Marcia Road home of Timothy Lyons

3 Marcia Road was the home of Timothy Lyons,1852-1923, Elizabeth, nee Tobin, his wife, 1854-1924, from 1909 until 1924. Their daughter, Elizabeth 1891 and her husband John Allen lived there from 1924 until at least 1939. I do not know what happened to them during the war, but, come 1945, they were no longer at 3 Marcia Road.

Timothy was living here from 1909 until he died in 1923. As was his widow, Elizabth, when she died in 1924.

The 1830 map shows this area as green fields!

The houses in the street were demolished in the 1990s[ they were very rundown and past renovating] and have been rebuilt using the original plans. Have I got a modern photo??

Marcia Road site done by Steve Hard as of 2015: This is not working: copy it and then look it up for the mo.! is an interesting account of a WW1 bomb that caused 4 deaths in Marcia Road -Sep 1917. One of the deaths was at 58 Marcia Road

Elizabeth Allen[Lyons 1891] and husband John were still living in 3, Marcia Road in 1939[ Southwark Library - rate books], but were no longer there by 1945 - & different Polling districts for 3-7 Marcia Road to the other numbers.


Timothy Lyons, born 1852

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Modern day photos -courtesy of Steve Hards


Lyons family homes