Lottie Fedden 1883-1955



1883. Charlotte Louisa Fedden, was the first child born to William Fedden & his wife Elizabeth Parchment 11/9/1883. Baptised St. John, B G , 7/10/1883. Father Scales Man?, address 2 White Street


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Elizabeth Parchment, 1920s? . . . & daughter Lottie Fedden/Mathias 1920s?

1891C. Charlotte Fedden, 7, living with her parents, William J Fedden 47, railway porter, & Elizabeth Fedden 28, & 3 siblings at 30 Bourne Street, Bethnal Green. All born B.G.


1901C. Charlotte Fedden 17, Gum Sorter, lliving with parents William Fedden 54, railway porter, & Elizabeth Fedden 38, & 4 siblings in 4 rooms at 23 Hamilton Road. Charlotte[Lottie] 17 and Maud 15 were Gum Sorters, and William A. was a Hatter.


Elizabeth Parchment's granddaughter, Queenie [nee Alice Parker, daughter of Lucy Fedden] Brigden,1924, remembers her gran: who lived with her youngest daughter Florrie at one stage, but as Florrie's family grew [births 1924-1930] she then went to live with her eldest daughter Lottie, who was always moving: lived in Hoxteth[?] at one stage This was presumably after Elizabeth's second husband, Thomas Samuel Causton, had also died , in 1919.

1903. Charlotte Louisa Fedden married John Michael Mathias[known as Jack], 31/05/1903, St.John, B.G. He was 29, GW Rly Oiler, she 19, her address illegible. A witness was Florence Maud Suckling. [ 1885 daughter of her sister Louisa] Her father, William Fedden, deceased, was a Checker, LNW Rlwy.


Lottie & John Mathias had the following children: need to check these-2012

1911C, Charlotte Mathias, 27, with husband John, 37, hydraulic Machinery Oiler, L & NW Rly, b.Hackney, married 8 years, 4 children, 1 dead[ seemingly incorrect!] , John 6, Alfred 5 ???, Albert 4, Elizabeth 1,[first 2 children stated as b. Whitechapel, last 2 b. Walthamstow] living 7 West Street, Hackney in 2 rooms.



Info. from Alice[Queenie] Parker,1924, Lottie's niece: "Lottie & Jack Mathias had 5 living children (Chrissie says 2 also died). Jack[ thought this would be John W.G.Mathias 1904, but he only died in 1979!!] was 1st, Bert 2nd, Elizabeth (Lizzie or Betty as she was known) 3rd, Alice & Richard,1916, last. She cannot recall an Alfred. But she remembered that "Jack , he died earlier than the others". She also said: "My aunt Lot was a lovely person, a real cockney with a heart of gold. We used to visit her often when I was a child"

1955. Charlotte Mathias died, aged 72, Mar 1955 Islington.

Children of Lottie & John Mathias

Alfred George Mathias 1905 is an enigma!. Did he die in 1906 or not??!!

Elizabeth Maud Mathias , 21/5/1909 - Feb 2004 Havering Essex, married Tom Colnutt [who died tragically in 1955] and had Chrissie 1953 [married James Stone], living in Romford in 2008 & with whom I am in touch.

Alice Mathias , 1913, is still alive in 2008 but living in a home and confused. Bert 1906-1975. Elizabeth[Lizzie] died 2004 as did Richard.. .

Richard F. Mathias 1916 married Rose Smith Dec 1941 Shoreditch . . . . .


Photo taken ~ 1941?? . .L. toR. Elizabeth Mathias 1909, Charlotte Louise-Lottie-Fedden1882, Alice Mathias 1913 & a sister-in-law Rose.


Elizabeth Colnutt[nee Mathias]1909 -2004, daughter of Lottie Fedden, granddaughter of Elizabeth Parchment,with her daughter, Chrissie Stone, 2002..

Richard Mathias 1916, son of Lottie Fedden and grandson of Elizabeth Parchment.

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