Albert Street

This was the 1881 home of Michael Lyons 1861, his wife Mary Ann Dillon and their one year old daughter, Mary Ann. It was north and parallel to Abbey Street, which is an eastwood continuation of Long Lane. Perpendicular to Cross Street

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It was south of Sards Rents where Mary Ann Dillon's family lived . Sards Rents seem to disappear with the construction of Druid Street


Sards Rents, childhood home of Michael's wife, Mary Ann Dillon

“Sard’s Rents was an alley that ran eastwards of Church Street, near the present Tower Bridge Road. Shown on my paper map Map 7.86 London Bridge Station 1872-1893. It might have been diminished by an extension of the railway viaduct, but it certainly outlived Charles Booth; the alley was still there between the world wars. Its site was eventually used to build the St. John's Estate on the eastern side of Tower Bridge Road. In fact, I would say that the laying out of Tower Bridge Road itself (in 1902) was probably more important than the widening of the railway viaduct. It disappeared from the Electoral Roll books ~1937.
The ropery was in the same place. I see from the Kelly's Post Office LondonDirectory of 1883 that the business was entered as Samuel Steven Sard & Son,Church Street, Horselydown. The last name was an ancient name for that vicinity, which is no longer in use.
The Ordnance Survey map of 1872 shows the alley and the ropery, and so does the next edition of 1893. You can buy a reproduction of these maps in the series published by Alan Godfrey. One publication entitled London Bridge Station 1872-1893 includes both maps. Sards Rents went across the boundary of the sheet to which I refer, but it would be the best one to obtain.
Ropemaking was a traditional industry in that area, associated of course with shipping on the River Thames, but normally based just a little inland, presumably where the land was cheaper. A ropery (or 'rope walk') needed a large elongated piece of land”.
Apparently in the St. John's Estate on the eastern side of Tower Bridge Road, there are still some steps left from Sard’s Rents.



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