1825-1836 TITHE Applotment ENTRIES for Stephen LYONS/LEEHANE , Den*s L*HANE etc. Also GRIFFITHS ~1852.

This page created late December 2014- updated July 2015 & September 2016 after new DNA evidence is making me concentrate on Ballyvourney & Kilnamartyra , not Clonmeen

to try to find the connection between the families of Stephen Lyons/Lyhane ~1827, father likely Timothy, and

1. Stephen Lehane ~ 1800, whose 1st son was probably called Denis, and thus whose father might well have been a Denis, & now likely from Kilnamartyra , and 2. Daniel Lehane, ~1843, son of James Lehane, in Derreenaling, Ballyvourney

On FMP, a Denis Lehane appears in Ballyvourney- where Stephen Lehane farmer was a Tithe Defaulter in 1831


Stephen Lehane, farmer of Inchmore Ballyvourney, Daniel Lehane, farmer of Derryasaggart Ballyvourney, 3 Cornelius Lehanes at Derryasaggart, Gortarahily & Knockanure Ballyvourney are in 1831 Tithe Defaulters . But no Denis - so this unlikely to be where Paul's Lehanes came from.

Can not find a list for Tithe Defaulter in KilnamartyraAlso, the Stephen Lehane here was likely married to Bridget Finegan, having children 1831-1847 - see Lehane baptisms, Co. Cork. CAN I find their marriage


1.. The first entry is - likely - the Stephen Lyhane who married Joanna Healy in Kilnamartyra in 1823 and did have a son Denis in 1832, whereas Paul's Denis thought he was born in 1829, and there are no baptisms there for Denis' siblings, Daniel, Cornelius, John & Kate, so thought UNLIKELY to be the Stephen Lehane ~1800 that we are looking for. . I have found Catherine 1825, Daniel 1827 & Patrick 1829 baptised in Kilnamartyra to Stephen & Joan- not Johanna - Healy. Years mentioned are of the Tithe Applotment records or of Griffiths

  Stephen Lyhane Gortanimill, Kilnamartery, Cork 1826 45 acres

Gortanimil is ~ 6 k WNW of Kilnamartyra and ~8 k ESE of Derreenaling .

2. Have not found any Timothy Lyhane in Tithe defaulter . There is a Timy Liehane in 1766 religious survey in Kilnamartyra

Timothy Lyhane Caherkereen Kilnamatyra 1826


3.. Have not found any Denis Lehane in Ballyvourney or Kilnamartyra

On National Archives site, Denis Lehane at Teemcurha has 13 acres in 1825, with Cornelius 1825 Derry 14 acres, at East Curragh 3 rods?, 1825, Derry 1834 is too faint to read, Loughtown 1834 13 acres?, East Curragh 1834 3 rods,with Cornelius, 1834 Cloyne 7 acres?, Kilavee 1834 5 acres, Further research needed to corrolate the 2 sites, but the National Archives info is from the original entries, not transcriptions!!


1766 religious survey in Kilnamartyra

Corns, Danl, Danl & Timy Liehane appear

1826 Tithes

James Lehane Coolavohir    
Laurence Derrynasaggart    
John Bardeenshy    
Michl Gortnascarthy    
widow Coolavokey    


1831 Tithe defaulters Ballvourney . 576 occupied houses "The unlawful and seditious congregated multitudes headed by infuriated Priests etc etc prevented me from selling cattle distrained under the Compostion Act". Only 32 total entries with name Lehane for all Cork- 18 of them in Ballyvourney!

Daniel Lehane farmer Derrynasaggart  
Danl Lehane farmer Gortarahilly  
Stephen Lyhane farmer Inchmore  
James Lehane farmer Coolavohir  
James Lehane farmer Derrynasaggart  
John Lehane farmer Baurdincha  
Laurence Lehane farmer Coolavohir  
Magt Lehane farmer Derrynasaggart  
Michael Lehane farmer West Raugh  
Mich Lehane farmer Gortnascarthy  
Patk Lehane farmer Coolavohir  
Patk Lehane farmer Gortarahily  
Patk Lehane farmer Derrynasaggart  
Corns junior Lehane farmer Derrynasaggart  
Catherine Lehane farmer Coolavokeg  
Corns farmer Gortarahily  
Corns farmer Knockanure  
Corns farmer Derrynasaggart  

Derrynasaggart a townland abutting Derreenaling, to its east

1852 Griffiths variations Leehane, Lehane & Lyhane

James Lehane Derreenaling 3d on map  
Corns Ballymakeera 14h  
Corns Slievereagh 3A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H with Daniel Jerry Kelleher
Danl Coolavokig 8e  
Daniel Derrynasaggart 17a House, land & office
Daniel Danganasallagh 5Bab House, land & office
Danl Leehane Cappagh West 3d  
Denis Leehane Cappagh West 1Aa  
Hary Leehane Coolavokig 11b  
Mary Derreenaling 7b  
James Coolierher 5a Coolierher to W of Coolavohir, where Laurence was in 1831: he witness to 1823 Stephen to Joana mar.
John Derrynasaggart 6a leases a house to Timy Lehane
Margaret Sorahanagown 2Dc house only
Michael Derrynasaggart 3a House, land & office
Michael Killeen 1b House & garden
Michael Coolavokig 20b House & office
Patk Gortarahily 4 Land mountain shared w.4 others
Patk Gortarahily 6 Aa & 6B House, land & office
Timothy Derrynasaggart 6b house, leased from John Lehane

No Stephen Lehane, & variation, in 1901C or 1911C in Ballyvourney or Kilnamartyra


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