Earlier Jespers.

Most of this information came from Terence Jasper, ggggrandson of James Jasper 1759, who was my gggggrandfather = 3 timesgreat grandfather..He has researched all the records in the ERO and in Saffron Walden, in person.[His Excel spreadsheet is stored on the 2nd of his emails and on my live site the link below should open it].


Link to Terry Jesper research.

The existence of http://jesperfamily.faithweb.com/ -open independently- was made known to me in March 2012 by Julian, to whom many thanks. This is a wondrous tale of the Jespers of Duton Hill . Chapter 3 of it - The First Jespers - actually starts with John Jesper, 1641, the eldest son of the John Jesper & Mary Oliver above, the elder brother of my ancestor James Jesper 1647

mapGE .


.litdun-church .gteaston-church.

2011 photos. . .Interior of Little Dunmow Church . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Little Dunmow Church . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Great Easton Church

Great Easton baptisms, marriages & burials start in 1562 but are almost impossible to decipher.

John Jesper.c1610? -1672. Birth unknown, maybe Duton Hill?, married Mary [Marie] Oliver, birth unknown -died 1666??, in Little Dunmow on 16/4/1631. He died in Great Easton, 20/2/1671/2, given as John Jesper the elder.[Julian on Genes has Duton Hill both for his birth & death??]. He was a Mallster by profession : following available in the ERO - T/B 523/1 - Calendar of documents on display at the offices of Charrington & Co. Ltd., brewers, at Anchor House, Mile End Road, London E1. Inc. deeds to parts of property called Cardfields and adjoining properties at Duton Hill, GREAT EASTON, 1587-1721. These properties, inc. a malt-house, were acquired in 1641 by John JESPER of EASTON, maltster. Looked at this document in 2011.
Mary Jesper/Oliver died 22/7/1666 Thaxted . The family appear to have joined the Society of Friends as Thaxted Monthly Meeting records, under date 22-7-1666, the death of Mary Jesper. T/A 261/2 may contain her death: this is a microfilm of examined transcript of registers of births, marriages & burials, 1639-1690, held in the ERO: examined this in September 2014 and it faled to give me any other information, other than she was the wife of John, no address nor burial place given. Interesting that she was buried as a Quaker, whilst her husband, 6 years later, is buried in the parish church of Great Easton.


Also in ERO: 29/1/1671/2 ,this just before the death of John Jesper the elder - but could apply to the son, John 1641.

Dates of Creation 29 January 1671/2
Scope and Content Bond for performance of covenants in a deed of even date; in £160.

Josias Smith of GREAT Horsley yeoman, to John JESPER of GREAT EASTON, 'fanwright'

A fanwright repaired winnowing baskets! - I looked at the above document in 2011, and it was 'double dutch'!. But, from the Jesper website above quoted,

"On Jan. 29, 1671, Josiah Smith gave a receipt to "John Jesper, of Mure Eiston [Great Easton?] in the County of Essex, for the full sum of fourscore pounds of the lawful money of England in full for the purchase of a certain parcel of land called Rands in Stebbing in the county aforesaid."

    On Oct. 21st of the same year, John Jesper purchased from the same Josiah Smith a certain estate named "Martins" for £400.

    On this land, at Bran End, near Stebbing, was built and still stands in very much the same form (outwardly at least) Martin's Hall, a picturesque homestead typical of its period, which was destined to be the home of Jespers and Jesper descendants for over 200 years.

    To Martin's Hall, John 1641 - brother of James, my direct ancestor - and his family removed soon after the purchase, and rumour has it that they took with them from Duton Hill what is now the dining room door at Martin's. This is in part confirmed by the fact that the door has originally been hung the other way round, but a door is a peculiar form for the Penates to take".

. .John & Mary Jesper had 3 children. in G.E: Elizabeth Jesper bapt.15/11/1636, d.23/4/1639: John Jesper bapt.29/6/1641, d.12/2/1713 Stebbing: & James Jesper.

James Jesper 1647-1690 bapt. 28/4/1647, died 17/11/1690, both in Great Easton. He was also a Mallster by profession. A will exists, James Jesper, mallster, 1690. [ this was downloaded from Seax - yet to transcibe it all!, but son John Jesper does appear to inherit after his wife's death]. . . . His Signature. He married, probably 1667-1669, Susan ? b.? - died 6/8/1724 [ her 1722 Will exists --D/ABW 85/2/73. No m.c. found, certainly not on G.E.register 1665-1669, nor in Thaxted, nor L. Easton, nor Broxted, nor G.D, . . . .Lindsell also searched but seeming gap 1665-1675! & no Stebbing registers prior to 1712. Think I will give up on this marriage!! Tilty, very close to Great Easton, would be a possibility but marriages only recorded there from 1673!

James & Susan Jasper had 7 children : Mary bapt. 5/9/1669 , William bapt. 16/8/1671 , James b. 5/4/1674, John Jesper bapt. 5/11/1678, Susan bapt. 18/9/1681, Johanna bapt.9/12/1683 d.18/4/1695, George b.9/11/1688 . All born G.E. In Susan's 1722 Will, contrary to what her husband, James Jesper, had decreed in 1690, most of the family inheritance went to George Jesper in 1725 , William, James & Susan receiving respectively £2, £2 & £8, but Mary & John just a sixth share of the household goods.

John Jesper 1678-1733 b. 5/11/1678 d. 7/7/1733, Great Easton. He was a Carpenter. He married , in 1720, at the advanced age of 42, Mary Judd , of Shelley, in Shelley 19/1/1720/1 [ Shelley a long way from Great Easton!]. A marriage settlement has survived ; her mother was Mary Judd , a widow by 1721 Mary Judd was likely baptised in Little Canfield [ only 3/4 miles SW of G E ] on 24/7/1688. to a Henry & Mary Judd - D/P 227/1/1 image 40 - and the family must have moved to Shelley later: a Daniel & Jane Judd are born to Daniel & Mary Judd in 1681 & 1683 in High Laver- no other Judd baptisms up to 1705[ Images 12-14] . Julian has her born 10/2/1695 , taken from Shelley register? but this is to a Thomas Tun Shelley baptisms only start in 1687 . No High Laver page on my Seax essex records section. High Laver is over 15 miles from Great Easton . No John Jesper Will seems to have survived. No Henry Judd burial found in Little Canfield nor in High Laver 1688-1720 , but there is a 1713/4 will of Henry Judd of Lt. Canfield & a High Laver will of 1742/3 for Alexander Judd. Looked at the first in September 2014: his wife was Mary, to who he left his assets including 5 acres at Middle Coyes, then on her death to daut. Elizabeth, wife of John Staines, but at the same time £60 a piece to daughters Mary & Priscilla - so likely our Mary's father .Seemingly did not look at Alexander's will, but can now rule him out as a brother as he is not mentioned in the 1713 will. ~6 Ancestry Trees have Mary Judd born 10/2/1695 or just 1695, but, no parents and no parish ???- just cite other Ancestry trees as source!!!. And 4 of these trees have 1000-3800 people in them! I think my possible baptism in Little Canfield has considerable more substance!!

John Jesper died 1733, aged 55, when their youngest child James Jesper was just 2, their eldest 11: his wife, Mary, would appear to have stayed living in G.E. as son Edward Jesper married there in 1757 and her 1763 burial entry in High Laver gives her as of Much Easton. .

Mary Jasper, of the parish of Much Easton [ unable to find this -- maybe another name for Great Easton?] , is buried in High Laver, 8/6/1763 a few months after her mother, Mary Judd, of High Laver, is also buried there on 31/12/1762 - image 48.

The Will of Mary Jesper/Judd, widow, G.Easton, exists in the ERO, proved 23/7/1763: D/ABW 101/1/82, but written 1760. . She, surprisingly? , left all her possessions to her youngest son, James Jesper, who was 32 when her Will was proved.. This James was just 2 when her husband died in 1733

John & Mary Jasper had 5 children: Mary bapt.15/1/1722, John bapt. 24/4/1723, Edward Jesper bapt. 14/10/1726, Jane bapt. 4/10/1727, & James b.22/3/1731.

Edward Jesper 1726-1803 b.14/10/1726 d.13/10/1803, Great Easton. He was an agricultural labourer. He married, 1757, Elizabeth Brown bapt. 21/10/1721 G.E. to Jeremiah & Elizabeth Brown- died April 1795 at Tilty, a" pauper, age 71" , on 11/12/1757 in Great Easton .[ her death: image 14 of Tilty parish reg. on Seax ]. Tilty is very near Great Easton.

Jeremiah Brown married Elizabeth [ no surname given] 23/10/1716 G.E. Have not found a baptism for Jeremiah Brown 1670-1700 on Seax D/P 232/1/1 G.E. fiche but, only baptisms to a Thomas & Mary Brown and to a John & Alice Brown in this period. .Searched again 2014 images 46-53, 1678 - 1696 - no Jeremiah

great -easton gt-easton-2 tilty1
Great Easton Church 2011.
Great Easton Church 2011.
old Tilty Abbey
End view of Tilty Church - 2011
Different angle of Tilty Church 2011
A third view of Tilty Church 2011


Edward & Elizabeth Jesper had 3 children: James bapt. 18/6/1758 d.30/7/1758, James Jesper b.9/3/1759 & Elizabeth Jesper b.7/3/1761, all in Great Easton. .

James Jesper 1759 -1833 b.9/2/1759 d.27/7/1833, Great Easton. He married Elizabeth Surrey on 11/10/1780 in Great Broxted - image 16. Broxted ~2 m. NW of Great Easton. She possibly bap 26/12/1756 [to Jon & Elizabeth Surry ] Stifford [ if true, this is a long way away, down on the Thames, near Grays], d. 20/8/1842 Great Easton. [No marriage found Jon Surry to an Elizabeth in Stifford 1742-1753- records available on Seax - for her parents] . She appears, aged 85, in the 1841C - image below - at Easton End, Great Easton, living with William Jesper,19, and Alfred  Jesper, 42, both ag.labs, and the parents, Thomas & Ann Butcher, of her widowed daughter in law, Ann, who had been married to her son,[& they were also the parents of her son in law Thomas-married to her daughter Ann] Moses Jesper [he died Great Easton in June 1834] . Am not sure how William Jesper19 & Alfred Jesper 42 fit in: maybe offspring of another of Elizabeth's brothers? Elizabeth Jesper/Surrey died , aged 86, 20/8/1842 in Great Easton - image 33. . Do not have her death cert. - would the informant be interesting?-likely just a member of the 1841C household



They had 10 children: Ann b.22/4/1781 d.27/9/18??, having married Thomas Butcher, Jane b.3/5/1783 m. 12/12/1805, Susanna b.19/7/1789 d. 15/10/1789, Susannah b. 5/1/1791, James b.3/5/1793 d.12/8/1824, John b.20/4/1795, Charlotte b.14/2/1797, Moses b.30/3/1800 m.6/1/1827 d.5/6/1834, Sarah b.9/4/1802 d.1/7/1821 &

Elizabeth Jesper b.12/3/1785 , 3rd child of above.


Terence/Terry Jasper[ the spellings alternate in parish records] descends from Moses Jesper 1800.

Heather Baldwin descends from Susannah Jesper 1791 - as well as from William Turner 1775!

I have not yet asked Terry whether he has more info. on the forebears of Elizabeth Surrey, my gggggrandmother, Elizabeth Brown, my ggggggrandmother, Mary Judd, my gggggggrandmother: he has dates of birth for just one of them, Mary Judd. - this odd, as no baptism has been found.

. 2 other Jesper families at Duton End Gt. Easton [District 6, p.9 of 11] in 1841C are Ann 37 with children Julius 16 Wallis 14 William 11, Mary 9, Charles 5; this is positively the widow and children of Moses 1800, who died in 1834. And John 45, Harriet 40 ,Frances 10, Charles 6, Eliza 4, Emma 1: this probably the John 1795 ,brother of Elizabeth 1785. A Butcher Ancestry Tree has an Ann Jesper [m. Thomas Butcher in 1804] , b.1781, eldest sister of Elizabeth 1785. Julius was born 1825, baptised 15/1/1826 as illegitimate son of Ann Butcher - descendant Roy Butcher -OZ email . Ann Butcher m.Moses Jesper in 1827


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