Frank William Robinson 1863

Frank William Robinson. 1863 Mar Ongar 4a.78 - .>1925.

3rd child of Francis Robinson & Elizabeth Rousell. Born in Shelley, baptised 3 years later, 8/08/1866 in Stanford Rivers. 1871C. Aged 7 at Brook Cottage, Stanford Rivers. More info. & photos on his father's page . I cannot find any trace of him after this . No census entries 1881, 1891 or 1901, or, quickly, in 1911C. He is said to have been a companion to a Rothschild in France & there exists a letter from him from 41 Rue Faubourg St. Honore, to his sister, Ellen Annie Mead, dated Xmas 1925. This letter implies that he thinks Ellen Annie is still running a business [ the Wheatsheaf]. Had he already gone abroad by 1881, aged 16? or maybe joined the army? The letter below implies he is married to /living with Edith, seemingly British, maybe from Ireland [ and that her sister's child, a boy, is also in Paris,] but I found no marriage in England on BMD 1880-1920. . Could he have married in Ireland? or France? : yes, some marriage banns exist on Ancestry for Paris 1860-1902 and for 1893 I found his banns to Caroline Emilie Louise Solzer. But then who is Edith??

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Address for both on the above is 41 Faubourg St.Honore

But no marriage listed on their Marriages database, but site does say that it does not have many listed after 1860! And cannot find any register for births, or deaths post 1909. Did this Caroline Emilie Louise Solzer die before 1925? Were there any children? And by 1925 his wife - but possible a daughter - would seem to be Edith?

His employer would have been Edmond de Rothschild 1845-1934 who constructed the Hotel Pontalba at 41 Rue Faubourg St. Honore in 1876, though was not listed as living there in the 1891 Electoral Roll- he ,Edmond, died in 1934. He was disinterred in 1954 and was given a state burial -at Zichron - in Israel: a museum in Jerusalem contains the furniture from his Paris house. Frank probably died in France: as of Oct 2010 no death record on Ancestry, but this would not include Deaths in France?.. no 41 : Hôtel de Pontalba, construit entre 1842 et1855 parlouis Visconti pour la baronne Michaela de Pontalba sur l'emplacement de l'ancien hôtel d'Aguesseau, qu'elle avait acheté en 1836. Acquis en1876 par le baron Edmond de Rothschild qui l'a fait presque entièrement reconstruire par son architecteFelix Langlais, qui n'a laissé intacts que le hall et le portail d'entrée, mais a respecté le plan en H de l'édifice. Le fronton de la façade sur jardin, orné d'une statue deFlore due au ciseau du sculpteur René Charpentier, provient de l'ancien hôtel du Maine, rue de Lille, que le baron de Pontalba avait acheté en 1838 et fait raser. C'est Edmond de Rothschild qui a fait remonter à l'hôtel de Pontalba le cabinet de laques de Chine provenant du même hôtel du faubourg Saint-Germain. L'hôtel de Pontalba fut acquis en 1948 par les Etats-Unis pour y loger des bureaux de son ambassade. Restauré entre 1966 et 1971, il abrite aujourd'hui la résidence de l'ambassadeur des États-Unis. . . . . . . Ignore all the following blue links just below- not mine!

In 1710, Henri François d'Aguesseau, Chancellor of France, acquired a tract of land which included the present site of the Hôtel de Pontalba. Ten years later, he built a house, and the house subsequently passed through a series of owners. New Orleans-born Baroness Micaela Almonester de Pontalba purchased the property in 1836, and by 1842, she had demolished the d'Aguesseau house and commissioned the architect Louis Visconti to design a newer house for the site.[


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Francis Robinson 1834, his father