Mead Family Bible


The entries in this were obviously started by Ellen Annie Robinson just before her 8/10/1887 marriage to Walter Mead.

The bible passed from her to her middle daughter, Edith, and then to Edith's daughter, Joan, and then to Joan's daughter, Hazel Richardson, who safeguards it in 2010.

The first 2 entries on the Deaths page, those of her elder brother just before her marriage and that of her father just after the marriage, will be in her handwriting. The next 5 entries for the deaths of her middle daughter, Edith Mead; her own death; that of her youngest daughter, Ellen Annie Mead; her grandson, Lionel Turner; her grandson-in-law Francis Lyons were all entered by my mother Joan Turner. The final death, that of her granddaughter Joan Turner was entered by me, Joan's younger daughter, Chris.

Mead Bible Deaths

An interesting omission is the death of Ellen Annie's father, Francis Robinson, in 1890

Mead Bible Marriages .

Mead Bible Births

The above shows the births of the 3 children of Walter Mead & Ellen Annie Robinson, followed by the 2 children of William George Turner & Edith Constance Mead, followed by the 2 children of Francis William Lyons & Joan Edith Turner.

Lyons Family