Lyons Roots in Ireland

Facts from Mallow Heritage Site.November 2008.

Earliest Lyons marriages in N.E.Cork are 16 from 1775 - 1801 ;

Johanna 1775, John 1780, William 1781, Mary 1782, Johanna 1784, Johanna 1785, John 1785, Mary 1786, Honora 1787, Ellen 1788, -- all Charleville R.C.

John 1785, Mathew 1794, -- both Aghada R.C.

Elizabeth 1797 , -- Macroom R.C.

Cornelius 1800 -- Mallow C.I .[ 17/04/1800 to Sarah Alsup]

Anne 1800 -- Doneraile C.I

Michael 1801 -- Blarney R.C.

There are also 6 marriages 1802-1810.

Earliest births are 14 from 1795 - 1810. All R.C.

in Aghada; Abigail 1795, Ellen 1798, John 1801, Timothy 1803[father Timothy].

in Youghal; Richard 1805 [father James], William 1808[father James], Catherine 1810[father James].

in Castlelyons ; Michael 1807[father Michael], Catherine 1809[father William], Thomas 1810[father John ].

in Castletownroche; Harvey 1800[father John].

Also, have not located where, Mary 1804, ? 1809, Johanna 1810.

Timothy Births . 1 in 1831 to father Patrick in Milford. Another in 1832 to father Timothy in Milford..[to see if I can trace the Timothy, aged 40, in 1871C ,in the house of whose widow Catherine, a blind John Lyons is also living in 1881C.]. Either of these could be he.

The marriage of Timothy to Catherine Coughlan[her maiden name comes from 1867 b.c. of their son,Timothy, in Bermondsey Workhouse], that of the Timothy Lynes in the English 1871C , took place Feb 1861 in Enniskean - fiche 4798, witnesses Daniel Coghlan & Denis Carty. But I cannot find Timothy's baptism in that parish, nor surrounding ones, nor baptisms of hypothetical brothers or cousins Stephen, John or Patrick .

As of Jan 2011, I cannot prove beyond doubt a link between this Timothy and Stephen, other than 1] blind John Lyons is living with Stephen in 1861C and then with Timothy's widow Catherine in 1881C ; 2] that Timothy's 1866 daughter, MaryAnn Osborne is stated as cousin on the 1894 d.c. for blind John Lyons[ but this actually just links Timothy & John!] and 3] that Stephen is godfather to Timothy's offspring and a Patrick [with a brother John] is godfather to children of both Stephen & Timothy . But, the circumstancial evidence convinces me! Caroline Lyons[Ancestry] is descended from Enniskean Lyonses, from a William c 1810 who had a brother Timothy, but no dates or info. on him.

Have written lists of all Lyons births 1823-1835 in this Cork area.

Marriages 1826-1834. There are 4 possibilities; 1828, 1830 in Ballyclough,, & 2 in 1831,in Charleville & Donoughmore, of the above father Timothy.

NLI findings.- these also irrelevant, as I was not searching for the surnames Lehane/Leehane/Lyhane

Stephen Lyons b1827