James Perry 1810 – 1891




1810. According to 1841, 1861, 1871 &1881 Censuses & his d.c, James Perry was born 1808 - 1810 in Stebbing, Essex. In fact, from fiche D/P 86/1/1 Stebbing 1712-1812, a James Perry was christened to Joseph & Sarah Perry, 1/07/1810 - see image below. Tree for his lineage also on Joseph's page. I am pretty sure this is he. He had siblings William Perry christened 25/4/1809 & Hannah Perry christened 26/4/1812 to the same parents. That fiche ends in 1812 so, other siblings appear on the later fiche. They are noted on Earlier Perry, Joseph page


Baptism entry for Jas/James Perry 1/7/1810 Stebbing.

1834. James Perry marries Sarah Owers,on 20/09/1834 in Stebbing-.D/P 86/1/7. Witness was a Henry Perry - who is he? - I think he is a first cousin, son of James 1776 on my tree.



1835. William Perry baptised Stebbing 1/3/1835 to James & Sarah, labourer - image 42 . A quick birth!

1837. William Perry buried 5/5/1837, aged 2. image 29

1837. Ann Perry baptised Stebbing 7/5/1837 to James & Sarah, labourer - image 45 Just 2 days after they had buried their firstborn

1839. Joseph Perry born Dec 1839 Dunmow 12 71. Baptised Nov 1839 Stebbing to James & Sarah, labourer - image 50

Baptisms mentioned on ‘Essex & Suffolk’ site. http://essex1841.com/search.php?lname=perry   show a Mary & a Sarah:[ but no Ann or Joseph].

07/04 /1837 Mary born to James & Sarah Perry. Occ. Labourer. . . but not found at all on D/P 86/1/4!
13/09/1837 Sarah .. .. .. not to James & Sarah Perry. .. but to John & Silvia
on D/P 86/1/4!

There are deaths in Dunmow region of a MaryAnn Perry Sep 1840 & of a Sarah Perry Mar 1838, which could mean that one or both of these were their children and died before the 1841C. Searched Stebbing Burial records for these deaths, D/P 86/1/5, and they were not in Stebbing - so not theirs!

So think last 5 lines are irrelevant!!!

Another James & Sarah[Harrington] Perry couple do not marry until 1841, so felt these two must belong to our James & Sarah, but now doubt the accuracy of that site!.

'1841Census . James Perry, 30, ag.lab., living in the Village, Stebbing. All of the household born in Essex. Adult ages rounded down ?

James  Perry 30   Ag. Labourer
Sarah  25  
Ann   4  
Joseph   2  
Thomas               20  
Hannah   25  
Lydia Owers   13      

Thomas & Hannah are siblings of James. Is Lydia Owers a sister of Sarah?.- Yes, now proved. She marries in 1852 (to a John Perry!) and her father is James Owers, labourer.

1842.   Susannah Perry born 5/09/1842. Mother given on b.c.as Sarah Owers. Baptised 2/10/1842 at Stebbing. Father, James Perry, given as labourer. I think the name Susannah must come from the Owers side. Joseph & Martha are Perry names.

1845.   Martha Perry born 11/5/1845. Baptised 20/6/1845 at Stebbing, image 9, James a labourer.


Amendment: William died 1837.

1847. Wife Sarah Perry dies, aged 32 of Typhus, 19 days, on 7/10/1847. She is buried in Stebbing Church on 10/10/1847 D/P 86/1/5 - image 45. D.c. on her page.

1851. No Census records have survived for Dunmow, Stebbing, etc.

1852.   Lydia Owers[~ 1828] marries in Independent Chapel, New Street, Great Dunmow. Father is James Owers, labourer. Have her m.c. MO1. Useful if I can prove she is Sarah’s sister - I now have.

1861 Census. James Perry, 53, labourer, living in the Village, Stebbing. All born Stebbing.(ref Dist 1, page 21 of 33)

James Perry  53  widower   labourer
Joseph 21  labourer
Susannah   18  housekeeper
Mather      16      scholar   

Next door is Henry Perry, 57, wife MaryAnn, 45, & family 16-2, Daniel, William, Henry, Susannah, George, Edward.. Henry, c1804, is not a brother. Looking up his baptism, 1803, Henry is the son of a James & Mary Perry -image 68. This James Perry likely to be James 1776, an older brother of his father Joseph 1788. And... a Henry Perry, thus his first cousin, was a witness at the 1834 marriage of James Perry to Sarah Owers.

So Sarah has been dead since 1847; unusual that James did not remarry,[or, he could have done, and she died too before 1861; there are some possibilities on BMD: I searched Stebbing marriages 1847-1860 and he did not remarry there ]

1861.  Son, Joseph Perry , marries Maria Patten in ’Dec’, 1861, ref. 4a.631. - this was not in Stebbing, searched in 2014.

1863.  Daughter, Susannah Perry, marries William Turner in Stebbing. . . .Witness at this, Alfred Gowers, is living, 1861C, in Duck End, aged 19, p.19 of 27,Dist.2, next door to a James Perry, 45, Sarah 38, James 17, Sarah 15, Susannah 13, William 11, Henry 7, Chas 4, Arthur 2. [This must be James, b.1816, also born to a Joseph & Sarah!: he married Jun 1841.HARRINGTON Sarah to PERRY James Dunmow 12 125. This Stebbing m.c., 1/6/1841, states that his father was a James Perry!! , hers a William Harrington, she a minor, he full age. Witness a Charles Perry - so not James 1816 born to Joseph & Sarah!!.]

1871 Census. James Perry, 60, widower, ag.lab., living at Tanners, Stebbing. (Dist 2, page 16 of 32) . He is in his son-in-law's household.

James Perry  60   labourer widower
William Turner   son-in-law,
Susan Turner   daughter
George Turner 5 grandson

1881 Census. Living at Bran End, Stebbing, James Perry, lodger, widower, ag.lab., aged 72, living in house of William Thorgood, 76, pauper. . William & Susan , his daughter, Turner are living nearby, as is William's brother, John Turner1846..

1891. James Perry dies, aged 83, farm labourer of Stebbing, on 14/3/1891 at Union Workhouse Great Dunmow.. Cause of death: Heart Disease. Informant: C. Roydhouse, master, Union Workhouse . Buried 19/3/1891 - D/P 86/1/6, originally image 83, not now!, Stebbing Burials 1854 -1927- very curiously this burial is NOT on D/P 86/1/6 in 2014!!!- they must have redone it as image no., now ~34, is completely different and fiche skips from page 62 to 64!!!


Seemingly no records in the ERO for the Great Dunmow workhouse. It had 82 inmates in 1881C, all classed as paupers, just 2 from Stebbing.


Have not yet created a separate page for Children of James Perry - little is known, but could investigatewhen 1855 onwards marriages are digitised . Looked for 1861 & 1863 marriages of Joseph to Maria Patten and of Martha to William Barker on Seax in 2014: neither of these marriages was in Stebbing parish church

Joseph Perry 1839, marries Maria Patten ’Dec’, 1861,ref. 4a.631

Martha Perry 1845 marries William Barker Dec 1863 . William Barker, 32, dies Dec 1870 Dunmow. Martha Barker, is in Stebbing, aged 27, with 3 children in 1871C. She is in Dunmow Road in 1881C, and in the Village in 1891C. She dies, Martha Barker, Jun 1893, aged 48.

EARLIER PERRYs.. Many of these now listed by me in Stebbing records.

Stebbing Burials. 1813 - 65. Essex Burial Book Vol.8.
25/02/1820 James 69 maybe brother of Joseph 1748 above
18/12/1822 Thomas 33 . .born c.1789
07/02/1822 Jeremiah 88 . .born c.1734
20/02/1827 Sarah 83 . . . .bornc.1744
1830 Jeremiah 57 . . . . . .born c.1773
1835 Sarah 101 . . . . . . .born c. 173