1901 Census

From “Ancestry” for Timothy Lyons

Address - 9, Wilds Rents, St.Olave, Bermondsey, Southwark     my reference T01.1
Possess the original for this T01.1A      
Name age where born occupation
Timothy S. Lyons (head) 48 Bermondsey Dock Labourer
Elizabeth Lyons (wife) 45 Bermondsey  
William J Lyons (son) 19 Bermondsey General carman
Helen Lyons (daughter) 15 Blackfriars  
Josephine Lyons (daughter) 12 Peckham  
Elizabeth Lyons (daughter) 9 Bermondsey  
David Tobin (brother in law) 30 Bermondsey Wharf Dock Labourer


Address -     my reference T01.2
Name age where born occupation
Timothy Lyons 77 Cork living alone


Address - 18 Woolf St, Bermondsey     my reference T01.3

I have the original of this entry
Note. Katherine was born Cork, was married
to John Hurley in the 1891 census – T91.2.
Cornelius was not on the 1891 census.

Name age where born occupation
Katherine Hurley (head) 63 Ireland  
Timothy Lyons (son) 33 Bermondsey Carman
Cornelius Lyons (son) 29 Bermondsey Army reservist
Kate Lyons (daughter) 26 Bermondsey Sack maker
Bridget Lyons (daughter) 24 Bermondsey Sack maker
Ellen Hagerty (boarder) 63 Ireland Blind


Another 14 Timothy Lyons given, one born ~1841 in Ireland (he went to Bradford).


From “Ancestry” for Stephen Lyons

Address - 1, Elim Gdn. Bermondsey     my reference S01.1

This would appear to be our Stephen Lyons,
born to Stephen & Catherine, 27/5/1859.
Have original of this

Name age where born occupation
Stephen Lyons 42 Bermondsey Stevedore dock labourer
Mary Lyons 38 Ireland Jam factory hand
Stephen 7 Bermondsey  

10 other Stephen Lyons appear on this 1901 census, none in Bermondsey or from Ireland.


From “Ancestry” for Michael Lyons- there were 3 results, but, once again ,a misspelling/mistranscription , and that for Michael Lyns is our Michael 1861:

Michael Lyons[mistranscribed as LYNS] 39 Lighterman barge, Mary 39, Mary 21 bookfolder binder, Stephen 19 lighterman barge, John 16 tea packer grocer, Michael 13 errand boy port, still living[ as in 1891] at 12 Curlew Street, Bermondsey[ near river. to east of Tower Bridge Road].

These next 3 are the wrong family!

Address - 11, Gillams Court,Rotherhithe (port) Bermondsey

    my reference M01.1

Have original of this.

Ties up with1891 census. M91-1 John & Edward
now ~ 19 & 17, have left, & Mary A, 15, has
miraculously appeared. Moved from No.10 to no.11 in the 10 years

Name age where born occupation
Michael Lyons (head) 41 Bermondsey General labourer
Ellen Lyons (wife) 40 Bermondsey  
Ellen Lyons (daut). 21 Rotherhithe Laundress
Mary A. Lyons (daut) 15 Rotherhithe  
Katherine Lyons (daut.) 13 Bermondsey  
Maggie Lyons (daut.) 11 Rotherhithe  
Michael Lyons (son) 9 Rotherhithe  
David Lyons (son) 6 Rotherhithe  


Address - Wandsworth     my reference M01..2
Name age where born occupation
Michael Lyons 39 Lambeth East  
Sarah Lyons 37    
& 7 children.      


Address -     my reference M01.3
I have original      
Name age where born occupation
Michael Lyons 34 Bermondsey  
Caroline 34    
& 3 children.      


From “Ancestry” for Hannah Sullivan, mother of Jessie Sullivan ( wife of William John Lyons,1880-1944: they married in 1909)

Address - 12 Skipton St, St George the Martyr, Southwark     my reference HS1.1

Have original HS1.1
Entry links back to 1891 census HS91-1

Name age where born occupation
Frances Markham (head) 52 Southwark Fur toy maker at home
Hannah Sullivan (sister) 50 Southwark Fur toy maker at home
Jessie Sullivan (niece) 17 Southwark Paper Maker(? Illegible)
Percival C Markham (son) 21 Newington Messenger
Edith C Markham (daughter) 20 Newington Book binder
Isabella G Markham (daughter) 19 Newington Ports worker?


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