9 Kenton Gardens

Kenton Gardens are in the London Suburb of Kenton, between Harrow and Kingsbury, and marked on the map above. Kenton Gardens is the semi-circular road, just below the red lozenge "Kenton Gardens" on the map.

William John Lyons bought this house, just second hand from a bank defaulter, for a good price~£900, in 1933.

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Kenton Parade 1930s

http://www.pre-war-housing.org.uk/chapter-1-building-homes-fit-for-heroes-in-the-1930s.htm is an article on the building of affordable homes for the working classes in the 1930s.

Joan White remembers going to her aunt's house at 9, Kenton Gardens.She thinks there was a grand piano in the front room, more likely an upright JL reckons,:this tallies because Hilda told JL she often played for her Dad.
Number 9 had a cat (called Noodle) as well as a dog!


In 1944 William John Lyons, his wife & youngest daughter were killed in their house here by a German V1

Kingsbury, on the above map, is where the V1 motor cut out, before it glided to hit Kenton Gardens on 28 June 1944.. Photo on V1 bomb page was taken from Alicia Close, which is where the n on Kenton Gardens is on above map or just above top left on photo below.

Below is an ariel shot of Kenton Gardens in 2007, and a photograph of number 5 Kenton Gardens (Newton Myers house). William John and Jessie Lyons house at number 9 Kenton Gardens would have been very similar to this.

Ariel shot, Kenton Gardens 2007
5 Kenton Gardens

Below are photographs of the garden of number 5 from Newton Myers, plus a photo of his father on a bike in Kenton Gardens

garden no.5
garden no.5
Kenton Gardens circa 1939

The V1 bomb that destroyed William John Lyons' house hit Kenton Gardens on 28 June 1944. See eyewiness account and information on V1s.


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Inventory of what was lost in the rubble- J.L has original


Fire brigade Report of the incident- - from JL 2018

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