Stephen James Lyons 1906-1994


1906. Born 14/5/1906 St Olave to Stephen Patrick Lyons & Mary Regan . 2nd child of 9, the first dying newly born.

1911C. Stephen Lyons, 29, Lighterman, b.Horsleydown, Mary Lyons, 29, b. Bermondsey, married 6 years, 4 children, 1 died, Stephen Lyons 4, Mary Lyons 2 & James Lyons 1mth, all b.Bermondsey. They were living in 3 rooms at 56, Gainsford Street, St. Olave Bermondsey, London S.E. Have not looked this address up in Electoral Roll Books. The dead child must have been Lilian Margaret 1905, born just after the marriage

Surviving siblings were: Mary Lyons 1908, James Michael Lyons 1911, Hannah Lyons 1913, Elizabeth Lyons 1915, Michael Lyons 1920 & Ellen Lyons 1923

1920 At age 14, Stephen James Lyons,  b.14/5/1906 St Olave Bermondsey, bound as lighterman apprentice, number 1492?, on 29/6/1920, Bermondsey, to master Stephen Patrick Lyons, number 292, his father. Found by JL in 2011 in the records of the Guild of Watermen & Lightermen, (City Livery Company- dating back to 1627), held at the Guildhall Library . Must search for more details - length of apprenticeship, certificate of freedom... - in the Guildhall 2013.


1928. He is registered with his parents at 15 Frean Street, - see on map below - Bermondsey - Electoral Roll. Frean Street runs parallel and just south of Old Jamaica Road.

freda-street1 .freda-street2

1928. Stephen J. Lyons married Ada B Kenealy [Ada Beatrice Kinealy b.Mar 1908 1d173 St Olaves ] on 31/3/1928 . Ada's family was Anglican. His address was 15 Frean Street, hers 28 Freda Street: her father, George Kenealy, was still living there until his death in August 1941 - info.& certificates thanks to her niece, Joan. They were married in the St. Olave district of Bermondsey Registry Office


Stephen is listed on cert as Lighterman/Journeyman, Ada as Fancy Goods Shop Assistant.
Stephen Patrick Lyons , father listed as Lighterman
George Kenealy, father listed as Stevedore
Witnesses - Mary Lyons- either his mother or sister Mary 1908
                       Arthur Regan- either an uncle or a cousin


Ada & Stephen James Lyons, likely on their wedding day.- photo from Joan Millar, thanks!

A son Stephen Lyons was born to them, at 15 Frean Street [ his parent's home] , on 6/4/1928 and died the same day, just 15 minutes old, a premature birth just 6 days after their wedding



Ada Kenealy, one of 6 surviving children, had an elder sister, Florence Caroline Kenealy, who married Ernest Tinsley in 1923 and had children Derek 1924 and Joan 1936. Joan, now Joan Millar, contacted me by email in April 2014.

1929-31 . Stephen James & Ada Beatrice living at 29 Freda Street, Bermondsey. His in-laws, the Kenealys, are living at 28 Freda Street. - Electoral Roll. Freda Street was to the South of Jamaica Road: it no longer exists, see above photo, having been used as a building site for the Parker Building .

There are no more births to this couple.

1931. His wife, Ada B Lyons, died, aged 23 in Jun 1931 Pancras, at 29 Freda Street, of Chronic Nephritis= kidney disease - info. from her niece, Joan

1932-33. Stephen James Lyons alone at 29 Freda Street

1933. Stephen J. Lyons remarried Ellen Mildred Birkby [born 9/1/1907 to parents Albert Ernest Birkby & Ellen Louisa Brushett] Dec 1933 St.Olave. They had Ramon M Lyons 15/10/1934 & Kevin D Lyons 12/7/1941 Surrey Mid E.

1934 Stephen James & Ellen Mildred living at 1 Forden Road, Brixton.

1935-37. Stephen James & Ellen Mildred living at 56 Haymerle Road, Brixton

1955. Stephen James & Ellen Mildred living at 17 Poole Road - shown below, photo JL 2012 - West Ewell before Stephen James, Ellen, Ramon & Kevin emigrated.


1955. This couple, he a lighterman in 1955, aged 49, and their 2 children emigrated to Melbourne in 1955 [ Killing the family myth that he, Stephen James Lyons, went to Canada with the HBC]..



'New Australia' passenger list for 27/7/1955 departure from Southampton. Stephen J Lyons, lighterman, of 17 Poole Road, West Ewell, Surrey, b. 14/5/1906, with his wife Ellen Lyons, b. 9/1/1907, Kevin D Lyons, b.12/7/1941 & Ramon M Lyons, labourer, b.15/10/1934

Jan/Feb 2011. I searched for his descendants round Melbourne, by putting an ad. in Melbourne Herald Sun. I thus got in touch with Joy, the widow of his son, Ramon Lyons, & hence the following details of the life post 1955 of Stephen James Lyons

Stephen James Lyons worked as a baggage handler at Tullamarine Airport, working for Ansett Airlines from the time he arrived in Australia till he retired aged 65 in 1971..

From Electoral Rolls:

1963. Living at 99 Loongana Avenue W9 Glenroy, Melbourne, a porter, with wfe Ellen Mildred, home duties, and son Ramon Michael, process worker.

1968. Living at 99 Loongana Avenue W9 Glenroy, Melbourne, a porter, with wfe Ellen Mildred, home duties, and son Kevin Delano,.mechanic. Son Ramon Michael, sheetmetal worker, is at 78 Loongana Avenue with wife, Joyce, secretary. Son Kevin D, motor mechanic, at 1/126 Centre Dandenong Road Cheltenham East, with wife Onica, sales assistant.

1972. Living at 99 Loongana Avenue W9 Glenroy, Melbourne, a porter, with wfe Ellen Mildred, home duties. Son Ramon Michael, sheetmetal worker 105 Taylor Drive, Tullamarine with wife, Joyce, secretary. Son Kevin Delano, no occupation, at 10 Karina Street,Frankston, with wife Onica, sales assistant.

1977. Living at Hazel Street, Cockatoo, no occupation, with wfe Ellen Mildred, home duties. Son Ramon Michael, supervisor, 17 Scott Street, Gisborne, with wife, Joyce,home duties. Son Kevin Delano, no occupation, at 10 Karina Street,Frankston, with wife Onica, sales assistant.

1980. Living at Hazel Street, Cockatoo, no occupation, with wfe Ellen Mildred, home duties. Son Kevin Delano, no occupation, listed as Female!, at 10 Karina Street, Frankston, with wife Onica, sales assistant.

From his family: he lived in Gladstone Park ~1956-1970 and then Cockatoo ~1971-1983 before moving to Queensland (Beenleigh).

1994. Stephen James Lyons died, aged 88, near Beenleigh 1994. He had had a stroke earlier, but died from cancer

Joy's account: she calls her husband 'Ramon M. Lyons' Ray

"Ray and I built our first home practically across the road from Ray's Mum and Dad, amd eventually built another home about l0 mins. away.  lt was in this home that I fell pregnant.  Mum and Dad stayed in their original home in Glenroy, Victoria until they moved to Cockatoo. Vict. in the early 70; s. Ray and I built twice more times, the last being on acreage.  lt was there - before 1979 - that we had a visit from Stephens sister Helen 1923 with her husband. She was living in Canada at the time with her husband and son and daughter". I now know- April 2014 - that they were Walter G, Ellen, Sandra 1947 and Stephen 1955 McNally.

sj-01 .

Kevin, Onica, Stephen James and Ellen . Maybe ~1963-1969?

sj-02 .sj-03

.2 photos of Stephen James lyons, photos courtesy of Joy & her son, Ray, Lyons . Maybe in the 1960s?

sj-04a .

~1972-1977? . Siblings Helen McNally [ Ellen Lyons 1923] and Stephen James Lyons, with his wife, Ellen

Ray and l moved to the Gold Coast l979, bought a home and a business then Ray's Mum and Dad [ Stephen James Lyons] came here about l983, to Beenleigh, about l/2 hr. drive from us. We visited them quite often, along with Kevin and his wife Onica, until 'Mum' - Ellen - got quite ill and eventually died in the Q2 Hospital on Boxing day l986' - daut-in-law Joy.

Dad stayed in Beenleigh until it was eveident he couldnt care for himself so we moved him to the coast, where unhappily he had a stroke , after being in the nursing home until he was better,  Unhappily Dad developed cancer and passed away in hospital shortly afterwards. 1994

As a very small family we kept in touch and l have many happy memories of  the times we had together.

Keven built a home in Frankston, but eventually sold to move to the Gold Coast, Qland around l977 "

Ramon M Lyons died 5/2/2011 Queensland. He suffered from dementia for the last 2 years of his life, being unable to recognise his wife & children. He had married Joy in 1959 and had 2 children, Ray 1970 & Roger 1973. He lived in Ashmore and was interred at Somerville Chapel Nerang 9/2/2011. I am now in contact with his son Ray and widow Joy: they have lost contact with Kevin. But Kevin did attend the 1994 funeral of his father Stephen James Lyons. I think! I was also told that brother Michael 1920, attended this 1994 funeral


Ramon M. Lyons 1934-2011

Kevin D. Lyons .1941- .

"As for Kevin, he and elder brother Ramon had a run in shortly after Grandads [SJLyons 1906-1994] funeral and never saw each other again. Kevin had a clothing business on the Gold Coast - Eastcoast." He had moved there around 1977
Was Living in Mudgeeraba . Has no children. Wife's name, Onica.  

Stephen Patrick Lyons


Ray Lyons 1970, grandson of Stephen James Lyons -

Joy Lyons, widow of Ramon Lyons - joybell

Incorrect Kevin Lyons : I thought[ informant Trish] that maybe worked M.U.I.O.O.F.Parkglen Retirement Village,369 Cheltenham Road,Keysborough,3173 Vic., and contacted -24/2/2011 - this place. But he was not the correct Kevin, his family descending from a George Lyons 1828, Youghal, Cork who emigrated in 1853 [ from niece Margaret]