Thomas Mead 1748 - 1832


Thomas Mead christened 5 Jun 1748.[ERO] Born Great Dunmow to George Mead & Mary Chapman, who married in Stebbing in 1747. .

Married Sarah Pitts on 26 Oct 1773 in Great Dunmow. Both signed with a X. George Pitts was a witness. She was born and baptised 31/7/1753 Dunmow Independent Chapel. .Her parents were Lawrence Pitts & Sarah and they had 6 other children 1754-1765, all shown on IGI and listed on my earlier Meads page..


Children baptiesed in G.D.

1798- 1807 . Thomas Mead was paying rent, listed at Poplar Farm in 1806 & 1807 paying £2 15s and 3s 6d for vicar's tithes - G D Rates Book D/P 11/11/3-10

Did not find him in the Rates Books 1808-1812. Then in 1818 seemingly just a Joseph Mead at Lower ?'Roffee'? ??

1821 Census for G D . Thomas Mead 71-80 with a wife 71-80

1832. Thomas Mead was buried in G.D. 6/11/1832, aged 84. - D/P 110/1/10.

1837 .Sarah Mead was buried in G.D. 2/4/1837, aged 85 - giving date of birth ~ 1752. This almost certainly Sarah Pitts/Mead.

Another Sarah Mead was buried G.D. aged 63, 16/10/1823: this would imply someone born 1760, 7 years out, so unlikely to be her! Could be Sarah Cook who married a George Mead 1883.

In 1841C, G.D., a George Mead 35, with wife Mary 40, John 13, James 9, Jane 4, Susan 8mths, living at Ford. Who is this George, b.1801-1805?

Great Dunmow map

Summary. Thomas Mead born in G.D., though father & grandfather from L.D. Married and lived in G.D.

George Mead 1780

Family fan chart