Dennis Compton Lyons 1925 – 1985

Wedding was actually in the first three months of 1950 & should read Brooks.

Youngest child of 7 of William John & Jessie (nee Sullivan) Lyons.

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Almost certainly Bill, Dennis & Jessie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Likely Dennis

Born 9/7/1925 at 21 Darwin Street, Bermondsey. Named "Compton" after his uncle, Compton Amos who married his great aunt, Elizabeth Lyons,1864, in 1898, but who died in 1918 . Baptised, 2/8/1925 at the Church of the English Martyrs,Walworth.

dennis lyons 1925  baptism

Attended Paragon School Primary, Paragon Mews, Bermondsey before the family moved to 9, Kenton Gardens, Harrow in the summer of 1932. Then attended Priestmead school in Kenton

Apparently was not called up on his 18th birthday in 1943. But this photo exists of him with a Haslar naval hat: do not know what this implies - maybe he had just borrowed it from a friend for the photo??.

dennis-haslar The Royal Hospital Haslar in Gosport, Hampshire,England was one of several hospitals serving Portsmouth. The Royal Hospital Haslar officially closed as the last military hospital in the UK in 2007

But became an apprentice at Smiths Industries in Cricklewood, the firm where Hilda's husband Bill Neil was a personnel manager, but in Cheltenham: Smiths Industries were manufacturers of instruments and during the war years many of their workers were employed in reserved occupations. Presumably his father or sister decided there were enough Lyons brothers already in the Armed Forces.

1944. It was to this place of work that Dennis left home early on the morning of 28th June 1944, posting a card from his Mum to Eva en route. It is thought that he heard the sound of the V1 bomb exploding at Kenton Gardens whilst waiting for a train at Kenton station.

· Following the death of his parents and sister he went to live with some friends of the family. However this tragic event affected him deeply which later came to the attention of Bill Neil ( at Smiths Cheltenham factory). Bill & Hilda were very worried about him and so it was arranged for Dennis to be transferred there where he lived with them, and Len Lyons, during the immediate post war years.

· It is believed that Dennis did some training with the Royal Navy, probably after the war as part of his National Service?

· Dennis later worked in Insurance, maybe as a result of his brother-in-law Harry Payne being involved in the Industry

Info. from address book of his cousin Arthur White :

Around 1942-45 he was living at 80 Bellamy Drive, Stanmore and later
40 St Mary's Road, Ealing W5 (their first shop presumably) & I think he was still here in 1959, when I stayed with him & Joyce for a week in the summer.
Tel Eal 5399


1950.· At his wedding in Stanmore (1950 Jan-Mar5f 702 Harlow ,a mistranscription of Harrow!!]) to Joyce R. Brooks, due to a case of mistaken identity some reporters turned up. It was rumoured that Dennis Compton the famous cricketer was getting married that day. The wedding reception was held at the Gayton Rooms in Harrow. Joyce had a brother Raymond.

dennis-lyons-wed R.? ? Audrey ? Hilda with son John in front, Frank Lyons, Dennis, Joyce, Eva, Harry, son David?, Philippa, Josie?. ProbablyRaymond Brooks behind Harry. My father, F W Lyons, was apparently his Best Man.

· Following their marriage, with the help of his father in law (a shopkeeper from Carpenters Park) Dennis & Joyce established a newsagents in Ealing Broadway - 40 St Mary's Road - where they lived in a flat above the shop.

· In the early fifties Dennis suffered from Alopecia and lost all his hair for some months[visible in his wedding photo above], possibly a delayed reaction to the death of his parents and sister.

· In later years the couple moved a number of times and ran newsagents in Northolt, Twickenham and Barnes. The Twickenham business was their most successful because of its nearby location to the International Rugby ground . The businesses traded under the name of John Dennis. I have happy memories of staying with them for a week there in 1959.

· Dennis and his brother Bill were supporters of Wealdstone Football Club (The Stones) where Dennis served on the committee for several years. The crowning moment came when the team won the FA Amateur cup in 1966, beating Hendon FC 3-1 at Wembley Stadium watched by a crowd of 45,000. This turned out to be a double year of football celebration with England winning the World Cup.

· In addition to Football, Dennis was keen on power boat racing and took part in events with a friend. He had a lucky escape when on one occasion his boat overturned and he was injured by the propeller blade of another boat, resulting in a head injury.

1970?. About 1970? the couple decided to buy their first house at Marsworth Avenue in Pinner. They lived there for a number of years before finally relocating to 101 Whitton Road, Twickenham, POPesgrove 9022[there in 1964!]- =Whitton Dene Isleworth?

· Dennis also became involved in blood stock and joined a group of friends with a share in a racehorse named "Pinner Fair" (after the annual event that came to the village). The horse was stabled and trained at Lambourn, where Dennis & Joyce spent time enjoying the racing scene.

· Dennis was a Mason and he & Joyce regularly enjoyed the social life of his Lodge.

· Dennis & Joyce did not have any children but took a great interest in their niece Gillian Lyons (daughter of Bill) and were especially kind to her and Eileen following Bill's early death in 1978. Gillian had a Saturday job in the Northolt shop and she occasionally accompanied them to Masonic Ladies evenings.

· Unlike their siblings, Dennis and brother Bill were both heavy smokers and this almost certainly led to their lives being cut short.

· Dennis is remembered as a cheerful considerate man with a good sense of humour.

1985. Died on 4/4/1985 at the West Mddx hospital, Isleworth. Cause of death was rupture of abdominal aorta, during or after operatedon

2005. Wife Joyce died .

Christening of Gillian Lyons 1964. Standing, from left, Dennis ,John Lyons, Harold Ferrier, Joyce, Frank Lyons: seated Hilda, Joan Lyons, Eileen, Philippa


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