38 Brunswick Court, Bermondsey, home of Stephen Lyons & Family

1871 home of Stephen & Catherine Lyons, and their children Timothy, Mary, Stephen, Michael & Eliza and a blind John Lyons, b.county Cork, aged 35

2008 photo of far end.

Brunswick Court used to be one of the longest Courts in London, running between Druid Street and Tanner Street, but now it is severely truncated. It has a sign at the entrance indicating that it leads nowhere. At its northern end it is the spookiest of places, constructed in the form of a large arch of deeply blackened bricks supporting the railway tracks running into London Bridge Station. There are many arches tunnelling under the railway along here, one or two as roads burrowing into the blackness, but mostly they were workshops, all now boarded up with sturdy old gates. Fifty or so yards into the 'hole', if you were allowed to proceed that far, the Court emerges into overwhelming daylight but redevelopment is slowly swallowing up the entire length.

As we view this place in today's environment it is almost impossible to imagine that there was ever a tavern thriving on this spot, but there were in fact two - or maybe three. Too many years ago to contemplate, the Brunswick served the tanners of the Bermondsey Leather Market in Five Foot Lane, now Tanner Street. At a later date Henry Hepworth, 'beer retailer', ruled the roost at his Druids tavern, which inspired the naming of Druid Street.

Photo taken 1976

Home of Stephen Lyons in 1871 census

Stephen Lyons, born 1827

Timothy Lyons, born 1852


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