Griffiths Valuation of Ireland - All Lyons in Co Cork

Irelands Valuation office conducted it's first survey of property ownership in Ireland from 1848 to 1864. This survey became known as "Griffiths Valuation" after Richard Griffith who was the director of the office at that time. The survey was used to determine the amount of tax each person should pay towards the support of the poor within their poor law union. This involved determining the value of all privately held lands and buildings in rural as well as urban areas to figure the rate at which each unit of property could be rented year after year. The resulting survey was arranged by barony and civil parish with an index to the townlands appearing in each volume. Griffith's Valuation can be used as an excellent census substitute for the years after the Great Famine as censuses prior to 1901 were destroyed.

There are 22 "Timothy Lyons" and 1 "Stephen Lyons". This is out of 273 entries for Cork County plus 60 entries for Cork City (The Christian names Timothy and Stephen are not recorded for Lyons family in Cork City)

The table below shows the number of lyons households in each county in the Primary Valuation property survey of 1848-64. It can be seen that Co Cork contained the largest number of Lyons families in Ireland at this time.

Antrim 28 Donegal 67 Laois 28 Offaly 15
Armagh 17 Down 56 Leitrim 29 Roscommon 81
Belfast city 24 Dublin 24 Limerick 145 Sligo 17
Carlow 41 Dublin city 30 Limerick city 9 Tipperary 82
Cavan 6 Fermanagh 7 Longford 16 Tyrone 29
Clare 54 Galway 200 Louth 28 Waterford 66
Cork 258 Kerry 108 Mayo 232 Westmeath 32
Cork city 62 Kildare 26 Meath 14 Wexford 4
Derry 18 Kilkenny 31 Monaghan 12 Wicklow 20

If we then get the detailed breakdown of Co Cork by all Lyons entries. One can then interrogate the database for all "Timothy Lyons" in Co Cork on Griffiths. The results are below

Surname First Name Townland Parish
Lyons Denis Lehenagh Abbeymahon
Lyons Jeremiah Lehenagh Abbeymahon
Lyons Michael Lehenagh Abbeymahon
Lyons Denis Clonmoyle East Aghabulloge
Lyons Mary Clonmoyle East Aghabulloge
Lyons William John Clonmoyle East Aghabulloge
Lyons William Clonmoyle East Aghabulloge
Lyons Timothy Clonmoyle East Aghabulloge
Lyons Jeremiah Clonmoyle East
Lyons Daniel Curraghauaddra Aghinagh
Lyons William Kilmichael
Lyons Timothy Moanroe Ballyclogh
Lyons Stephen Woodpark Ballyclogh
Lyons Honoria Ballindangan Ballydeloughy
Lyons Patrick Ballingarry, East Ballyfeard
Lyons William Reagrove Ballyfoyle
Lyons Patrick Ringroe
Lyons Daniel Ballindeasig Ballyfoyle
Lyons Jeremiah Reanies House Ballyfoyle
Lyons Patrick Reanies House Ballyfoyle
Lyons Patrick Killowen Ballyfoyle
Lyons Jeremiah Ringroe Ballyfoyle
Lyons John Broghill South Ballyhay
Lyons Cornelius Castleblagh Ballyhooly
Lyons Cornelius Ballyhooly, North Ballyhooly
Lyons Jeremiah Conva Ballyhooly
Lyons John Village of Ballyhooly (Main St) Ballyhooly
Lyons John Gallows Hill Street Bandon Ballymodan
Lyons Daniel Mitchelstown, Newmarket-Square Brigown
Lyons Thomas Mitchelstown, Mulberry-Lane Brigown
Lyons Thomas Mitchelstown, Robert-St Brigown
Lyons William Mitchelstown, Robert-St Brigown
Lyons William Kilshanny Brigown
Lyons William Glenduff Brigown
Lyons David Mitchelstown, Mulberry-Lane Brigown
Lyons John Glenduff Brigown
Lyons John Ballinwillin Brigown
Lyons James Mitchelstown, Georges-St Brigown
Lyons Honora Garrane Brigown
Lyons Martin Ballynabrock Brigown
Lyons Patrick Skeheen, Upper
Lyons Patrick Ballynabrock Brigown
Lyons Maurice Mitchelstown, King-St Brigown
Lyons Michael Mitchelstown, Mulberry-Lane Brigown
Lyons Denis Skeheen, Upper Brigown
Lyons Honora Ballynamona Brigown
Lyons Mary Ardskeagh Buttevant
Lyons Honoria Main Street Buttevant
Lyons Eliza Main Street Buttevant
Lyons John Mahallagh Cannaway
Lyons Jeremiah Shandangan East Cannaway
Lyons Jeremiah Coolnasoon Cannaway
Lyons Daniel Shandangan West Cannaway
Lyons Daniel Nettleville Demesne Cannaway
Lyons Daniel Knockavullig Cannaway
Lyons Daniel Mahallagh Cannaway
Lyons Edward Frenchfurze Carrigaline
Lyons James Strand Road Carrigaline Carrigaline
Lyons Thomas Grange Carrigaline
Lyons Thomas Commeen Carrigaline
Lyons Maurice Commeen Carrigaline
Lyons James Vill of Douglas,Douglas Carrigaline
Lyons Michael Ballincollig Carrigrohane
Lyons Michael Carrigrohane Carrigrohane
Lyons Daniel Main Street Ballincollig Carrigrohane
Lyons John Ballincollig Carrigrohane
Lyons Michael Pellick Castlelyons
Lyons William Pellick Castlelyons
Lyons Thomas Kill Saint Anne, South Castlelyons
Lyons Matthew Knockdromaclogh Castlelyons
Lyons James Kill Saint Anne, North Castlelyons
Lyons James Ballyrobert Castlelyons
Lyons Mary Lisduggan, South Castlemagner
Lyons Michael Ballymacmurragh Castlemagner
Lyons Timothy Ballydoyle Castletownroche
Lyons Mary Annakisha South Clenor
Lyons Mary Kanturk, Strand Street, Clonfert
Lyons John Coolroe More Clonmeen
Lyons John Muingyroggen Clonmeen
Lyons Timothy , Sr Muingyroggen Clonmeen
Lyons Timothy , Jr Muingyroggen Clonmeen
Lyons Julia Muingyroggen Clonmeen
Lyons John Glen, South Clonmeen
Lyons Mary Ballyrussell Cloyne
Lyons Patrick High Street,Skibbereen,(Gortnaclohy) Creagh
Lyons Matthew Cloonbannin, East Cullen
Lyons Matthew Cloonbannin, West Cullen
Lyons Timothy Clogheen Currykippane
Lyons William Derryvillane Derryvillane
Lyons John Ballyenahan, North Derryvillane
Lyons Daniel Ballygroman Lower Desertmore
Lyons Catherine Curraghgrane Desert More
Lyons Jeremiah Knocknastooka Desertserges
Lyons Jeremiah Knockacullen Desertserges
Lyons Jeremiah Breaghna Desertserges
Lyons Jeremiah Boulteen Desertserges
Lyons Cornelius Meenahony Donaghmore
Lyons Mary Kilmartin Lower Donaghmore
Lyons Cornelius Knockane Donaghmore
Lyons Timothy Knockagallune Drishane
Lyons Mary Rathcool Dromtarriff
Lyons Eugene Dromahoe Dromtarriff
Lyons Laurence Rathcool Dromtarriff
Lyons John Rathcool Dromtarriff
Lyons Patrick Carragraigue Dromtarriff
Lyons Timothy Rathcool Dromtarriff
Lyons Timothy Carragraigue Dromtarriff
Lyons James Fogher Fanlobbus
Lyons Daniel Conania
Lyons Jeremiah Dromdrasdil Fanlobbus
Lyons Jeremiah Kilronane West Fanlobbus
Lyons William Mohona Fanlobbus
Lyons William Ballyhalivick Fanlobbus
Lyons William Dunmanway South Green West Fanlobbus
Lyons Michael Quitrentmountain Farahy
Lyons John Ballyguyroe North Farahy
Lyons Denis Ballyguyroe North Farahy
Lyons James Ballyguyroe North Farahy
Lyons Thomas Ballyguyroe North Farahy
Lyons Maurice Cross-St, Fermoy
Lyons Ellen Barrack-St, Fermoy
Lyons Johanna Garranekinnefeake Garranekinnefeake
Lyons Richard Rathcoursey East Garranekinnefeake
Lyons James Garranekinnefeake Garranekinnefeake
Lyons Mary Main-Street Glanworth
Lyons Timothy Market-Square. Glanworth
Lyons Andrew Kilmona Grenagh
Lyons John Bank Kilaconenagh
Lyons John Boher Kilaconenagh
Lyons Denis Laragh Kilbolane
Lyons Margaret Milford Village Kilbolane
Lyons Denis Milford Village Kilbolane
Lyons Patrick Trienieragh Kilbolane
Lyons Ellen Trienieragh Kilbolane
Lyons Michael Maine North Kilbolane
Lyons John Gortaheeda Kilbolane
Lyons John Trienieragh Kilbolane
Lyons Ellen Prohust Kilbolane
Lyons Thomas Ballynoe Kilbrin
Lyons Cornelius Kilbarry Kilbrin
Lyons Timothy Barrett's Hill, Bandon Kilbrogan
Lyons John Barrett's Hill, Bandon Kilbrogan
Lyons Mary Barrett's Hill, Bandon Kilbrogan
Lyons John Curragh East Kilcaskan
Lyons Cornelius Crinnaloo North Kilcorney
Lyons Timothy Crinnaloo North Kilcorney
Lyons Patrick Crinnaloo North Kilcorney
Lyons Timothy Ballydague Kilcummer
Lyons Johanna Lamb St,Clonakilty,(Youghals) Kilgarriff
Lyons Timothy Garranecore Kilgarriff
Lyons Timothy Kilgarriff Kilgarriff
Lyons William Flemingstown Kilgullane
Lyons William Kilnahone Killanully
Lyons John Gurteen Killathy
Lyons James Ballynalahagh Killeagh
Lyons Michael Gortnagappul Killeagh
Lyons John Ballynalahagh Killeagh
Lyons James Kilmeen Kilmeen
Lyons Honora Doonasleen, North
Lyons Michael Doonasleen, South Kilmeen
Lyons Michael Doonasleen, North Kilmeen
Lyons Timothy Doonasleen, North Kilmeen
Lyons Cornelius Ardnagashel Kilmocomoge
Lyons Thomas Main St, Bantry Kilmocomoge
Lyons Jeremiah Main Street Carrigaline Kilmoney
Lyons Thomas Ballytrasna Kilmurry
Lyons John Kilnaglory Kilnaglory
Lyons Michael Fountainstown North Kilpatrick
Lyons William Ballyadack, North Kilphelan
Lyons William Flemingstown Kilphelan
Lyons Margaret Lisheenroe Kilquane
Lyons Patrick Village of Kilworth, Kilworth Rd Kilworth
Lyons Daniel, Jr. Monanveel Kilshannig
Lyons Richard Ballynoe Kilshannig
Lyons Timothy Monanveel Kilshannig
Lyons Patrick Gortavoher Kilshannig
Lyons Daniel, Sr. Monanveel Kilshannig
Lyons Michael Esk, South Kilshannig
Lyons John Newberry
Lyons Matthew Esk, South Kilshannig
Lyons Michael Esk, North Kilshannig
Lyons John Esk, North Kilshannig
Lyons Johanna Drompeesh Kilshannig
Lyons David Kilpadder, South Kilshannig
Lyons Honoria Glantane Kilshannig
Lyons Jeremiah Esk, South Kilshannig
Lyons Jeremiah Monanveel Kilshannig
Lyons John The Glen Kinsale Kinsale
Lyons John Fisher Street Kinsale Kinsale
Lyons Thomas Ballybride, Lower Knockmourne
Lyons Ellen Creggolympry North Litter
Lyons Daniel Wallingstown Little Island
Lyons Thomas Gortnaskehy Macroney
Lyons Michael Macroney, Lower Macroney
Lyons Mary Macroney, Lower Macroney
Lyons John Macroney, Lower Macroney
Lyons Edmond Ballard Macroney
Lyons Denis Dromsligo Mallow
Lyons John Cloghlucas North Mallow
Lyons Timothy Lackanalooha (Town of Mallow) Mallow
Lyons Andrew Mount Massy Road Macroom
Lyons William Booladurragha Marshalstown
Lyons Thomas Knockagarry Marshalstown
Lyons Thomas Glennahulla Marshalstown
Lyons Thomas Derrynanool Marshalstown
Lyons Thomas Curraghgorm Marshalstown
Lyons John, Sr. Derrynanool Marshalstown
Lyons John, Jr. Derrynanool Marshalstown
Lyons John Killee Marshalstown
Lyons Judith Booladurragha Marshalstown
Lyons Maurice Ballyarthur Marshalstown
Lyons Thomas Ballyarthur Marshalstown
Lyons Richard Killee Marshalstown
Lyons Patrick Derrynanool Marshalstown
Lyons John Gortroe Marshalstown
Lyons John Booladurragha Marshalstown
Lyons James Gorteenatarriff Marshalstown
Lyons Alice Knockagarry Marshalstown
Lyons John Townparks Middleton
Lyons Timothy Bawnard West Middleton
Lyons Patrick Lackbrack Mogeely
Lyons Francis, Esq. Monkstown (Rock Lodge) Monkstown
Lyons John Garrancleigh Moviddy
Lyons John Farnanes Moviddy
Lyons Thomas Farnanes Moviddy
Lyons Thomas, Jr. Garrancleigh Moviddy
Lyons Thomas, Sr. Garrancleigh Moviddy
Lyons William Tullyglass Murragh
Lyons Timothy Sranaviddoge Murragh
Lyons Michael Nohaval Village Nohaval
Lyons Timothy Nohaval Village Nohaval
Lyons Honoria Ballyvorane South Nohaval
Lyons John Reaniesglen Nohaval
Lyons Michael Ballyvorane South Nohaval
Lyons Jeremiah Reaniesglen Nohaval
Lyons Mary Rahan Rahan
Lyons Thomas, Sr. Knocknahorgan Rathcooney
Lyons Margaret Rathcormack Carey's Lane, Rathcormack
Lyons Eliza Glannagaul Rathcormack
Lyons John Scilly Ringcurran
Lyons Bartholomew Ballymackean Ringrone
Lyons Eugene Kilbarrahan Rosskeen
Lyons Michael Carrigane Rosskeen
Lyons Daniel Newtown Village Shandrum
Lyons Catherine Shandrum Shandrum
Lyons Denis Newtown Village Shandrum
Lyons Patrick Newtown Village Shandrum
Lyons Bartholomew Gortnanoon Templebreedy
Lyons John Ballinluska Templebreedy
Lyons John Kilmichael, West Templebreedy
Lyons Edward Crosshaven Templebreedy
Lyons John Myrtleville Templebreedy
Lyons Michael Crosshaven Hill Templebreedy
Lyons Maurice Ballinluska Templebreedy
Lyons John Scartnamuck Templemartin
Lyons Michael Moskeagh Templemartin
Lyons Cornelius Labbamolaga, East Templemolaga
Lyons Michael Labbamolaga, East Templemolaga
Lyons Jeremiah Kilcooney Templemolaga
Lyons James Cruary West
Lyons Michael Cruary West Templeomalus
Lyons Jeremiah Cruary West Templeomalus
Lyons Michael Timoleague Timoleague
Lyons Timothy Farranbrien West Tracton
Lyons Michael Farranbrien West Tracton
Lyons Daniel Doonavanig Tracton
Lyons Daniel Cooles Tullylease
Lyons Patrick Curraghanaltig Wallstown
Lyons Patrick Slievedotia Whitechurch
Lyons Thomas, Jr. Slievedotia Whitechurch
Lyons Patrick South Cross Lane Youghal
Lyons John Clashadunna East Youghal
Lyons Jeremiah Freeman's Lane Youghal
    Cork City  
Lyons George South Main Street Holy Trinity
Lyons Thomas Tuckey Street Holy Trinity
Lyons Thomas South Main Street Holy Trinity
Lyons Thomas Grand Parade Holy Trinity
Lyons Daniel Keeffe Street Holy Trinity
Lyons Denis Cornmarket Street Holy Trinity
Lyons William Hospital Lane St. Finbars
Lyons John Dundanion
St. Finbars
Lyons Daniel Ballinure St. Finbars
Lyons John Ballinlough
St. Finbars
Lyons John Bandon Road St. Finbars
Lyons Patrick Glanmire Road Lower St. Annes Shandon
Lyons Thomas Summer Hill (Sunville)
St. Annes Shandon
Lyons Sir William Glanmire Road Lower (Rockgrove Terrace) St. Annes Shandon
Lyons William Grattan's Hill St. Annes Shandon
Lyons Michael Commons St. Annes Shandon
Lyons Maurice Crowley's Lane St. Annes Shandon
Lyons Jeremiah Kerry Hall Avenue & Terrace St. Annes Shandon
Lyons Frederick Kilnap St. Annes Shandon
Lyons Margaret St Patrick's Hill St. Annes Shandon
Lyons John Bleasdy's Street St. Annes Shandon
Lyons John Bleasdy's Street St. Annes Shandon
Lyons Denis John Street St. Annes Shandon
Lyons Mary Anne Courtney's Lane St. Annes Shandon
Lyons Mary Kilnap St. Annes Shandon
Lyons Michael Commons Road St. Annes Shandon
Lyons Michael Farranferris St. Annes Shandon
Lyons Thomas Blarney-Lane Cork St. Marys Shandon
Lyons Michael Buckston Hill Cork
St. Marys Shandon
Lyons Daniel Knocknaheeny St. Marys Shandon
Lyons Jeremiah Blarney-Lane Cork St. Marys Shandon
Lyons John Blarney-Lane Cork St. Marys Shandon
Lyons Daniel Blarney-Lane Cork St. Marys Shandon
Lyons Catherine Shandon Street Cork St. Marys Shandon
Lyons Rep. Anne Corbett's Lane Cork St. Marys Shandon
Lyons Rep. Anne Old Market Place Cork St. Marys Shandon
Lyons Rep. Anne Shinnick's Well Lane Cork St. Marys Shandon
Lyons John Knocknaheeny St. Marys Shandon
Lyons Ellen Maglin St. Nicholas
Lyons Francis South Terrace St. Nicholas
Lyons James Barrack Street Cork St. Nicholas
Lyons Denis High Street St. Nicholas
Lyons Daniel Sullivan's Lane Cork St. Nicholas
Lyons Christopher Quaker's Road St. Nicholas
Lyons Cornelius Quarry Road St. Nicholas
Lyons Daniel Evergreen Road St. Nicholas
Lyons James Margaret Street St. Nicholas
Lyons Jeremiah St Finbar's Alley Cork St. Nicholas
Lyons John Evergreen Road St. Nicholas
Lyons Jeremiah Stephen Street St. Nicholas
Lyons John Skahabeg North St. Nicholas
Lyons Thomas Margaret Street St. Nicholas
Lyons Honoria Cross Street Cork St. Peter
Lyons James North Main Street Cork St. Peter
Lyons John Duncan Street Cork St. Peter
Lyons William Simmon's Lane Cork St. Peter
Lyons Denis Corn Market Street Cork St. Paul
Lyons Frederick Lavitt's Quay Cork St. Paul
Lyons Denis Hughes' Lane Cork St. Paul
Lyons Denis Hughes' Lane Cork St. Paul
Lyons Frederick Perry Street Cork St. Paul
Lyons Jeremiah Harpur's Lane Cork St. Paul

Stephen Lyons 1827
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