1891 Census

From ”Ancestry” For Stephen Lyons:

7 results but none fitting Stephen born 1859 (in St. Johns), and Stephen, his father, born 1927, had died in 1990.

For Timothy Lyons: 20 results given.

Address - 34, Kinof St., St.Mary Magdalen     my reference T91.1

(note David Tobin, brother, does not
appear here, as he does in 1881 & 1901
Stephen , born 1878 , has died in
1883 BMD)Have original copy of this

Name age where born occupation
Timothy Lyons   b.1852.Bermondsey Leather warehouseman
Elizabeth Lyons 37    
William Lyons 10 b.Bermondsey  
Ellen Lyons 6 b.Southwark  
Mary J. Lyons 3 b.Peckham  


Address - 6, Wolfe St. St. Mary Magdelen,     my reference T91.2

( Seemingly no link to 1881 Census)
but ties up with1901 census, T01-5,
for which I have original copy

Name age where born occupation
John Hurley 33 b.Bermondsey Waterside Lab
Kate Hurley (wife) 40 b Cork  
Bridges Lyons (daughter) 15 Bermondsey St Olave Southwark Sock maker
Kate Lyons (daughter) 17 Bermondsey St Olave Southwark  
Timothy Lyons (son)


Bermondsey Carman
John Robert ? (Brother?) 22 Bermondsey Cabman


Address - St. James, Clerkenwell     my reference T91.3

( This links to 1881 census, T81.4, &
to 1871 census , T71-1G– tailor of
Gt. Saffron Hill). This Timothy Lyons

appears to have died by 1901

Name age where born occupation
Timothy Lyons 60 b.c.1831 Ireland  
Sarah.A Lyons 50    
Sarah A Lyons 18    
Ellen Lyons 16    


Another 17 Timothy Lyons given

One from Ireland b~1827 – now at Selby,
One from Cork b~1839 – now in Yorkshire,
One from Ireland b~1829- now in St. Luke, London

For Michael Lyons. Lots , but none for Michael born1861 in St, Olave.

For Catherine Lyons ( born 1827 & by now a widow, ~64)

Address - Camberwell     my reference C91.1
Name age where born occupation
Catherine Lyons (head) (widow) 66 Ireland Living on own means
Katie Lyons (daughter) 29 Ireland Clerk
Maggie Lyons (daughter) 26 Ireland Clerk
Annie Egan (sister) (single) 64 Ireland Living on own means
Charlotte Wachs (lodger) 62 Lambeth Living on own means


Address - In St. Olave Union Workhouse     my reference C91.2

Age and birthplace wrong Do not correspond on
C91.1. Would her family leave her to live in a
workhouse? (at least 4 children living)

Name age where born occupation
Catherine Lyons 58. Horsleydown Inmate


For Michael Lyons there are 2 results

Address - 10 Gillam Court, Rotherhide
St Olave, Southwark

    my reference M91-1
I have original copy      
Name age where born occupation
Michael Lyons 33 Bermondsey labourer (dock?)
Ellen Lyons (wife) 29 Bermondsey  
Ellen Lyons (daughter) 11 Rotherhide scholar
John Lyons (son) 9 Rotherhide scholar
Edward Lyons (son) 7 Rotherhide scholar
Katherine Lyons (daughter) 3 Bermondsey  
Margaret Lyons (daughter) 1 Rotherhide  


Address - St James Bermondsey     my reference M91-2

In 1881 a Michael Lyons, age 22 & unmarried
was living in a house of Richard & Ellen Barry
I think Richard Barry must have died, and Ellen
remarried this Michael Lyons.
I have original copy

Name age where born occupation
Michael Lyons 49    
Ellen B Lyons 49    
Michael Lyons 27 Bermondsey  
Caroline Lyons 24    
James Lyons 19    
Thomas Lyons 16    
Ellen Lyons 11    
Ellen Barry 11    
Lizzie Lyons 7    

For Hannah Sullivan ( Jessie’s mother)

Address - 12, York St, St. George the Martyr     my reference HS91.1A
Name age where born occupation
John Sullivan 35 St.George, Southwark House decorator
Hannah Sullivan (wife) 40 St.George, Southwark  
Jessie Sullivan (daughter) 7    
Elizabeth Andrew (Mother in law) 69 b. Lambeth  
Maud Maria ? (Niece) 17 b.Newington, Lambeth  

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