10 Freemans Lane - home of Stephen Lyons family

1874. Stephen's daughter, Mary Ann, dies here.

1881 Census gives Stephen Lyons address as 10 Freemans Lane, Horsleydown, St.John, Southwark

1882. Stephen's grandchild Stephen Patrick Lyons, son of Michael 1861, born here 10/03/1882.

Freemans Lane, Bermondsey has now disappeared under Tower Bridge Road.

Photo taken 1886

Stephen Lyons, born 1827 . . His daughter Mary Ann died at 10 Freemans Lane, aged 18, in 1874. Stephen & family still there 1881C. And in 1882 when grandson Stephen Patrick Lyons born

Timothy Lyons, born 1852. He would probably have lived at 10 Freemans Lane around 1874 almost until he married in 1876.

Joseph Lyons - alias Michael 1861 son of Stephen - was living here when he married in 1880. His son Stephen Patrick was born here 10/3/1882.

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