Earlier Frosts

All this info. from Keith Frost's Genes tree. Many thanks Keith


A George Frost married Mary Halloway/Halladay 31/5/1666 St. Peters Sudbury. No info. on Mary.

Children George Frost 28/3/1667, 20/8/1668, & Henry Frost below

Henry Frost 1675 - ?? Baptised 4/5/1675 St Peters Sudbury . Married Mary Relton at St Peters Colchester, 8/3/1697. Mary described as singlewoman of St Peters Parish - from Boyds marriages & St Peters parish records.

Children : Mary 18/1/1699, John 18/4/1700, Francis 16/7/1701, Henry 1703- below, George 14/9/707, Susanna 29/12/1710 & Margaret 23/2/1714. All baptised All Saints Sudbury

Henry Frost 1703 -?? Born & baptised 2/7/1703 All Saints Sudbury. Married Lydia Linyard 26/6/1723 All Saints Sudbury. Info. on Lydia just on Susan Wordley tree: parents John Linyard & Philippa?.

Children: Lydia 1/8/1725, Sarah 25/7/1727, Henry 12/1/1730, Henry 1732 - below, Mary 21/2/1733 died 1733, Thomas 14/6/1735, Mary 18/2/1736, first 2 baptised St. Gregory Sudbury, the rest baptised All Saints Sudbury.

Henry Frost 1732 - ?? .Born 17/3/1732, baptised 18/3/1732 at All Saints Sudbury . Married 1. Elizabeth Gosling 05.02.1755 St Peter Sudbury & 2. Elizabeth Collen 26/07/1761 Sudbury . 3 children by first wife 1755-1759.

Children: Henry 1761, Elizabeth 16/9/1764 , James 24/4/1767 died 8/8/1767, Susanna 31/7/1768, Martha 26/9/1770, Hannah 15/4/1773 - all thes baptism dates at All Saints Sudbury, found in Church Records.

Henry Frost 1761- 1829, was baptised 15/11/1761 in All Saints Sudbury . Married Mary Turner 1/10/1789 in St Gregorys, Sudbury. Buried Mount Bures 11/10/1829 aged 67. Wife Mary probably born Sudbury, died 1805/6.

Children: Martha 26/7/1790, Henry 12/8/1794-1847[ 13 children!] , James 5/12/1796, Mary Frost 15/10/1800, Sarah 9/3/1803, James1805? Baptisms St. Gregory Sudbury except for Henry 1794 at St. Peters

We do not know why Mary Frost had moved to Braintree by 1818 – maybe as a weaver?.


Among Suffolk's smaller towns, Sudbury is the biggest. Until the 19th century, it was the county's third largest town, but industrial development elsewhere has left it behind. One can visit six fine medieval churches here without travelling through fields.

Three of these churches are in Sudbury itself, and Sudbury is the only town in Suffolk outside Ipswich and Bury where the town centre was divided up into separate parishes, a mark of the medieval prosperity of this place. All of them are substantial, all of them are interesting. All of them are over-restored, and as the mother church of Sudbury, St Gregory has suffered more than most.

All Saints lies to the south of the town, and St Peter is on the market place. Until the Reformation, it was a chapel of ease to St Gregory, before being given its own parish, until redundancy came calling in the 1970s. All Saints and St Peter both have wholly urban settings, hemmed in by shops and housing. But St Gregory's aspect has been revealed by the construction of the ring road, which necessitated demolition of many houses in Gregory Street and Croft Street. With the Croft, a large grassed area leading down to the River Stour, and Leonard Stoke's jewel-like 1890 Church of Our Lady and St John beside it, St Gregory has a lovely setting.

.st.-gregory .st.peter .interior .st.peter

St. Gregory . . . . . St. Peters . . .with its interior, where Henry Frost married Mary Turner in 1789 ......and an old image of St. Peters

From the Bury & Norwich Pos. May 16th 1821 - article below> Does this refer to Mary's brother Henry 1794?: he married mary Boggis 24/2/1821 at Bures St.Mary, Essex[roughly midway Sudbury-Braintree]. All his 13 children born there, And he is still there in 1841C, as an agricultural labourer. So article below may not refer to him, but, it does say 'new bridegroom' !. But there is not another possibility for a Henry Frost on Keith's tree , and Bures St. Mary may have been his wife's parish and he had brought her back to his home town??. The first child, a Mary Ann frost , was baptised 21/7/1821: maybe he, Henry, was not the father, and for that reason decided to shame his new wife??

Last week a disgraceful circunstance occurred at Sudbury when Henry Frost- a weaver [from report in Niles Weekly register] - sold his wife (with the customary halter round her neck) to one Robert Whiting for 2s but the bargain being offensive to a number of females present they would have given the new bridegroom a summary chastisement had he not taken refuge in a cottage nearby but when they pursued him he was obliged to make his escape by jumping out of the chamber window.

May 30th 1821

The wife of Henry Frost mentioned some time ago as having been sold to William Whiting for 1s 6d has returned to her husband with Whiting giving the husband 2 guineas to take her back.

Discrepancies with Robert Whiting & William Whiting, and with the amount the wife was sold for , in the above 2 articles.


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