1 Swan Mead home of Timothy Lyons family

From July 1880, on the birth of his son, William John Lyons to April 1881 at least. Timothy's father-in-law, David Tobin, died 26/12/1880 in the St. Olave Union Infirmary, but his body was taken from Swan Mead for his burial in Leytonstone Catholic Cemetery.

Position of Swan Mead
Detail of position


From 1830 map Swan Mead is extreme right near the top

Timothy Lyons lived here with his wife and 2 sons, Stephen & William John, in 1880 & 1881


. . . . . . . . . . .Taken 1933

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Contemporary photos of the Swan Mead Gallery

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Timothy Lyons, born 1852

William John Lyons, born 27/7/1880 at 1, Swan Mead.

David Tobin, died 26/12/1880, in St.Olaves Infirmary, but body collected from Swan Mead for his funeral

Lyons family homes