Waterloo Road

108 Waterloo Road was the 1876 address of Timothy Lyons when he married. It was also the site of The Hero of Waterloo pub from 1858 or before to 1944 at least . Need to search Southwark Archives for a photo-2013

137 Waterloo Road was the1876 home of Elizabeth Tobin when she married Timothy Lyons.

Have tried tracing occupants in these addresses in 1871 & 1881Cs using Findmypast but, so far, have not found these numbers listed in 1871C - just numbers >200 - and seemingly no Waterloo Road exists in 1881C!

Charles Dickens wrote about the Hero of Waterloo in 'Down with the Tide':

'Aye, but Waterloo's the favourite bridge for making holes in the water from,' .... she had been quarrelling at the Hero of Waterloo, and it was brought in jealousy. ... the water- stairs, comes up again, and then goes on down the Waterloo Road. .... by the knitted brows of Blackfriars, Southwark, and London, each in his lowering

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