This is a road running EW just south of Melior Street, where Our Lady of Salette is to be found.

15 Snowsfield was the 1888 'home' of the 'destitute' Stephen Lyons when he was admitted to the workhouse- meanwhile his wife Catherine was listed as living at 2 Millstream, to the north and just east of the future Tower Bridge Road. No 15 Snowsfields appear on Electoral Roll Book for 1890 - jumps from 13 to 16!

Also ,in 1861C, David & Margaret Tobin, with children Eliza & John, are living at 9 Victoria Cottages, which the Our Salette priest told me, in 2009, were off Snowsfield.

And, White Lion Court, the 1911-1917 home of Stephen Lyons 1859, was off the east end of Snowsfield.

snowsfield1 snowsfield2 snowsfield3
The Rose pub, on corner of Snowsfield  
photo taken 1959


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