver 1826-1838 to labourer.

1851 Census. Charlotte Bennet 18, living at Roach Pond Field, Braintree. Roach Pond Field was very close to Manor Road where her future husband, William Parchment, was living/staying in 1851C. She on image 5 of 4d, he on image 30 of 4d.

Joseph  Bennet 55 Bricklayer.  b.Braintree
Mary   51  b. Sudbury, Suffolk
Charlotte 18 Silkwinder.  b.Bocking
Barber  16  Bricklayer.  b. Braintree
Eliza    14  Silkwinder. b.Braintree
Ester  10mths. granddaughter. b. Braintree



Once again, ages are suspect here. Joseph is 51 and all the children are 2 yrs adrift from the 1841 C. We know that Eliza was actually still just under 13.

Ester is the illegimate daughter , born June 1850, of sibling Mary Ann.

1852. 2/07/1852. Charlotte Bennett, aged 20, marries William Parchment, 21, in Braintree Parish Church.. Both are given as Silkweavers. Witnesses are Samuel Parchment & Joseph Bennett, the fathers, who are both given as labourers. The Parchments signed the marriage document, the Bennetts put crosses. The service was performed by the rector of Black Notley [so perhaps one of the families lived there prior to 1822, or between 1830 & 1838 ??].


Her life is now given on William Parchment 1831 page: below may not have been updated with new finds. See his page too for tree of her 6 children.

1852. George Parchment is born in Braintree. Dec. 4a. 289, Braintree. A 'quick' birth!

1855. Louisa Parchment is baptised on 12/9/1855 in Braintree, no birth date given, to William & Charlotte, he weaver - D/P 264/1/24, image 87.

1855-1856. William Parchment moved his family to Bethnal Green, probably following his brother,Samuel Parchment, whose 6th child , Henry Parchment, [no BMD entry for Quarter] was born in B.G. in 1856. Brother James was also there by the end of 1857. Bethnal Green was also full of silkweavers, most of whom worked at home and all the family helped. Conditions in the houses were atrocious.

1857. William John Parchment born Bethnal Green Sep 1857 1c (27) 61

1860 Louisa Parchment born. (no indexed BMD birth record found: but  entry on BMD does exist:  a  search on  E. London and just Louisa  gives you Parchment Louisa E.London 1c.32 Jun 1860]            

1861 Census  Charlotte Parchment, 27, living at Pleasant Place, Bethnal Green. with her husband & 3 children . Bethnal Green Streets

Willie Parchment 29  Silk weaver. b.Braintree.
Charlotte 27  Silk weaver. b.Braintree.
George  b.Braintree.
William      3   b.Bethnal Green.
Louisa        11mths. b.Barbican


1862.Elizabeth Parchment born Whitechapel Sep ref 1c. 314

1867. Albert Parchnent born 5 Crossland Place Bethnal Green Dec 1c.329. Think GL must have b.c.

1869. Charlotte Caroline Parchment born at 5 Crossland Place, Bethnal Green. Have b.c. 23/07/1869 .

1871 Census Living at 7, East St., Bethnal Green, Charlotte Parchment, 38, with her husband & 6 children..

William Parchment  39  Broad silk weaver
Charlotte 38  
George     18 Broad silk weaver b. Braintree
William J 14 Broad silk weaver
Louisa   10
Elizabeth   8  
Albert   4  
Charlotte  2 All these five b. B. Green.


1872. Margaret Parchment born. I have no definite proof that she was William's & Charlotte's child, but, she died, aged 1, 1873 and was buried 15/7/1873 at VPC, body from 38 Smart Street: this off Moss Street and William Parchment was the only one of the 3 Parchment brothers who lived in this area - 90% proof for me!!

1874. Charlotte Parchment dies, 27/12/1874, aged 42 at 38 Moss St.,Bethnal Green. Buried at Victoria Park Cemetery, 4/01/1875. Cause of death is Phthisis - consumption. Described as wife of William Parchment, weaver. Informant was an Ann Smith, 14 Collins Place, B.G.


Registers from Victoria Park Cemetery- held at Kew - show that 10 Parchments are buried there, 9 of whom were infants, Charlotte being the only adult. 8 of the infants would have been children of William's brothers, Samuel,1823 , & James, 1833. One was indeed the 3 year old sister of G.L.'s grandfather, Alfred,1862. Another Emma Elizabeth Parchment 1873 was Charlotte's grandchild, daughter of son George Parchment. The cemetery was closed in the 1890s and restored as a park, named Meath Gardens after the Earl of Meath whose idea it was. It's entrance is still dominated by the rather grim gothic arch of the original cemetery with the initials V.P.C, engraved on it.

Thus, William & Charlotte had probably 8 children, two of who died in infancy - not unusual for the slums of Bethnal Green at this time!.


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