Earlier Owers


Have a new tree with places of births, marriages & deaths on.

1808. James Owers married Elizabeth Mead 6/6/1808 in G.D. records . Also, another James Owers m. Rhoda Boswell in 1822 L.D.


James & Elizabeth had the following children baptised:

28/8/1814 in G.D. Sarah . . to . . . James & Elizabeth Owers, labourer

26/07/1818 in L.D. Ann . . to . . James & Elizabeth Owers, labourer &

30/3/1827 in L.D. Lydia . . to . . James & Elizabeth Owers. . . . .

I cannot find Elizabeth Owers in 1841C & there is no death 1837-1841 on BMD. Thus she would have died 1827-1837. She dies, aged 41, buried L.D. 14/9/1828- Seax digitised records. Little Dunmow

1841C. There is a James Owers, 50[-54], Male servant, at The Park, High Street, G.D. The Park was a house on junction of High St. and East St., Great Dunmow.

A James Owers, aged 79 did die Dec 1859 in Stebbing [burials book] - Stebbing Burials ,D/P 86/1/6,: this must be the 50-54 yr.old James in 1841C in G.D, in spite of the discrepancy in age , as no other deaths in the 'Dunmow' area 1841-1891.

. And a quick search of L.Dunmow rates~1824 revealed no Owers, so maybe James & Elizabeth just did not pay rates!, as they were still there until 1828 at least.

1781. James Owers was baptised to William & Elizabeth Owers/ nee Perry in G.D. on 14/1/1781 Image 25


1777. William Owers m.Elizabeth Perry in G.D on 16/11/1777. She, Elizabeth Owers nee Perry, buried, aged 79, in G.D., 23/12/1835 - image 50. Thus born~1756- but no entry in G.D. 1753-1759 images 3-8. He, William Owers, buried, aged 82, in G.D.26/7/1840, thus born ~ 1758 but no entry in G.D.1753-1759 images 3-8. I need to look in neighbouring parishes for these 2 baptisms 1756-8


1742-1758. No obvious baptism for William Owers in G.D. - very small writing! in the parish register, but have searched twice Not in L.D. either. He likely had a brother James Owers~1761-1784. The Owers brothers must thus have moved to Great Dunmow 1760-1777 from a neighbouring parish. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

End of Owers line

Returning to the wife of James Owers 1781:

1788. Elizabeth Mead was baptised 4/3/1788 to George & Sarah Mead in G.D.


1783. George Mead married Sarah Cook 1783 in G.D.


1756. George Mead was baptised 23/4/1756 to George & Mary Mead in G.D. He was maybe buried in G.D. , aged 76, in 1827, age 5 years out


1747. George Mead married Mary Chapman in G.D. I am also descended from this couple through their son Thomas Mead 1748, George Mead 1780, Thomas Mead 1821, Walter Mead 1862, Edith Mead 1890, Joan Turner 1915 my mother : see Earlier Meads. Thus this couple, George Mead and Mary Chapman are my 6xggrandparents through 2 lines, that just mentioned and George Mead 1756, Elizabeth Mead 1783, Sarah Owers 1814, Susan Perry 1842, George Turner 1865, William George Turner 1889, Joan Turner 1915, me

1722. George Mead baptised to Jervis & Sarah Mead in G.D.

1756. Sarah Cook was baptised to John & Sarah Cook July1756 in G.D. She was maybe buried in GD , aged 63, in 1823 - age 3 years out.




Children of James Owers 1781

Lydia Owers 1827

Baptised in Little Dunmow 1827 to parents James Owers and Elizabeth Mead. 2 known siblings, Sarah 1814 & Ann 1818 .

1828. Her mother dies. Eldest sister Sarah 1814 presumably looks after her with father's help.

1841. Aged 13, living with her married sister Sarah Perry in Stebbing.

1847. Albert Owers was born 1/4/1847, baptised 4/7/1847 at Stebbing to Lydia Owers, single woman. He is registered as Alfred Lagdon Owers, Jun 1847, Dunmow 12.89.so, maybe the clergyman wrote down Albert by mistake!.[ & Lagdon could well give a clue to his father!; it was a Stebbing name- Sarah, 1858, Turner, daughter of Ezekiel, married a Jeremiah Lagdon in 1877]. Thus Lydia Owers was certainly living in Stebbing in 1847.

1852. Lydia Owers, 24, marries in Independent Chapel, New St, Dunmow, father is given as James Owers, labourer. Married in the Independent Chapel according to the Rites & ceremonies of the Protestant Dissenters


1861 Census. Lydia Perry 33 living in Malting Yard, Great Dunmow [just 7 doors away from the Meads at the Wheat Sheaf !]. She has been married 9 years, so James & Mary Ann must be her step-children.

John Perry  41    Brewers lab.    b. B.Stortford
Lydia  33       b .L.Dunmow
Alfred Owers  14 wife’s son,   b. Stebbing. apprentice shoemaker
James   13  son. Grocers shopboy.
Mary A.   11 daut.
William   6  
Lydia    3 .
John    Last 5 children all born Gt. Dunmow.

Lydia Owers 1861 census


Birth of John's son by his previous marriage, James Perry, is registered Dec 1846 12.82 Dunmow. Not yet Digitised! Interesting that he is down as 13, Alfred as 14! Mary Ann could be registered June 1849 12.91/6 Dunmow[2 births] or Sep 1849?.

As James Perry and Mary A.Perry must be children of John’s first marriage, he was living in G.D.1847-1850 - when James & Mary Ann were born- whilst Alfred was obviously born out of wedlock The m.c. gives John as a widower : he was married in Dec 1841 to a Mary Ann Sach and she died Mar 1850 or Sep 1851. In 1841C, I think he is living in Stebbing with Joseph & Sarah Perry, aged 50 [see James Perry page] but he is not noted there as being born outside Essex [but then Bishops Stortford is right on the Essex/Herts border].

1862. Priscilla Perry born to Lydia & John Perry.

1864. Ellen Perry born to Lydia & John Perry.

1868. Lydia Perry/Owers, aged 41, dies Dec1868 and John remarries[again] a Caroline Stallibrass?. The 2 more children, Priscilla & Ellen, aged 9 & 7, he has by 1871 must be Lydia's; then living in the Causeway, 9 doors away from the Wheatsheaf.! Interesting that Lydia does not call any of her daughters Sarah?!

Neither John Perry nor Lydia Owers were born in Stebbing. We know that our James Perry, 1810, was born in Stebbing so now very unlikely that he and John are brothers. But means that the Samuel Perry, c.1791, found in B. Stortford is most likely John’s father. This 1841C entry shows a Samuel Perry, 50, plumber, with, probably, wife, Amelia, 45, daughter, 6, and mother? Sarah,70. So, no direct link to James, but suspect that Samuel, 1786-1791, could be Samuel baptised 26/12/1785 in Stebbing and a cousin or some relation of one of my Joseph's b.~1786-1791!

b,stortford Perry census

1841 C for Samuel Perry, Bishops Stortford


D/PP86/1/5. A Hannah Owers aged 54 is buried in Stebbing in 1839 - image 31. A James Owers marries Rhoda Bowtell 1822 L.D - image 9

Other Owers Information gleaned

1841C Stebbing : Sarah Owers 65-69, so b~1772-1776, with William 20, Mary 25. This Sarah dies 7/5/1852, age 81, Dunmow Union House, G.D.

On Stebbing baptisms, there is a 30/7/1826 baptism for Sarah Owers, adult daughter of Hannah Owers, spinster.

In Stebbing 1841C, John Owers 49, Charlotte 47, William 14 & Nira 11 at Dunmow Down. Also a William Owers 30, Mary 26, Harriett 7, Mary 5, James 3 & John 1 at Ford/Bramble End, G.D.

In 1861C, this same family is in Little Dunmow: William Owers 51 b.G.D, Mary 48 b.Magdalene Laver, John 21, Thomas 17, George 14, all born L.D. Also a William Owers 33, [this will be 14 yr.old William in 1841], MaryAnn 29 and 5 daughters 10-1, complete family born G.D. Also a John Owers 66 & Charlotte 64, Parsonage Down G.D., both born G.D. There are 63 Owers births, ~30 deaths, & 19 marriages in the whole Dunmow region 1837-1861.

Also Owers in Bardfield Saling & High Easter.

Have been in contact with Stewart Owers, EFHS, whose ancestors came from Braintree/Bocking, but do not think there is a link. But his William Owers, c1789-1839?, had a Charles 1823-1881, & a James 1831. [Letter in file.] A link could exist in James Owers 1781 being a brother of William 1789 - could check this by scouring G.D. baptisms 1782 1790.

Info. sent from Stewart, Jan 2009.: Look at East Mersea as there is a Susan Owers (nee Lagdon) aged 30 married to George Owers 35. Children are Emma 5, Joshua 3, Susan 1 and there is another Susan Lagdon aged 66 i.e. b. @1775 but not in Essex, who is possibly the mother in law of George Owers..
Also at EAST MERSEA Sarah 36 i.e. b@1805 with Jonathan 35 and Eliza 10
At BROOMFIELD James Owers b @ 1791, carpenter, Sarah @1801, George 1816, carpenter, Philip @1821, Maria @1826, James and Sarah both@1831 (twins?), Walter @1835 and georgeana @1837
At HIGH EASTER Sarah Owers 6, i.e.. b@1835 with Simon 11, John 14, George 15, Steven 14, Charles 10, Nathaniel 8.
dto Sarah 6 John 40, George 15, ? 14, Charles 10 Katherine 8
At BARDFIELD SALING Sarah Owers 60 i.e. b@1781 with Charles 20, i.e.. b@1821
dto. Alfred 2, i.e. b'1839 with parents James and Susan. Other siblings appear to be Charles 10, Henry 8, William 6, Pheeby(!) 4, Frederick 1.
dto. Sarah 20 with Jefrye 30, Mary 5, Susannah 2
At BOCKING Sarah 55, i.e. b@ 1786 with William 30, Eliza 25, William 8, Walter 6, Charles 5, Emma 25 Marian 20.
At BRAINTREE Sarah 3 i.e. b@1838
At FELSTEAD Sarah 20 i.e. b @ 1821,a female servant.
At STEBBING Lydia 13 so b@1828 with 6 members of the[OUR] Perry family.
Also Sarah 65 so b@1776 with William 20, Mary 25.
At FEERING Sarah5 so b@1836 with Richard 30 and Mary 30, James 4, Eliza 2
At HATFIELD PEVERAL Sarah 11 ..with William and Eliza Turner
At BLACK NOTLEY Sarah b@1816 married to Thomas Owers b@1816 with Mary 4, Alfred 2 and an unnamed infant aged 1 month.
dto Sarah 40 with William 45, William 20, John and James both 15, Thomas 14ASL emoticon, Joseph 10, Mary 7, Charles 3 Eliza 9 months.
At SOUTH WEALD a Sarah EWERS 12 ...there are quite a few EWERS in Essex...could be a regional accent error on the part of the scribe..?
At GOOD EASTER Sarah aged 35 with James 65, Ann 60, John 35, James 11, Charles 8, William 6, Arthur 3
At HALSTEAD Sarah 50

Also, Feb2012, researched Ancestry trees & IGI for Owers : no matches for my Owers. . But an Ancestry Chopping tree has a Mary Owers b.c1770, Stebbing, marrying Jesse Chopping 1785 in Stebbing, and a Beckham tree has a Hannah Owers b.1783 Stebbing.

Sarah Owers