Elizabeth Richards 1821 - 1895.

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1821 Born 1821 to parents John Richards, carpenter, & Elizabeth Blacker. IGI entry & in parish register.   Christened 30/12/1821 at St. Marys Lambeth, parents John & Elizabeth Richards. Abode- Kennington.

St Johns Waterloo
St Johns Waterloo interior


1840.   13/10/1840 married Charles Andrews at St. Johns Waterloo. Both given as of full age. His occupation given as carpenter, as is that of his father, Charles Andrews. Her father, John Richards, is also a carpenter.  Address  St. Georges Road [where the Andrews, parents and newly weds, were living in 1841C.]. A protestant marriage. Witnesses M.Bennett & T. Neal. Marriage Certificate MA1.

Her parents and all her younger siblings are living in Regent Street in the 1841C.

From 1840 - 1870 her life mirrors that of her husband, Charles Andrews 1821

61 St Georges Road, Southwark

1868- 1870. Charles King was the occupier of 11 Hanover Street, & an Edwin Butterworth was its occupier in 1870 so Elizabeth Andrews would have moved there only late in 1870

1870. Husband, Charles Andrews, carpenter, dies,1/12/1870, aged 49, at 11, Hanover St. Newington, of Apoplexy,3 days. Informant was F.T.Andrews[son Frederick 1846] of same address..

1871 Census. Elizabeth Andrews, 49, widow, is living at 11, Hanover Street, Newington.[Hanover Street was just south of the Elephant & Castle, between Newington Butts & Walworth Road]

Elizabeth M. Andrews 49  Widow.   Wool toy maker     b. Lambeth
Frances H.    22 unm.        Wool toy maker     b. Southwark
Hannah      20   unm.     Wool toy maker     b. Southwark
William Markham 
18  lodger.  Writer & House Decorator   b.Brompton 
Richard  Markham   21 lodger.   Sign & Facia writer  b.Brompton, Middlesex
And another family of 3    

She paid 10s rent for the house in 1871 , then 18s, at 9d in the £, in 1873 - from Southwark Rate Books,. Parish of St Mary Newington - Southwark Archives, Sep 2014. There seems to have been a Sam Crowhurst also living there, in the yard, both in 1871 & in 1873- from Southwark Rate Books

1871. Son, Frederick Thomas, marries Martha Ladbury[1844-1920], 29/12/1871

1872.  Daughter, Frances, marries William Markham 3/4/1872

1872/1883??. Elizabeth Ann Andrews listed as a carpenter at 11 Hanover Street, in Kelly's/PO listing - info from JL 2018

1873.  Daughter, Hannah, gives birth to Maud Marion on 19/10/1873 at 11, Hanover St. Newington. Birth Certificate BA1. No father given.

In 1877 Hanover Street was renamed Steedman Street . And in 1878& 1879 a James Coveney is the occupier of 11 Steedman Street. Also in 1878 a Joseph Tolano was the occupant of 16 Draper Street

So, seemingly, Elizabeth moved out from 11 Hanover Street between 1874 and 1877, but not into 16 Draper Streeet until 1879.

1881Census.   Elizabeth Andrews, 59, widow, living at 16, Draper Street, Newington [very near Hanover Street: Draper St came into existence in 1868, it being the renamed Cross St - Draper Street, containing almshouses, was redeveloped in 1956 ]

Elizabeth Andrews  59  widow    Toy Manufacturer      b. Lambeth
Hannah 30  Daughter   Toy maker                  b. Southwark
Maud. M. 7    Granddaughter  b. Newington

1883.  Daughter, Hannah Andrews, gives birth to Jessie in the Union Workhouse, St. Olave on 28/06/1883. Birth Certificate BA2. No father given.

I wonder why this birth took place in the Workhouse whereas Maud's, in 1873, was in the family home. Was Elizabeth annoyed by a second illegitimate birth, or had she become even poorer ; Hannah is recorded as a servant, no longer a toymaker, living 50 Bermonsey Square, so maybe it was just that she had moved out of Draper Street between 1881 & 1883 and did not feel she could burden her mother with another birth. And 50 Bermondsey Square apparently never existed!

1872/1883??. Elizabeth Ann Andrews listed as a carpenter at 11 Hanover Street, in Kelly's/PO listing - info from JL 2018

1884.  Hannah marries her cousin, John Sullivan, on 18/11/1884. A marriage of convenience? Marriage Certificate MS2. Address 16 Draper Street.

1891 Census.  Elizabeth Andrew, 69, is living at  12 York Street, Southwark, in a 4 roomed house, with daughter, Hannah, & her family.

John Sullivan   35 head     P. house decorator         b. St. George, Southwark
Hannah             40 b. St. George, Southwark
Jessie     7     daughter     b. St. George, Southwark
Elizabeth Andrew 69 m.in.law     Toy maker    b. Lambeth
Maud Marion Andrew 17  niece     Toy maker     b. Newington, Lambeth[ actually wife's daughter]

1892.  Son-in-law, John Sullivan, dies, aged 36,13/1/1892 at 12 York Street.

1893. Elizabeth Andrews living 12 York Street

1894. Elizabebeth Andrews living 12 Skipton Street, late 12 York Street - electoral register entries.

1894.  Granddaughter, Maud Marion, marries George White, 2/12/1894 in St. George the Martyr Church

1895  Elizabeth Andrews dies , 2/02/1895, aged 74, widow of Charles Andrews a carpenter, at 12, Skipton St.[York St. renamed] of Bronchitis Cardiac Debility, informant being her son Charles of 28, Runham Street, Walworth. Death Certificate DA4.

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