Jessie Maud Lyons 1923 - 1944, known as Jean

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    Jessie with her parents and unknown girl- a Joan White lookalike!, but not her. Was this taken in Belgium?.Jessie~14?

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Jessie Maud Lyons was the 6th child and youngest daughter of William John & Jessie( nee Sullivan) Lyons. She was born at 21 Darwin Street, Bermondsey on 23/5/1923. She was registered as Jessie M Lyons Southwark Sep 1d 28 1923. Baptised 10/06/1923 at the Church of the English Martyrs, Walworth, living at 21 Darwin St. No godparents given

jessie lyons baptism.

From the photo found in Hilda's possesions, below, she seemingly received 1st Communion, presumably in the Church of the English Martyrs, Walworth.

She would have been 9 when she moved with her parents to 9, Kenton Gardens, Harrow in 1932. Up till then she would have attended the Paragon School, very close to home, where all her 6 siblings went.

As a teenager she used to work in a wool shop nearby (owned by a neighbour). She had a boyfriend called Josh.

1st Communion -Walworth Church? . Maybe Jean,~7, is 4th from rt.
Jean, with school hat, 1937
Jean with boyfriend Josh
jessie-shop jessie&family Jessie-josh
. . . . Jessie, probably only 13-14, outside the Wool Shop Eva, Jessie, Hilda & Jessie Maud in Kenton back garden Kenton (L to R)  Bill & Eileen, Harry & Eva, Jessie & Audrey, Jessie Jnr & Josh. Photo 1940-41?
Where is Jean? 2 cars and at least 1941 from her age?
In 1943 she was bridesmaid, with Audrey, at Bill's wedding
Jean, back row centre, with Cheltenham work mates?
Maybe taken for her 21st birthday 1944
Bridesmaid to an American whilst in Cheltenham

After starting work, maybe around 1939 when 16, she was seconded to the American Airforce in Cheltenham: given as Secretary USA Headquarters on her d.c. . She had come home to be with her mother Jessie for her 61st birthday when she was annihilated by a german V1 rocket, at 8.10 am on 28/06/1944. Have d.c D9 . Cause of death: Due to War Operations. Photos of destruction on her father's page.

She was buried with her parents in Wealdstone Cemetery.

jess lyons d.c.

For her family tree, photos of her parents, the Church of the English Martyrs, the 2 houses she lived in and her grave, see:

William John Lyons, biography of her father