Children of John Richards & Elizabeth Blacker



Although their parents married in St. George the Martyr, Southwark in 1820, all the children baptised St. Marys Lambeth, except for Joseph . See details on John Richards.

Elizabeth 1821. My gggrandmother.

Sarah Richards 1823. Baptised 14/12/1823. Shirtmaker, single, aged 27, in 1851C, living with parents in Doris Street. There are 4 possible marriages in Lambeth 1851-1861, but only one with a father John Richards. Therefore thought she married Frederick Ruff 19/2/1856 , father John Richards, deceased, & it seems to say bricklayers for both fathers- but, see below, this is not her. But odd that 2 Sarah Richards with father John using St. Mary's Lambeth, but ours was just plain Sarah Richards anyway!



. . . .1861C. Living in Westminster, 38, b.Kent?, blind, with husband ,Frederick, 33, plasterer, born Mddx. 1871C. Aged 48, blind 12 years, b.Maidstone Kent, so wrong Sarah!!! Unlikely to have birthplace wrong in 2 censuses!

Thus Sarah Richards might have emigrated 1851-1861. A Sarah Richards, aged 32 & thus born ~1825, does arrive January 1858 in Melbourne on an "assisted or unassisted" Passenger list on the Escort, but nationality given as English & Welsh!! and with a Samuel, aged 32, almost certainly her husband, so not our Sarah . Nov 2012: searched English 1861C extensively for her again. Also no marriage or death 1851-1871 in Surrey or nearby counties- Findmypast. But a Sarah Richards, 32 & 47, shirtmaker, living and born Lambeth, with a daughter Ellen born 1860 in 1861&1871 C, but says married and then widowed

Mary Richards 1826. Likely baptised as MaryAnn in 1829, with brother John. Not listed with her family in 1851C. Thought she married William Hocken 18/3/1849, address Vine Street, father given as John Richards, joiner/miner??. But 1851C shows Mary Tocker as born at Toedaga Wales, so this marriage not hers!!.- have got it stored though. Mary Ann Richards marriages in Lambeth on Bmd 1845 onwards. She could possibly be a servant in Kingston, but born 'London' in 1851C.


John Richards 1829. John & Mary Ann Richards bapt. 15/03/1829. Leyland St., to John & Elizabeth, he carpenter. John died and was buried 24/1/1830.

Jane Richards 1830. Another gggrandmother!.

Ann Richards 1833. Ann Richards bapt. 28/08/1833 High Street, to John & Elizabeth, he carpenter.

1851C..Living, aged 19, artificial flowermaker, at 2 Garden Row Southwark with her sister Elizabeth, now Andrews and her husband & children. No marriage found.

1861C. Aged 28, artificial flower maker, living with her sister Jane, her husband David Sullivan and their children at19, Walcot Place East, Lambeth

1871C. Have not found her

1881C. Annie Richards, aged 45, single, annuitant, living at 94 Englefield Road Islington, 5 months after her brother-in-law, David Sullivan, died there, her sister Jane having died in 1875. She is looking after her niece, Louisa Sullivan, aged 9.

Not found her, nor certain death, nor marriage after this. But she could have died, aged 79, Dec 1911 Pancras, or, aged 90, Mar 1925 Islington but then where was she 1891, 1901 & 1911Cs??

Maybe in 1891C as Anne Richards, single, aged 54, toymaker, born Lambeth Regent Street Although born in High Street Lambeth, the family was living Regent Street by 1841C . So feel this is her.

John Richards 1835. Baptised 27/9/1835 to John & Elizabeth, at St Marys Lambeth. he a carpenter, address High Street. Toymaker, aged 16, in 1851C, living with his parents in Doris Street.. Have not found a possible marriage 1853-1861 in Lambeth area..Nor can I find him in 1861C. Did he emigrate 1853-1860 and take his parents with him??

But he maybe appears as a witness to a nephew's, Charles Andrew's, b.1842, to Annie Strange, wedding , 17 Oct 1862 at the registry office in St George Southwark - fathers both Charles - Andrews a carpenter, Strange a poulterer, witnesses were Charles Andrews [presumably father] + John Richards [presumably younger, 1835, brother of the groom's mother, Elizabeth Richards]. Lesley Balfe has m.c.

So, if he emigrated, maybe after 1862? So, 3 children, John, Mary & Sarah, seemingly vanish without trace!. In my opinion, the family almost certainly emigrated 1851-1871.Have searched the 1860 US census for him. Impossible to trace Sarah & Mary as they would almost certainly have married by 1860. Have also searched Ancestry Passenger lists to the US from 1820

Joseph 1838. Born, 1/01/1838, at 168/68 Lambeth Walk. Birth registered by his mother, who could seemingly write. Seems to be the only one not baptised - have looked up to 1841.


1851C, aged 13, toymaker, living with parents in Lambeth. 1859: toymaker, living in Charlotte Street, probably marries Susan Fennell from Devizes,Wiltshire on 6/11/1859 at St Johns Waterloo [ this outside Waterloo Station]. Father given as John Richards, pattern maker.


. The witnesses on this most likely brother and sister in law of Susan.

1861C. Joseph Richards, aged 23, b. Lambeth, toymaker, in Nonch?? Road Bermondsey with wife, Susan, 24, and servant. Living next door to Noah, 25, stonemason, & Eliza Fennell.

1871C. Joseph Richards, 32, master toymaker employing 1 girl, & Susan 33, in 2 Williams Terrace Bermondsey with children Annie, Emily, Henry J,William, Albert Edward Mar 1871 birth - found thanks to Ancestry Harper tree.

1881C Joseph Richards, 43, toymaker, living in Linsey Street, toymaker, with wife Susan, 44, and 9 children born 1862-1880: Annie, Emily, Henry J,William, Albert Edward Mar 1871 birth, Kate E, Florence, Ernest & Sydney Funny no names of his parents & siblings, like Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Mary, Anne, Jane !??. Almost makes me think I have the wrong Joseph Richards - but surely not 2 Josephs of the same age, who are toymakers with father John around Lambeth/Bermondsey - but, 2012, 'Pattern maker' -John's occupation on 1859 m.c. - just seems connected with sewing, not carpentry, so maybe this is not the right Joseph?

1890 Joseph Richards likely died St Olaves Southwark Mar 1890 aged 53.

Did siblings Sarah, Mary & John emigrate?. No emigration records on Findmypast before 1890.


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