This is the DNA for my cousin John Lyons born S.A. ~1966

Nov 2011.Found a 12 marker match with James Lyons, a descendant of James W Lyons1880 Ballyvourney Cork. Email : lyons@ct.metrocast.net- emailed 22/2/2015 . Have had a reply from Jim Lyons and have asked him to get 37 markers taken . His ancestors on Heaphy/Lyons Ancestry tree- put up by Betsy Olsen, email contact . Think he must be descended from Daniel Francis Lyons 1915-1962. Betsy from Hannah Lyons 1882, sister of James W Lyons 1880

Sep 2014. Have found a 37 marker match with Paul Lane, a descendant of Stephen & Johanna Lehane ~1800 somewhere in County Cork.

Feb 2015. Have found a 34 marker match with John Thiry, descendant of John Bartholomew Thiry 1833 -1915. JBT claimed he was born Belgium and am convinced this is true: lots of Antoine Joseph Thiry , b. 1808, certs.[ including 2 mcs] on Ancestry from Brabant, Belgium and the 1856 boat record. Antwerp-New York, for him. Belgium records go back to his father, Joseph Thiry & mother Marie Joseph Deroussant. The John Thierry, born Ireland, entered the States in 1853- same year as he - on the Universe from Ireland was a red herring! . In 1860C with Antoine b,1802, and he himself calls a son Antonio. Contacted - 22/2/2015- John Thiry; also contacted the owner of a Springer Anc. FT with grandmother Hazel Thiry 1908

https://www.familytreedna.com/ . . . is the DNA testing site I used




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