Abner Mead 1856 -1883


Abner Mead 1856 - 1883. Born to parents Thomas Mead & Elizabeth Savill. [ Abner a biblical name - from Book of Kings: 11 Abners born Essex 1841 -1861] His birth was registered ‘Dec’  1856 . Baptised in G.D. Church, 9 Oct. , father a Servant. [ERO]

1861C. Aged 4, living at the Wheatsheaf with his parents & 4 siblings



1871C. Aged 13, still at school, at the Wheatsheaf..


Listed as a Chimney Sweep in P.O.1872, 1874 & 1882 directories..

1881C Aged 24, Chimney Sweep, at the Wheatsheaf.


1883. Dies, aged 26, in 'Jun' 1883. Dunmow 4a 302. His death is recorded as 15/6/1883, aged 26, in the Essex Newsman- no article in how he came to die, so, maybe, natural. He is buried on 21/6/1883, aged 26, in G.D.Church


This is a photo, purporting to be him, Shadow?,found in Benjamin's papers in 1997. I felt this could be Alfred - very similar to the ~1893 group photo!.

But, against this reasoning, George1852, Thomas1855 & Abner1856 are probably described in a report from the National School in 1864, on Walter Mead's page. One of them has the nickname Shadow. Alfred 1866 was not born then !

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