Pett Mead 1895 - 1988


Ellen Annie Mead. Known as Pett.

1895. Ellen Annie Mead born 18/10/1895. Youngest child of 3 of Walter Mead & Ellen Annie Robinson : all 3 daughters' births are recorded in the family bible that Hazel Richardson possesses. When she was baptised a month later, one of her godparents was Sarah Chevallier, her aunt, born 1870 as Sarah Mead, ' proprietress' of the Six Bells in Dunmow in 1895.. The other two, Arthur & Sarah Willett, had their son, Frank, christened on the same day,.



Pett with fiancee Ted: she left him for Billie, but after Billie's death Ted, a widower, again asked her to marry him: she refused .

Pett with daughter Marjorie 1920  

1901C. Living, aged 5, at the Wheatsheaf Inn, with father, Walter Mead, 38, mother, Ellen Mead 37, & elder sisters Florence Mead 12 & Edith Mead 11.



wheatsheaf .wheatsheaf-later

The Wheatsheaf was altered/rebuilt in 1901

1911C. Aged 15, Dressmaker, living with her widowed mother, Ellen, 48, Innkeeper, and sister Edith, 21, Dressmaker, at the Wheatsheaf Inn{10 rooms]. Also in the household were Edith's future husband, William Turner, 22, visitor, carpenter & joiner , 3 boarders and Henry Prior, 45, servant, ostler.

In a dire emergency Pett would play the piano at the local cinema for the silent films at the cinema , which was just North of the Flitch bacon factory up from the railway station.

1917 28 Apr 1917 Ellen Annie Mead (known in the family as Pett), 21, of Great Dunmow, married William Andrew Davies, 23, private in Army Service Corps, mechanical transport, of Norwich, in Great Dunmow Church, by license. Parents were Walter Mead [deceased] & Thomas James Davies, draper. Witnesses were George William Goodey [uncle by marriage, husband of her aunt ,Susannah [Mead],1864 ] & E.C. Turner[ her married sister, my grandmother]. He had been billeted with "Sis" Goodey (Susannah Mead 1864 had married George Goodey from Star Hill, Great Dunmow in 1888 ) during World War I and this is how they met. I have seen the marriage entry in the ERO, still in the original book.

They had two children - Marjorie Davies born 24/09/1918 at the Wheatsheaf, and Thomas Lloyd Davies [ always known as Lloyd] born 29/4/1928, died July 2002. Marjorie was baptised on 29/12/1918 in G.D. church, her father Army Service Corps, together with her cousin, Dorothy Turner, born 22/9/1917. The couple lived at the Wheatsheaf with widowed mother, Ellen Mead , until her death in summer 1928. She was left her mother's piano- an upright Bluthner in walnut - and suite of furniture. Her godfather Arthur Willett was joint executor with her of her mother's Will. Margery went to the local school, now the site of the local library, and she would also have been around whenever her cousins, Lionel & Joan Turner, spent their school holidays at the Wheatsheaf with their Grannie. Marjorie remembers chasing pigs with Lionel in Grannie's back garden.


Margery's b.c.showing her father as a driver in Army Service Corps Mechanised Transport-engineer fitter. Informant A. E. Thompson, present at the birth - a midwife or friend?

1939 Register. Ellen A Davies, born 18/10/1895, is living High View, nr Private Road, Widford, with William A Davies, born 19/5/1894, machine tool fitter, Also Thomas L Davies, born 29/4/1928, at school, and 1 closed record They then lived at High View, Private Road, Widford, south of Chelmsford, and had a wondrous cottage garden and wondrous walks around for small children, including the level crossing and the steam trains. I adored going there in the 1950s: at that time it was quite an adventure to drive there from Wanstead or Woodford to Widford.. Does John have any photos of Widford??. Do they have Grannie's piano?

During WW2, her niece Joan Lyons [Turner] lived there for a time - from F W Lyons' war records. Marjorie has no memories of this:

May 2010: "Marjorie remembers in WW2: watching the German bombers following the railway line behind High View as far as a Haystack in the end field towards Widford where they would turn and release their bombs to get Hoffmann's and Marconi's or Crompton Parkinson's factories. She also remembers Granny[Pett] looking out the window and seeing one of the first doodle bugs go over and across Hylands House then shortly after explode exclaiming look at all that fire coming out ...that poor pilot. Billy maybe worked for Crompton Parkinson and Hoffmann during the war.." Marjorie worked for Eastern National - reserved occupation . So far she cannot remember much about Joan's stay".

John Kettle, Hugh Kettle, Marjorie Kettle (nee Davies), Pett Davies (nee E A Mead), Joan Lyons (nee Turner) Frank Lyons, probably taken c1982.

1962. Her husband William Andrew Davies died 25/2/1962 in St. Johns Hospital Chelmsford. aged 68. He left £5777 - from probate records.. He was buried in the SE corner of the church (outside) in the yard at St Mary's Newport Pembrokeshire. He said he wanted to go to Newport where he was born in 1894 and his father had been the Mayor .

pett-edie . pett-grave2

Pett with sister Edie, outside Marjorie's Chelmsford home, cerca 1970

1987. She died 7/2/1987 of breast cancer in Braintree Hospital , aged 91: she had said she wanted to be buried near her parents in Gt Dunmow church yard., which is where her grave is to be found.

Children of Ellen Annie Davies

Marjorie Davies married Lionel Hugh Kettle, in Widford Church 16/4/1949, her name being recorded as Margery Davis, her father, a witness, given as an engineer. Marriage by license.She had one child David John Kettle 'Dec' 1950, Chelmsford . Lionel Hugh Kettle died 'Dec' 1982.. Aunty Margery was my godmother.



Birth certificate of Margery's husband, my Uncle Hugh

2016. Marjory Kettle, still living at 144 Swiss Avenue, Chelmsford, died 16/2/2016. Her son Joh had looked after her for the last 15 years or so of her life, during which her memory largely failed her. There was an impressive Funeral Service for her in St Marys Great Dunmow on 16/3/2016

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Lloyd Davies 29/4/1928-2002, married Annette Pidduck Jun1965 Chelmsford, and had one child, Bryn Lloyd Davies 1967. Lloyd studied architecture and stayed with us at Herongate Road in the early 1950s whilst he was studying in London. In 1962, when his father died, he was described as an Architectural assistant. Lloyd died 1/7/2002 and Annette ,born 9/3/1931 Endon, died 12/11/1996 in Old Church Hospital Romford. . Ask John for a picture of Lloyd & Annette.

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