Susanna Mead 1864 - 1951


Susannah Mead 1864 - 1951. Born at the Wheatsheaf to parents Thomas Mead & Elizabeth Savill, ‘Sep’ 1864. Baptised in G.D. Church, July, father a Publican [ERO] .

1871C. Aged 6, at school, with parents and 8 of her eventual 9 siblings.


1881C. Aged 16, no occupation given, with parents, 5 siblings & her uncle Thomas Mead.


1888. .Susannah Mead married George William Goodey, bricklayer, on 1/12/1888 in G.D. Church. He 29, she 25, his father Thomas Goodey, stonemason, hers Thomas Mead, publican, deceased. Witnesses were Walter & Sarah Mead, her siblings, and Walter & Kate Goodey . Seax marriages.D/P 11/1/23. . . . . . . . . . . . . She would have gone to school with him, he being born Sep 1859 & living next door to the Wheatsheaf.

1889. Daughter Elizabeth Goodey born 22/3/1889, baptised 16/6/1889 G.D. - Seax parish record

1890. Daughter Adelaide Louisa Goodey born 22/3/1890, baptised 11/5/1890 G.D. - Seax parish record . Identical birthdays!!

1891C. Living at 4, Asper Terrace, Walton le Soken, Tendring: George Goodey ,30, visitor, bricklayer, Susannah Goodey, 26, & Adelaide 1 [Daughter Elizabeth, 2, was at Church End with her grandmother & Uncle Benjamin].. [ In 1861 , George Goodey was aged 1 and living in the Causeway, next to the Wheat Sheaf & the Meads: he was the same age as Elizabeth Mead & 4 yrs older than Susannah & thus they would have grown up together].

1901C, Susannah Goodey , 36, was living on Star Hill, with George Goodey , 41, bricklayer, Thomas Goodey, [father in in law] 69, stonemason, & children Elizabeth,12, & Adelaide 11. A Thomas Albert Goodey was in Kelly's 1912 directory as a Builder and Undertaker.. Susannah was known as Cis Goodey by the family. During the war, William Davies, ambulance driver, was billeted with her family & in 1917 he married Ellen Annie Mead, Susannah's niece, Walter's daughter, from the Wheat Sheaf. {Ellen Annie was my great aunt Pett who I adored visiting at Widford when I was a child}.



1911C. George Goodey, 51, bricklayer, Susannah 46, married 23 years, 2 children, 0 died, & Adelaide, 21, waitress in confectioners shop, are living in Market Street, Dunmow, in 6 rooms .

susannah mead. ..

Susannah Goodey/Mead ~ 1940??

1918. Electoral Roll - Seax - gives G W Goody & Susannah Goody, living Market Place.


1928. George Goodey dies :Mar 1928 GOODEY George W 68 Dunmow 4a 1021.Cannot find his burial & oddly there is a burial on 15/12/1926 of a George Goodey, stated age 65!!

Susannah continued living at 11, Market Place? until she moved in with Adelaide at 4 High Street, probably in 1940 when Adelaide's younger daughter,Christina, married Ernest Gilbey; they took over 11 Market Street. Susannah would have been 76 then .. She took care of Adelaide's granddaughter, Geneva Davis, from the time she was born in Nov.1943 until she went with her parents, Homer & Gladys Davis, to Arabia,~1948?.

1951. Susannah Goodey died in 'Mar' 1951, aged ~ 87. She was buried on 26/2/1951, address 4 High Street. .Granddaughter Gladys Davis and greatgranddaughter Geneva Davis spent this summer with Adelaide .

. .Susannah and George Goodey are both buried in a single grave at St Mary's cemetery[ from Geneva].  Is there a headstone?


Daughters of Susannah:

. .Adelaide Louisa Goodey, 1890-1977, married Christopher Hockley in Mar 1913 Dunmow 4a 1304. . . . . Hockleys was the shop she worked in[ in 1911 until well after the war] and, presumably, Christopher was the son of the owner.[ an aside: Mrs Emma Hockley is listed in the 1874 P.O. Trades Directory as a 'fancy repository']. Adelaide[Addy] had 2 children in Dunmow : Gladys M.Hockley Sep 1913 & Christina Hockley Jun 1916 . . . . Christopher & Adelaide Hockley are not on the 1918 Dunmow Electoral Roll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . She lived all her married life at 4 High Street until she was moved to hospital at Chelmsford and died 31/12/1977. . . . . . . . . . . .Gladys Hockley,1913-1971, married Homer Davis. a Yank from Arkansas, in Feb 1943 in St. Marys Dunmow and had Geneva Davis 6/11/1943 born at 4 High Street G.D. and Susan Marilyn Davis 26/11/1951 ,Berkley, California, USA. Geneva was looked after as a baby by her ggrandmother Susannah because her mother Gladys Davis and grandmother Adelaide Hockley worked. Homer worked in the oil industry and the family went to Saudi Arabia after the war. Gladys and Geneva spent the summer of 1951 back in Dunmow, where Geneva's father had had installed a bathroom in the rented 4 High Street. Geneva remembers 4 High Street as a big house next to the Saracens Head. Presumably Gladys died in America? Geneva Davis,1943, married Wilton Lawrence , a sailor , and had 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren . . Susan Davis, 1953, married KinKennon and had one daughter and one granddaughter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Christina Hockley, , 1916-1991, married Ernest George Gilbey. They had no children and lived at 11 Market Place, Dunmow, where Susannah is thought to have lived before moving in with Adelaide at 4 High St . She 1916 died of colon cancer 9/20/1991. She lived at 11 Market Place (across the alley from the Star Hotel) for as long as Geneva remembers: "I was told that Gran [Susannah] lived there originally and then when Christina married Ernest George Gilbey in 1940 she moved up to 4 High St to be with Addy and let Chris and Ernie have her place".

mead-hockleys .christopher hockley .adelaide goodey

Adelaide and her husband Christopher Hockley & their shop.

. .Elizabeth Goodey,1889- 1958. In 1911C, she was a general servant to John Gibbons, brewster, Down House Dunmow [mistranscribed as Goodley] .She married Albert Gypps in Jun 1916 Dunmow 4a 1645.. He was apparently a groom. He is on the 1918 Dunmow Electoral Roll with a WJ Gypps in Pleasant Terrace, she being under 30 still, does not appear. Her descendants claim that she was cut off from the family due to this marriage, but she certainly does not seem to have been alienated from her sister! She had 5 children and died in 1958, during a visit by Gladys Davis and daughter,Geneva.. Geneva Davis recalls Adelaide being the only person who went to her funeral[ but would have thought Gladys would have gone too, and some locals surely?] . By this time she was living with her sister, Adelaide. Geneva remembers her bed being in the formal dining room of her grandmother's house, 4 High Street, and that she was cremated .. She does not remember ever meeting her children [ the Gypps siblings] , however finds it hard to believe that she did not. 4 of her children continued to live in Dunmow, Brenda Gypps & Arthur Gypps having no children but descendants of two of her sons, Desmond Gypps & George Gypps [who died in Chelmsford in 2005], apparently still live in Dunmow today, those of her youngest daughter, Ailene Gypps/Field , in Herts.

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