College Street, Bermondsey home of Lyons family

College Street can be found on this 1830 map see copy above, at extreme left, two inches up..

It was still College Street in 1872 and indeed in 1891C, but was renamed Shand Street by 1893. Shand Street is still there today: I wonder if any of the original houses survive?!

college Street now Shand Street

Now named Shand Street: after 2008 floods

1861 Census shows Stephen Lyons living at 26 College St. Horsleydown, St.Johns, Southwark. And they are still there on 31/10/61, when Michael was born.

1871. Have a list of the tenants in a census record somewhere!. No Lyons

1881C, Timothy Lyons [hypothetical brother of Stephen] has died[1878] and widow Catherine has remarried Jeremiah/John Hurley, and living with them in the same house, 26, College Street[small world!] is a blind John Lyons, stated age 58, b. Co. Cork.

1891 . 26 College Street is a chandlers shop[JL] : an entry in the Post Office Directory 1891 for 26 College Street (Tooley Street) Bermondsey, listed as  Albert Cole - Chandlers Shop.

1894. John Lyons dies 13/3/1894 , aged 63, formerly a Corn Porter, of no. 26 College Street, St. John, Southwark. Yet Sheet 7.86 Old Ordnance Survey Maps London Bridge Station has College street shown as Shand Street by 1893!: obviously its inhabitants were loathe to change its name!!


Stephen Lyons, born 1827

Timothy Lyons, born 1852

William John Lyons, born 1880

Lyons family homes