James Parchment 1833-1873


James Parchment was born ~1833 [from 1851C, 1861C, 1871C & his death age ] in Braintree /Bocking , 6th & last known child of Samuel Parchment & Bridget McGann. . No baptism So Far found Braintree: & not in Witham, Black Notley, White Notley, Rayne, Stisted, Bradford juxta Coggeshall or Bocking records


1841C. James Parchment, aged '5', living, with his parents & 3 surviving older siblings, 'opposite Bucks Wood Farm', Black Notley, [today a part of Braintree], Witham, Braintree. All born Essex apart from his mother, here called Elizabeth!


1851C James Parchment, living with his parents, aged 18, a Handloom Weaver - silk, at 118, Rayne Road, Bocking in 1851.


1857. James Parchment, 24, marries Jane Baker, 24, on 6/12/1857 in St.Philips Chuch, Bethnal Green. He a timber porter of 6 Daniel Street, father, Samuel Parchment, a weaver, she of 5 Oakley Street, father William Baker a blacksmith.

1858 Son James John Parchment born 13/7/1858 . Baptised 8/8/1858 in St. Matthias Church, B.G. to James & Jane Parchment , father given as a Case Maker, of 6 Daniel Street.


1860. Daughter Sophia Parchment born. No baptism found.

1861C. James Parchment, 27, living in Cambridge Street, B.G. with his wife & 2 children..

They had probably just 2 children who survived infancy. James John & Sophia , but maybe up to 4 others, 1861 - 1872 who died in infancy.

1868.Baptism, in fiche of St.Judes Church, B.G., of Jane Parchment , b. 16/02/1868, baptised 12/04/1868 to James & Jane of 24 Minerva Street, he given as weaver. This Jane Parchment died Sep 1868.

1871C. James Parchment 38 was living , 2 Little York Street [renamed Whitby] private , with just his wife and James 12 & Sophia 10..


. .None of the 9 Parchment infants who died and were buried in Victoria Park Cemetery were living in Cambridge Street, Daniel Street or Minerva Street. But feel there is a likelihood that Ellen Eleanor buried aged 2 yrs 19/10/1865 Montagu St, Mile End: -Joseph buried aged 1 yr 26/5/1866 : & Helena buried 6mths 17/07/1867 from Old Bethnal Green Road, could all have been his children -

. . . . . .James J. Parchment 1858 died 4/10/1876, aged just 18.

. . . . . Sophia Parchment 1860 , of White Street, married Dan Ridley 4/2/1878 and died in 1888.[ Ancestry Ridley Tree - there were children].

. . . . ..Jane Parchment 1868, born 16/2/1868, baptised 12/4/1868 at St.Judes B.G., father a weaver of 24 Minerva Street. Died Sep 1868[BMD] but not recorded as buried in VPC.

From: "The Builder" (January 28th 1871): The streets on each side of Old Bethnal Green Road we found in an abominably dirty condition. Minerva Street, - sludge, heaps of filth and ashes unremoved. Off Bethnal Green Road proper we found many streets and lanes in a similarly neglected condition. In the back and low places are choked drains, inundation, and heaps of unremoved refuse. In White Street and its offsets, and Derbyshire Street, there was no end of sludge, and not a scavenger or sweeper to be seen anywhere. Round about this quarter a great many poor are located, eking out a subsistence in making articles of household use for children, costermongers, wood-splitters, chair-carvers, pill-box makers, and several other shop and house articles for sundry uses, the profits from which enable them to keep body and soul together. Granby Street, Gosset Street, Thorold Square, Nelson Street, Essex Street, Gibraltar Walk, and the lanes, courts, and streets leading off these places, we found in an unclean and filthy condition. In all our walks about Bethnal Green, we did not meet more than half a dozen scavengers at work. Gibraltar Walk dips down into a hollow from Bethnal Green Road, and here and there are brokers, furniture-dealers, bird-fanciers, and cage-makers. If their health is good, they must have iron constitutions. The Bethnal Green vestry ought to take a walk round this quarter, and see whether its condition will have any effect on stirring them into action; but these last-named places are beauty itself compared with other unmentionable localities, where the "social evil" and the small-pox are killing bodies and damning souls together.

1873. James Parchment dies of Bright's disease on 24/12/1873, age given as 40.

1875. His widow, of White Street, remarried William Stevens, an Undertaker, in St.James the Great B.G., 8/02/1875.

Did the once public Ridley tree -Ancestry but now, 2011, not viewable, but have sent a request to view!, & not on Genes - give me his death details?? Why was he not buried in VPC?- maybe records end there mid 1873?

For location of these streets see Bethnal Green Maps 1 & 2.

Registers from Victoria Park Cemetery , seemingly nonconformist burials [held at the National Archives,Kew, and not locally or in the LMA] show that 10 Parchments are buried there, 9 of whom were infants, Charlotte, buried 4/1/1874, being the only adult. . The cemetery was closed in the 1890s and restored as a park, named Meath Gardens after the Earl of Meath whose idea it was. It's entrance is still dominated by the rather grim gothic arch of the original cemetery with the initials V.P.C, engraved on it. The 9 infants were:



Children of Samuel Parchment 1788.

Samuel Parchment 1788