Sarah Owers 1814 - 1847

The surname Owers comes from either Ower in Hampshire or Owermoigne in Dorset. It comes from the Old English ofer meaning bank or steep slope.

1814. Baptised to James & Elizabeth Owers,, nee Mead, labourer, 28/8/1814 in Great Dunmow. Sisters, Ann & Lydia Owers, were baptised 1818 & 1828 Little Dunmow. L.D. Baptism register, D/P 95/1/11 has entries April 1816- April 1817 masked by a blue piece of paper!!! - so there could have been another sibling baptised there in this period.


Sarah Owers was actually a 2nd cousin of my Thomas Mead 1821, related through the Mead line

1834 Sarah Owers married James Perry on 20/09/1834 in Stebbing. D/P 86/1/7. Witness was a Henry Perry- her husband's first cousin.


This was in the parish church where her children are baptised - her sister, Lydia, later marries in Dunmow Independent Chapel. From hereon her life mirrors that of her husband James Perry 1810.

1835. William Perry baptised Stebbing 1/3/1835 to James & Sarah, labourer - image 42

1837. Ann Perry born, before BMD Sep 1837. Baptised Stebbing 7/5/1837 to James & Sarah, labourer - image 45

1839. Joseph Perry born Dec 1839 Dunmow 12 71. Baptised 3/11/1839 Stebbing to James & Sarah, labourer - image 49

1841 Census. Sarah Perry, 25, living , with her husband & 2 [William must have died] children in the Village, Stebbing  In the same household are Thomas Perry 20 , Hannah Perry 25 & Lydia Owers 13. All born Essex. Ages rounded down to nearest 5, so Sarah born 1811-1816.

. perry-1841c

Thomas Perry & Hannah Perry are siblings of James. A Thomas Perry, age 39, widower, born [~1822] Stebbing, is in Colchester in1861 census. He is a bricklayers labourer living with his widowed sister Julia Follett 39 (born Bury St Edmunds!), &children Elizabth Perry 8 b. Moulsham 1852 & Caroline Perry 1 b.Colchester 1860. . I cannot find a marriage of a Julia Perry 1841-1860 to a Follett., nor any Folletts in Bury. A Thomas Perry marries Mary Philpott Sep 1850 Dunmow. I cannot find any of these in 1871C

Lydia is a sister of Sarah. Lydia Owers marries in 1852 (to a John Perry,widower!) and her father is James Owers, labourer. There is a James Owers, 50-54, & thus b.1786-1790, in 1841C: a servant at the Parks, a house on junction of High St. and East St., Great Dunmow. A James Owers dies Dec 1859 Dunmow : he actually buried in Stebbing: James Owers , aged 79 died in 'Dec' 1859 in Stebbing[burials book] - buried 21/12/1859, Stebbing, aged 79 , image 8 : this must be, despite the discrepancy in age, the 50-54 yr.old James in 1841C in G.D, as no other deaths in the area 1841 - 1891.There is no James Owers baptism in L.D. 1780-1791 - no Owers at all in this period. . Also in G.D. 1841C, a John Owers 49 with wife Charlotte 47. William 14, & Nira 11.

1842. Susannah Perry born 5/09/1842. Baptised 2/10/1842 at Stebbing, image 4, James a labourer, Stebbing . Have b.c. BPE1.

1845. Martha Perry born 11/5/1845, baptised 20/6/1845 at Stebbing. image 9, James a labourer, Stebbing

1847. Sarah Perry dies 7/10/1847. Buried on 11/10/1847 in Stebbing Church, D/P 86/1/5 - image 45 - ,stated age 32, which, if correct, puts her birth~1815. .I have her d.c. She died of Typhus. Cannot track down the informant, Mary Stock.

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