Benjamin Mead 1873


Alfred, Walter & Benjamin, right, outside the Wheatsheaf, probably 1887..


Benjamin Mead. 1873 -1952 . Youngest child of Thomas Mead & Elizabeth Savill. Born at the Wheatsheaf Jun 1873 . Baptised in G.D. Church, April 13, father a Brewer

2 descendants from him: Keri & Gill Jones and Karen . They provided me with photos - many thanks. Was in email contact with them .

1881C. Living at the Wheatsheaf with his parents & 5 of his 8 living siblings.


1887. September. His father Thomas hands over the Wheatsheaf to Benjamin's older brother Walter and Thomas Mead then dies in November.

1891C. Benjamin Mead, living, aged 19, a post office messenger, with his widowed mother, Elizabeth, 59,and niece Elizabeth Goodey, at Church End, G.D. He worked for a Lady Warwick---Keri thinks it was Easton Lodge & newspaper aticles confirm this. [In Viscount Maynard's park at Easton Lodge, near Dunmow, Roman Denarii, have been found of Gallienus, Tiberius, Posthumius, Victorinus, and others of the "thirty tyrants."]. Lady Warwick was 'Daisy' Greville' who was mistress of Edward 7 until 1898. She was an indiscret courtesan and ran up huge debts and resorted to blackmail. Easton Lodge was requisitiomed during WW", a huge RAF airfield was built there, and the house itself mainly demolished in 1950. The restored gardens still exist


churchend .easton-lodge

He then worked in the Royal Mews in London .Here he met a gentleman farmer and went down to Carmarthen, where he met his wife, to work as a groom/coachman .
1901C. Benjamin Mead is in Llandewi Velllfrey, Pembrokeshire, Wales , aged 24?[actually ~28], a groom. He married Margaret Rees[ 1874-1948] in Dec 1901 in Narbeth district, Pembs. Then moved to Glamorgan with his wife Margaret . . .

1911C. Benjamin Mead, aged 35, Coachman domestic , living with wife, Margaret A. Mead, 32, married 9 years, 3 children, all alive, Annie M. Mead ,7, Thomas C.Mead, 5, and Esther E.Mead ,3, at Ash Hall Ystradorren Cowbridge in 4 rooms.
He worked in Barry and Ystradowen [Cowbridge ] and Coychurch. He also worked for the Sheriff of Cardiff as a groom and coachman .After this for the railway [TVR ] in the Llantrisant area . They lived in a tied cottage, Bryynteg Cottage, nr.Llantrisant, Glamorganshire,where he grew a lot of veg. etc


1948. His wife Margaret Mead died. Mar 1948 Newport.

1952. Benjamin Mead died Sep 1952 Pontypridd

. He also kept chickens etc .Grandson, Keri, has many memories of the time there. He worked on the Taff Vale Railway on a small stretch of line up to Coed Ely colliery for many years .Then he worked in the Coed Ely coke works until he retired . Benjamin walked there and back every day -4 miles or so !! Apparently he never returned to Essex to see his family and as far known they never visited .Probably it was too expensive for him . After his wife died and he retired, he went to live with Esther [daughter ], in Pontypridd?, who was by then a widow. Cousin Violet [Gibson 1912, daughter of Sarah Mead 1871] did stay with Esther in Pontypridd a number of times . They were very close . Keri says he met her but his memory then fails him!...[ As told to Gill many years ago ]. . . . . . . . . . . . .Benjamin & Margaret Mead had 4 children: Annie Mead, 1903-1988, Thomas Mead, 1904-1997, Esther Mead , 1907-1997 & Daniel Mead 1913-1984 . Annie's daughter, June Pickford, 1929, married William James & I am in touch with their daughter Karen, 1954, now Karen Thomas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Esther Mead 1907 gave birth to John Mead in 1927 and he was brought up thinking of Benjamin and Margaret as his parents. Esther married Gwyn Jones in 1936, their son was Keri,1941, whose wife[ Margaret ]Gill is also into genealogy on Genes.
The following is from Gill:- Nobody in the family had photos .I asked Karen's Mum June .No .
However when Esther died- 1997 - it was left to me to clear her small home .
In a wardrobe in the bedroom where Benjamin had slept was a package .
Bingo .I was so excited . Here were all Benjamin's precious memories untouched for 40 years .
Photos and cards sent from his family from Dunmow .also info .about Dunmow .So they had been in contact .
I still have them safe.
And many of them are now on this page, for which THANKYOU. . Also cousins of Esther [including Violet ? ] had visited her here in Pontypridd and stayed .
My family tree interest then was nil [ how sad ] . She, Esther, had also stayed in Dunmow with them .
I know she visited the various places [ Wheatsheaf ] . Again I have some letters safe .
The cousins were Ivor Mead [father unknown:
actually Cecil, son of Thomas 1855] married to Jessie with 1 daughter Valerie .Ivor had a brother called Terrence and the latter was the one who started the tree using a company called Achievement: letters exist 1975 & 1980. I was in contact with Valerie about 10 years ago. I will contact her again . The other cousin was Violet Gibson [unmarried ] - Esther stayed with her in Dunmow . Violet had a sister called Ivy ..
From this, I found that Violet was the daughter, b.1912, of Sarah Mead & William Gibson. And that Ivy, 1898, was her halfsister, born Ivy Kathleen Chevallier to Charles Chevallier & Sarah Mead 1871..


August 2009: Gill is in touch with Ivor's daughter, Valerie, and with Terrence. Now, 2010, know their father was Cecil Claude 1894, son of Thomas Mead 1855.. I have received several photos from Valerie and she has told me what she knows of her ancestry but feels her uncle Terrence knows much more: as of Mar 2010 still awaiting his feedback. No further info. from him Dec 2012!!

benjamin1 .benjamin2 .benjamin3 .

Photos of Benjamin, leaning against a wall & at the gate of Bryynteg Cottage, plus a studio shot,from Keri.

benjamingroom .benjamin-group
Detail from main photo. . . . . . . . .This photo taken around 1908 and I assume wife Margaret is the face on the extreme left above a girl with a hat.

northst .marketplace.

doctorspond .dunmowchurch

4 old postcards of Dunmow found in Benjamin's possessions.


L to R. Esther Jones 1907, John Mead 1927,son of Esther,& Annie Pickford1903. Photo pre 1988.


Picture c.1975 of Benjamin's grandsons, Peter Mead 1939 & Keri Jones 1941,back row, then sons Thomas Mead 1904 & Daniel Mead 1913,and grandson John Mead 1927 middle row, and grandson Gwyn Mead centre



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