2 Millstream Road


Situated in Docklands in the triangle detween Tooley Street, Tower Bridge Road and Abbey Street.

millstream Road

millstream-road1 millstream-road2 Woolf-st-backs millstream-road-2012
Millstream Road cerca 1935
with Woolf Street backing on to it
and Woolf Street backs in more detail
and practically all there is in 2012



The July 1888 home of Catherine Lyons/Buckley when her husband, Stephen Lyons, was taken into the Bermondsey Workhouse from 15 Snowsfields. Her son Stephen Lyons 1859 claims to have lived there mid 1888- start 1891 on his Army record. Was Catherine living with daughter Elizabeth, as well as son Stephen, and there just was not enough money to feed her husband as well.? Or had Stephen 1827 abandoned them before this? By 1892 Catherine was in Boss Street, also shown on above map off Queen Elizabeth Street to the south..

2 Millstream Road occupied by a family of 4 in 1891C.

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