Children of George Mead 1780


Mary. 24/9/1808 Mary Mead baptised to George & Elizabeth in G.D. - D/P 11/1/4. She is not with the family on 1841C, but her illegimate daut., Jane Mead, born 1838 is on it & living with her grandparents. Gives birth to Jane in 1838. Cannot find her in 1841C , but she could be working in London in 1851C & Jane is with her. She seems not to die in Dunmow.

mary mead 1851C

George .12/11/1815 George Mead baptised in G.D., father labourer, to George & Elizabeth. - D/P 11/1/7, image 12. Tracking him in 1841C; thought, maybe, 25, living in Springfield, Chelmsford, with wife Maria and 11mth old daughter Caroline; next door is Sarah Archer, 55, and her daughter Sarah, 20. Could the latter be the Sarah Archer who is present with Elizabeth Mead, 1780, on her death in 1845. Had ruled him out as in 1851C he is said to be born Chelmsford ! But in 1871C, this George is indeed born Dunmow! So, 1851C, our correct George is living in Chelmsford, seemingly aged 30, unmarried, with brother James 25. He could be the George down in Kellys for the Wheatsheaf in 1862 & 1867.[yet brother Thomas seems to run it from 1861].

1861C: 1. Possibility that he is the George, 46, journeyman bricklayer, b. G D, with wife Maria 43, & Arthur 13, Emma 10 & George 5, all b. Chelmsford,   living Broomfield Road ,Chelmsford. & then in 1871C the same George Mead, 56  journeyman bricklayer, b. G D, with wife Maria 53, charwoman, & Arthur 23 & George 15, living 12 Front Row, Broomfield Road, Chelmsford . Also a William Mead, nephew, 10, b. Chatham Kent - this seems odd!!.   2 arguments against this: an unmarried George, albeit it aged 30, in 1851C living with a brother James and the odd birthplace of a Mead nephew

  Or 2. 1861C, George Mead, 55,- seems way too old - marine store dealer, living ?, b.GD, with wife Eliza 30, b.Farringdon & children George, 13, Eliza , Alice, Charles & Ellen   Brother James is a marine store dealer by1881C!                 If I ever subscribe to Seax again, could look for George Mead marriages                                                                                                                                      

Charlotte. ~1816-1861. No baptism found to George & Elizabeth . Listed in 1841C in household of George & Elizabeth Mead, so presumably their daughter. 11/08/1861 Charlotte Mead, 46, Domestic Servant, dies of paralysis, G.D. Informant Mary Prior.Have d.c. This would indicate a birth in 1815. She must be the Charlotte, 43, unmarried, living as a boarder, no occupation, with John & Mary Tyler, Star Hill on 1861C day, as Mary Prior, 55, is listed next but one in Star Hill in the 1861C. Remember there were 2 births of Charlottes 1813 & 1816 not to George & Elizabeth. I did not find a baptism to George & Mary! .....Any other Charlottes in 1841/1851Cs?

Louisa 1818-1871. 1/11/1818 Louisa Mead baptised in G.D., father labourer, to George & Elizabeth -D/P 11/1/7, image 23. Married James Branch 10/9/1840.-date from Roberts Ancestry tree . He 37, she 21. Not then found until 1871C. Wood Street, [ where brother James Mead is also living!] Chelmsford: Louisa Branch, 53, widow, pauper, b. G.D., sister-in-law of Jonathan Branch, 76, b. Orsett. Also a likely daughter, Levener??/Lavinia Branch, niece,10, born as Lavinia Lodge in 1859 at Gt. Baddow- this near Chelmsford, within 2 km SE - and a John athan Mead, 43, lodger, hawker, in the household. This John athan Mead is almost certainly Louisa's brother. Louisa Branch dies Chelmsford Jun 1871, aged 53 - not buried St. Marys Chelmsford. . Nobody with a name anything like Levener Branch born in Essex 1860 -62. Nov 2011: spent hours on Ancestry & Findmypast looking for James and Louisa Branch in 1841, 1851 & 1861Cs. Deaths for James Branch 1847, 1857 & 1860 in Dunmow. There is a James Branch, labourer, 35, in Chelmsford prison in 1841C . I think he must have died and Louisa became a common law wife to a John Lodge: they are a family unit of 3 in G.D. in 1861C and then he must die 1864-1865 Chelmsford



James . 1824 - 1882. 18/1/1824, James Mead baptised in G.D., father labourer, to George & Elizabeth . D/P 11/1/7, image 45. Marries Ann Mond??, ~1828-1882, born Chelmsford, but there is seemingly no marriage entry in BMD & now I do not know why I think she was Ann Mond!! He would have married cerca 1846.

1851C. Chelmsford, Wood Street, aged 25,  wife Ann, 22,  with 2 children, 4 & 2,  & brother, George, 30, both given as labourers [ages rounded down?? so George could be 34 & thus born c1816, if not would suggest a George born c1821 & a death of the 1815 George].

1861C, still in Wood Street, aged 36, as a Marine Store Dealer with Ann & 7 children

1871C, still in Wood Street, Jame Mead aged 46, a Licensed Victualler, with wife, Ann, 43, and 3 children.

1881C, still in Wood Street, aged 57, a Publican, with wife Ann, 51, & brother John [or Jonathan?], 52, unmarried,, a Marine Store Dealer. 

1882. Both James Mead, given as aged 60, & Ann Mead, given as aged 54, die Dec 1882 Chelmsford. Not on Seax Chelmsford Burial fiche

Jonathan . 1827 - ?? Could call himself John throughout his life. But, maybe, he died in childhood, and George and Elizabeth had both a Jonathan and a John, born a year later. Above tree photo likely wrong as so much uncertainty here!

John . 1827 - 1906 [ maybe Jonathan on above tree photo]. No baptism found to a George & Elizabeth, but one to a George & Mary in 1827, along with a Jonathean to a george & Mary in 1827 within 4 months - something wrong here!.

1841C, aged 12, living with his parents in East Street, Dunmow[ No Jonathan shown!] . In 1852 he is the Informant on his father's d.c.

1861C, aged 34, unmarried, marine store dealer, a lodger in a licensed victualler's house in Queen Adelaide, Chelmsford.

1871C.Probably he is the John athan Mead, 43, unmar, Hawker, living with a Johnathan Branch, wife & sister-in-law Louisa Branch 53 in Chelmsford: this Louisa is his 1818 sister .

1881C, John, 52, unmarried, a marine store dealer, is living with brother James in Wood Street, Chelmsford

1891C, he, John, 60, dealer, is still in Wood Street with a 47 yr old housekeeper, Mary Ann Smith 45, b.London, & a 3yr old daughter, Hannah Rebecca Mead, born Chelmsford, 'Sep', 1888- no baptism in Chelmsford July 88 -Sep 89. None of his dead brother's [James's] children are with them.

1901C ,at Kings Arms Yard, Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, 71, marine store dealer, with wife Mary, 56, b.Borough, London, and Hannah, 12.. Cannot find a marriage of John and Mary. And, probably,: .Death Dec 1906 Mead John 78 Chelmsford 4a 344

If and when Seax is updated??- look through Chelmsford & Gt. Baddow records for a baptism for Louisa's likely daughter: searched Gt. Baddow baptisms 1856-1862- no Branch. , and at burials. Oct 2012: no Hannah Rebecca baptism in St. Marys 1888-1889. No Mead 1882 burial, no Louisa Branch 1871 burial . Give up!

George Mead 1780, their father