Finding Stephen Lyons (born Cork 1827) in Ireland

The London Censuses have established that Stephen Lyons was born 1827 (plus or minus a year), was married to Catherine Buckley. They are not in UK 1851 census, but have a child Timothy born in Bermondsey, London in November 1852. From this one can reasonably assume they left Ireland sometime between early 1851 and mid 1852. There is no record of a marriage in UK, nor of any earlier births to them. One therefore assumed they were married in Ireland: in 2009 we discovered that they were indeed married,31/07/1851. in St. Marys & St.Annes, Shandon, Cork. This is the Cathedral of Cork.. SCAN photos & info. on it in here.

The Mallow Heritage centre could only find one candidate in the whole of Cloyne Dioceses (they have all the Catholic records for this dioceses) (their letter to me is here) that matches this exactly, but another Stephen, born there in 1829 is a possible.

Buttevant Parish

  Child Parents Witnesses
8 Feb 1827 Stephen Lyons Patrick Lyons John Kenelly
Ardprior   Mary Daly Eliza Lyons

The only other Stephen Lyons born between 1820 and 1830 in the Cloyne records is also in Buttevant. But he was born in 1829, and from UK census records, our man is more likely to be the 1827 birth.

  Child Parents Witnesses
23 Feb 1829 Stephen Lyons Edmond Lyons Ths Conelly
Ardsckea   Mary Warren Mgt Lyons

However the UK census records show 2 Stephen Lyons, born 1827 in Cork. One is our Stephen Lyons and the other is living in Plymouth, Devon: in 2009, found his baptism in St. Finbarrs, Cork, 27/12/1825.

Therefore there are at least 2 "Stephen Lyons" born in Cork around 1827. "Our's" and the Stephen Lyons picked up in the UK Censuses (1871 & 1881 married to Justina) and who lived in Plymouth, Devon. There appears to be no relationship as childrens names are different - Samuel, Thomas, Edward.

If this man born in Buttevant, Cork in 1827 is not "our" Stephen, then we have to search further. I discovered on the Internet some references to "Michael Lyons" and "Helen Buckley" having children "Michael Lyons baptised on 2 Sep 1850" "Timothy Lyons baptised on 5 Dec 1855" at Boherbue Parish, Co Cork. This parish is under Dioces of Kerry as can be seen on the map on this page. However there are no Stephen Lyons to be found in that parish.

There was a contemporaneous Lyons family at Millstreet. Although the parish of Millstreet is only a few miles from Boherbue, the Christian names of the Lyons family at Millstreet do not appear to match sufficiently well to link them to us.

Also there are Timothy Lyons at this Parish in Griffiths 1852 Dromtarriffe which is between Millstreet and Castlemagner

I have a useful map based guide to all the Cork Parishes and what I have on each here.

At present, my feeling is that "our" Stephen Lyons came from the Castlemagner and Ballyclogh area. However this is by elimination and conjecture. Basically there are very few "Stephen Lyons" in any of the Cork records. Interestingly ALL that I have found are in this very tight area just to the west of Mallow. The map below gives all Stephens in Cork up to 1852. But none of these fit in with my theory that his parents were Timothy & Honorah.

There is only one Stephen in Griffiths, and that is in our core area above. In addition, see map below, around half the Timothy Lyons in Grifiths come from this area. (each "T" on the map is one Timothy Lyons in Griffiths, and the "S" is the sole Stephen Lyons" around 1850s.But several more baptisms & marriages found ,1827-1853, as shown above.

Other Timothys that I have found:

Timothy b1803 Carlisle,Aghada, m.Catherine Ryan.Daughter Mary,1829, m.Kerns,Carrigtwohill..Tobin Family Tree on Ancestry.

Timothy m.Mary Lynch 18/01/1831, Donoughmore Witnesses Jeremiah Lyons & John Sheehan. MHC.

Timothy m. Eileen Shea ,3/02/1831, Charleville, he from Prehurst, Killeolane, she from Ballydaheen, Charleville. Witnesses Thomas Dwane & William Maum.MHC

Timothy m. Catherine Connell, 27/01/1830, Ballyclough. Witnesses Maurice Sheehan & Timothy Sullivan.MHC.

A more detailed list, compiled March 2009, is to be found on NLI DATA


Lyons family in Cork