1865 Will of Susannah Savill, nee Morrell

This is the last Will and Testament of me Susannah Savill of Great Dunmow in the county of Essex, widow. First I appoint my son Thomas Rolfe Savill and my son-in-law George Barrett Trustees and Executors.

Whereas on the ninth day of August 1864 I invested the sum of of £100 in the purchase of £111.19s .7d , three pounds per centum consolidated Bank Annuities intending to apply the same for the benefit of John Savill, my reputed son and of the surviving child of my late daughter Susannah, the wife of Henry Joyce, Now I do hereby give and bequeath the said sum of £111.19s.7d Consolidated Bank Annuities and all dividends due thereon at the time of my decease to my said Trustees upon trust as to one moiety or half part thereof to apply the same for the benefit of the said John Savill in such manner and at each time or times as they in their uncontrolled judgement and direction shall think proper And upon trust as to the other moeity thereof to apply the dividends and interest arising therefrom or any part thereof for the benefit of Ernest Alfred Joyce, the child of my said late daughter Susannah Joyce, during his minority in such manner as my said trustees shall in their judgement and discretion think proper. And upon his attaining the age of 21years Upon trust to pay to him the principal sum with any unapplied dividends and interest which may have arisen thereon. But in case the said Ernest Alfred Joyce shall die under the age of 21 years , then, upon his decease I direct my said Trustees and Executors to stand possessed of the last mentioned moeity with the unapplied dividends and interest thereon as part of my residuary personal Estate.

I give to my son the said Thomas Rolfe Savill my 8 day clock. I give to my daughter Louisa the use and enjoyment of all other my household furniture and effects during her life.

And as to all the rest and residues of my estate whatsoever and wheresoever I give devise and bequeath the same unto the said Thomas Rolfe Savill and George Barrett their executors and administrators, upon trust to convert the same into money and, after payment thereout of all my said debts, funeral and testamentary expenses , to invest the surplus and pay the dividends interest and annual produce thereof in such manner as my said trustees may in their judgement and discretion think proper for the support and maintenance of my said daughter Louisa for her life. And upon her death then as to the principal fund and any unapplied dividend and interest thereof and also as to the said household furniture and effects Upon trust to divide the same equally between all my children [ except the said Thomas Rolfe Savill] who may be living at my decease equally share and share alike . And I declare that my said trusteees shall be answerable for their own respective receipts and wilful defaults only and shall be at liberty to retain disbursements and expences. In witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand this 17th day of October 1865 . . . . . . the mark of X Susannah Savill.

Signed and declared by the said Susannah Savill as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in her presence, at her requeast and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses . . . Andrew Meggy Solc. Chelmsford . . .Charles Prior Dunmow.

Proved at London 24/6/1880 by the oaths of Thomas Rofe Savill the son and George Barrett the Executors to whom Admin. was granted

On the 24th day of June 1880 the Will of Susannah Savill, late of Great Dunmow in the county of Essex, widow deceased, who died 22/3/1880 at Great Dunmow aforesaid, was proved in the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of the High Court of justice, by the Oaths of Thomas Rolfe Saville of Great Dunmow aforesaid, Tailor, the son, and George Barrett of 15 Princes Street, Stamford Street, Blackfriars in the county of Surrey, Carman, the Executors named in the said Will, they having first sworn duly to administer.

Personal Estate under £200. No Leaseholds

My Comment.

Although she seems to leave money to her firstborn, John Saville, he stayed as an ag. labourer in 1881C and leaves no probate on his death in 1889.

I have failed to follow the life of Ernest Alfred Joyce - no death seemingly on BMD. He, 13, was living New Street G D , several doors away from Susannah, with his Joyce grandparents in 1871C

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