Mercers School

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Sign still kept outside the main Hall . . . . . . . . . .This black Plaque still on the wall reads:

Mercers School & Barnard Inn , formerly the School of the Hospital of St. Thomas of Acon, Cheapside, refounded in 1447 under Royal Patronage , governed since 1542 by the Worshipful Company of Mercers. A Public School providing education for boys between 11 & 19 years of age intended to fit them for entrance into business or professional life and the universities. Then something about playing fields.



Entrance, now to Gresham College This part of the school still survives Perhaps the Dining room - now the Lecture Hall  
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School Gate - still there but now it is Gresham College
One of my father's old photos .
Impressive plaque in the inner courtyard in 2012.  
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List of Headmasters, showing Rowland Jepson 1929-46
Stained window showing the school houses -2012

Barnard's Inn is on land recorded as part of the estate of Sir Adam de Basyng, Lord Mayor of London , in 1252. In 1454 the property was established as an Inn o Chancery, associated with Gray's Inn. In 1892 the freehold was bought by the Mercers' Company and housed the mercers' School until 1959. The Hall dates from the 14th century, with early 16th century linen-fold panelling. The chalk and tile foundation preserved in the wall of the Council Chamber is much older, dating from the Saxon period.

barnard's inn

Old photo of entrance to Barnard's Inn

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