Earlier Rolfes


A Robin/Robert Rolfe was the father of Mary, and hence- from use of word sister - of Frances, Rolfe . Frances Rolfe c.1757- from her age on 1781 marriage license -was my 4xggrandmother. She was the mother of William Savill 1782.

The first Rolfe in my ancestry was Frances Rolfe. Does not appear on Ancestry or Genes Reunited family trees

1781. 2/11/1781. Frances Rolfe married, by license, Ben Saville, bachelor, both of G.D. parish, both put their mark on the alliance, and witnesses were Thomas Abbott [ the husband of Ben's sister, Anne,1740,] & John Gunn in G.D [ERO]. The license gives Benjamin, labourer of G.D, as 23, Frances as 24, thus born ~1757 - how do I know this??.Is the License available in ERO and have I seen it?


Frances & Benjamin Savill had just 3 known children: William 1782, Thomas 1784 & James 1786. The first was baptised G.D. the last 2 in Barnston. Thus Ben & Frances Savill probably moved from G.D. to Barnston 1781/2

These are definitely the parents of my William Savill 1782 as William's last born, 1842, was baptised Thomas Rolfe Saville & there is a Mary Rolfe, 54, living in his household in 1841C. I have found the burials in 1826 and 1828 of a Thomas & a Sarah Rolfe, who I suspected to be her parents.[due to1. the naming of their second son Thomas in 1784 & 2. the naming of Thomas Rolfe Savill in 1842.] But with the Will of this Thomas Rolfe who died in 1826, this theory has been disproved!! : the said Thomas Rolfe was just the benefactor - the source of wealth - of William Savill and thus to be respected in future names. Frances Saville/Rolfe died, buried in Barnston 30/1/1797 - image 20. As the below seemigly proves her to be the daughter of Robin Rolfe of Chelmsford, she and her 2 sisters could have been born anywhere around Chelmsford or Dunmow or in between!!. I have searched Chelmsford [1757-1766]& Writtle[ 1743-1763] baptisms and there are no relevant Rolfe baptisms: also marriages Chelmsford & Writtle and no Rolfe marries there : online Seax D/P 94/1/9 & 11 . There is a burial in Chelmsford of an Ann Rolfe, adult, in 1793 - she could be the wife of my Robert. A Robert Rolfe 1732/1738 ? married Sarah Shepherd 23/5/1769 in G.D. . Seemingly no Rolfes baptised in Barnston 1754-1787, nor in L.D, and just Anne to Daniel & Sarah 1765 - image 13 & Sarah to one Robert & Sarah Rolfe in 1770 in G.D - image 16. G.D. Baptisms. So where were Frances, Mary & Elizabeth Rolfe born ~ 1757 -1786???? Surrounding parishes to GD are Lt. Canfield, Gt. Canfield, Lt. Easton, G.Easton, Lindsell, Stebbing, G.Waltham, H.Easter & H.Roding - rather a lot of registers to search. Have searched Leaden Roding 1751-1779, images 37-42: Gt Canfield 1752-1760, images 13 & 14: Lt. Canfield 1754-1761, images 18,19:- Lt. Easton 1755-1783: no Rolfes

No Robert marriage 1756-1765 in Felsted- images 5-50.

Rates Books for G.D show the Rate of Assessment for relief of the poor for Thomas Rolfe in 1799 &1801 to be£3 12s & £2.14s /qtr, rising to £29 12 6 plus £2.7. 6d for Vicars Tithes in 1805, 1806, 1812, 1814, 1816, 1818, 1820, 1821, 1823, 1824, 1825 with him having to pay rector's tothes as well from 1812. By April 1826, William Savill is paying this same amount

The 1821C for G D shows Thomas Rolfe 81-91 with a wife/sister? 71-80, another male 31-40 and another female 16-20. The other male was almost certainly William Savill and maybe the other female a servant. Mary Rolfe, ~41,does not seem to be in the houshold

The 1826 Will of Thomas Rolfe shows 1.: that Thomas Rolfe had siblings Robin Rolfe, mallster in Chelmsford, and Sarah Rolfe, both alive in 1803. Unfortunately there are now 2 families that fit this bill! - with not a lot to distinguish between them : Robert 1732, Thomas 1735, Elizabeth 1739 & Sarah 1746 , all baptised G.D. to Robert & Anne - likely nee Cramphorne - Rolfe . . .OR Thomas 1736, Robert 1738, Eliz 1742, Sarah 1744 & Frances 1750, all baptised G.D. to Thomas & Elizabeth - likely nee Hadsley - Rolfe. So far, only one Robert marriage found - that in 1769, too late to be father of Frances c 1757.

What happened to this Frances 1750- any chance she actually became the wife of Benjamin Savill in 1781 and lied about her age??: seems very unlikely as Mary Rolfe describes her as 'my late sister Frances' - she would not call her aunt this

But if actually another Frances, daughter of a Robert, then it would seem likely that the Robert in the second G.D. family with a sister Frances 1750 was the Robert who was the father of Frances ~1757 , due to the recurrence of the name

And 2: that Robin Rolfe had daughters, Sarah Rolfe & Mary Rolfe. No mention is made of a separate daughter Mary Rolfe to Thomas Rolfe. Thus, I must assume that the Mary Rolfe, aged 54, living with William Savill in 1841C, and still living with William's widow Susannah when she, Mary Rolfe, died in 1849 was a daughter of Robin Rolfe. Since this Mary Rolfe was definitely - this stated in 1843 Will of William Savill - a sister of William Savill's mother, Frances Rolfe, then Robin Rolfe of Chelmsford would seem to be the father of Frances Rolfe. But it is possible that Mary & Frances were just half sisters, or even that Mary had just been adopted into the family of Frances and considered herself as a sister.

And 3: proves the existence of a Thomas Savill and James Savill, as likely younger brothers of William Savill 1782 , both under 21 in 1803, thus born after 1782. And, in fact, I already have baptisms of Thomas Savill 1784 & James Savill 1786 to Benjamin Savill & Frances Rolfe. Thomas & James seem to have moved out of Thomas Rolfe's house by 1803

The Will also tells us that William Savill was living in Thomas Rolfe's house by 1803.

Could this Thomas Rolfe ~1740 be a son of Thomas & Elizabeth who died 1774 & 1790 respectively? Probably yes, the 1736 baptism, but could also be the 1735 baptism to Robert & Anne!

Mary Rolfe c1786-1849 would seem to be definitely the sister of my Frances Rolfe: this stated in her Will. BUT... ~30 years between their births???, just possible and certainly if Robert was married twice. She, Mary Rolfe, never married, and lived with her nephew William Savill probably from 1826 to his death in 1843, and then with his wife and children until her death in 1849. But with the Will of Thomas Rolfe, written in 1803, I would now be led to believe that Mary, Frances & a Sarah Rolfe were all daughters of Robin/Robert Rolfe of Chelmsford, the said Robin Rolfe being the brother of this Thomas Rolfe. She, Mary Rolfe, left her wealth to her Savill great nieces and nephews. Also an 1843 Will of William Savill.

I need to find a baptism for Frances~1757, Mary~1786 and, maybe, Elizabeth ~1771 [ find her death as Elizabeth Ruffle to see if it gives an age?] . Have once again searched many parishes in 2014 - NO SUCCESS!!

Barnston Burials: need to enter in my Seax records.

William Rolfe son of John 3/1/1723. A Daniel Rolfe died 1737 as ERO has his G.D. will
Richard Rolfe son of John & Elizabeth 23/5/1761
Thomas Rolph son of John & Elizabeth 9/7/1772 aged 10 months
Mr Thomas Rolph 28/5/1774 . . . . . I have not placed his birth [ could be Thomas 1697 or Thomas 1701 - if either of these, his wife Elizabeth would have been ~90 when she died] or found his marriage to Elizabeth: but have found 5 children baptised to them
Elizabeth Rolfe widow of the late Thomas 6/2/1790 . maybe this couple born ~1700-1717 - they marry in 1734, she being Elizabeth Hadsley.
Elizabeth Rolfe wife of John 17/3/1796- nee King
John Rolfe 26/10/1796 . . . . . these 2 married in 1752 in Barnston and had at least 10 children

Frances Saville - nee Rolfe - died, buried in Barnston 30/1/1797 - image 20
Thomas Rolfe abode = gt dunmow 16/1/1826 aged 90 years . . . so born c.1736. He left a Will: D/AMW 22/3/12 obtained from the ERO. Unfortunately, I can not be sure whether he is the 1736 son of Thomas & Elizabeth, or the 1735 son of Robert & Anne. But feel the former as his Will gives him as the brother of Robert of Chelmsford and this Robert dies 1827 with a birth nearer 1738 than 1732.

"My Thomas Rolfe born 1697 in Barnston, Essex was the brother of Edward Rolfe (my Great Grandad x 8) I don't have another Thomas but I expect your Thomas Rolfe was descended from the same family".......from Hazel Eady/Francis, Genes

Robert Rolfe abode Chelmsford 31/7/1827 aged 90 years .. . . . . .so born c.1737 This places him as the son of Thomas & Elizabeth, baptised 1738, rather than the 1732 baptism of Robert, son of Robert & Anne. . He is likely the father of Frances Rolfe - now some doubt, as one of the 2 Roberts only married in 1769!!
Sarah Rolfe abode Gt Dunmow 24/5/1828 aged 86 years . .c1742: again nearer the 1744 baptism to Thomas & Elizabeth than the 1746 baptism to Robert & Anne. She is the sister of Thomas & Robert Rolfe- was living with Thomas in 1803
Mary Rolfe abode Great Dunmow 28/12/1849 aged 70 years . .so born c.1779-1786. . No baptism found GD or Barnston. She is the Mary Rolfe 54 [ but maybe up to 62] in 1841C living with William Savill and family. I have her will 1848. It says she, Mary, was a sister of Frances.. - thus indicating that Sarah Rolfe [ sister of Mary in Thomas's will] was also a sister of Frances. Could it be that she was a half-sister?- but 1769 marriage of one Robert Rolfe to Sarah Sheppard states they were both single - ie he not a widower. Sarah could have had Frances out of wedlock, but have failed to find a Frances Sheppard baptised in GD: nor in Barnston. But the 1769 marriage of a Robert Rolfe to Sarah Sheppard, having a daughter Sarah in 1770, might not be my family - in which case my Frances, Sarah & Mary would all have been baptised in a different parish that I have yet to find!. Will not be able to be more certain of who belongs to who until I find some of the missing baptisms! Tried long and hard again in 2014- No SUCCESS

Barnston Marriages

William Ruffle - he would seem to be the executor for the 1803 Will of Thomas Rolfe ~1736-1826: he had died by 1826, actually in 1811 in Barnston, image 22. No Will in ERO
married 17/10/1791 D/P 153/1/3 image 11
Elizabeth Rolfe
. An Elizabeth Ruffle is buried 1826 aged 86, thus born~1740. Would she have married aged 50?? If so, she would be the 1742 sister of Robert & Thomas on tree at top of page
wit:-Thomas Rolfe & maybe, Mary J Savill_______(illegible).If my reading is correct, Mary Savill could be a sister or sister-in-law of Benjamin 1758. . . . . Was Elizabeth another daughter of Robert?

William Perry , widower
married 24/1/1722
Susanna Rolfe she maybe Susanna 1699, daughter of Daniel & Susanna, & sister of Thomas 1701, the likely father of Robert 1738.

Barnston Baptisms:
John Rolfe son of John & Mary 31/5/1693 . . . . . . . .Hazel Eady-Genes- would also have an Edward son of John & Mary 1685?: I found no Rolfe baptisms 1684-1692 in Barnston
Daniell Rolfe son of John & Mary born 22/2/1694 bapt. 15/5/1695
Thomas Rolfe son of John & Mary born 17/4/1697 bapt 20/4/1697
Mary Rolfe daugh of John & Mary born 17/2/1699 bapt 23/5/1699
Robert Rolfe son of John & Mary Born & bapt 5/4/1705
Mary Rolfe daugh of Edward & Mary born 3/5/1706 bapt 4/6/1706
Susanna Rolfe daugh of Edward & Mary born & bapt 23/9/1708
John Roffe son of Edward & Mary born 8/3/1712 bapt 18/3/1712
Frances Roffe daugh of Edward & Mary born 18/11/1713 bapt 19/11/1713
Susanna Roffe daugh of Edward & Mary born 17/10/1715 bapt 23/10/1715
William Roffe son of John & Susanna 4/11/1721
Susanna Rolph daugh of John & Anne 13/3/1722

There seems to be a gap here 1723 to 1751, when my Robert/Robin Rolfe & his siblings Sarah & Thomas Rolfe would have been baptised but have rechecked the fiche - online- and this period is covered, Rolfe baptisms just do not exist .But found them baptised in G.D.
John Rolf son of John & Elizabeth 24/12/1752
Robert Rolf son of John & Elizabeth of Dunmow 4/4/1754 - he is too young to marry in 1769.
Ann Rolf daugh of John & Elizabeth 4/3/1759
Richard Rolfe son of John & Elizabeth 14/12/1760
Richard Rolfe son of John & Elizabeth 11/4/1762
Sarah Rolfe daugh of John & Elizabeth 5/8/1764
William Rolfe son of John & Elizabeth 1/3/1767
Susanna Rolfe daugh of Elizabeth & John 17/9/1769
Thomas Rolfe son of John & Elizabeth 7/7/1771
James Rolfe son of John & Elizabeth 29/1/1775

My Rolphes I have back to a marriage of William Rolphe and Mary Wells (my 6x g.grandparents) in 1739 in Tilty.  
We probably connect somewhere down the line so any information you could share with me would be greatly appreciated and I'll try and reciprocate
. from Glenys


Also at the ERO:- D/P 153/25/19  1695  Deed: Assignment of remainder of term to new trustees (i) Anne Choppin of Good Easter, widow, executrix of will of Stephen Choppin, junior, deceased (ii) Sir Felix Wylde of Barnston; John Smythe of Barnston, clerk; John Younge of Barnston, yeoman; Robert Younge of Little Dunmow, yeoman; Nathaniel Naylor of Great Waltham, yeoman; John Rolfe of Barnston, yeoman Maiden Croft (4a.) in Barnston  & another such document




William Savill 1782