Cross Street


a 3 Cross Street was where the Lyons family [probably just Stephen & son Michael & family] were living when Stephen Lyons 1827 died in the Union Infirmary 1/3/ 1890. And probably where he was when admitted to St. Olave Union Hospital in December 1889 . Son Michael Lyons was living at the same address 8/3/1890 but had moved by April 1891. In the 1890 Rotherhithe Electoral Roll Book [LMA fiche X104/345] only a James George Herbert is given a 3 Cross Street - have found him again on Ancestry Electoral Rolls & his Cross Street is next to Collingwood St, Edward St & George St, Southwark West!?? - , so probably the Lyonses were only there fleetingly.

By 1891C, all the houses in Cross Street, between Webb Street & Brandon Street & near Swan Mead, are uninhabited, probably as the area is about to be redeveloped .

But there were at least two Cross Streets in 1891C - one Bermondsey, upper red dot, with houses unoccupied, and the other St George the Martyr, near Townsend St, & the Deaf & Dumb School , and seemingly quite smart in 1891. I suspect that our Lyons were at the former in March 1890

I originally thought that Cross Street became Pottery Street [ think JL has visited it?] , running parallel to the Thames, one street to its south, just to the east of Bermondsey Wall, but this now seems rubbish!


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