St.Olave Union Infirmary



St Olave's Hospital was a general hospital serving the Rotherhithe area of London until its closure in 1985. Built originally as the Rotherhithe Infirmary in Deptford Lower Road (now Lower Road), Rotherhithe, London in the early 1870s on land adjoining Rotherhithe Workhouse, the buildings became the infirmary of St Olave's Union by Order of the Local Government Board in 1875. Since the hospital's closure in 1985, the site has been redeveloped into the residential Ann Moss Way, denoted by the letter A on map below.

Admission and discharge books exist in the LMA. These have to be ordered from the depths. H3/OLA/11/1/009 - 012 cover the time period 9/3/1890 to 30/9/1893 and, I think ,014 went past 13/3/1894. Presumably 001-008 cover earlier years.


st olaves modern map





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