Will of Mary Rolfe written 7/12/1848

This is the last Will and Testament of me Mary Rolfe of Great Dunmow in the county of Essex, spinster. I appoint Susannah Savill of Great Dunmow aforesaid, the widow of my late cousin William Savill deceased and who was the son of my late sister Frances Savill deceased, formerly Frances Rolfe, spinster, and my friend John Perry Gunn of Great Dunmow aforesaid, hairdresser, Executrix and Executor of this my Will.

I give and bequeath unto Frances Savill, one of the daughters of my said, late cousin William Savill, deceased, a Legacy of £100.

And I give and bequeath all my money securities for money, effects and Personal Estate whatsoever, subject to the payment thereout of all my just debts, funeral expenses and the charges of proving this my Will and the said legacy, unto, and equally , between John Savill, the reputed son of my said late cousin William Savill, deceased, and Sarah Ann Savill, Elizabeth Savill, Susannah Savill, Emma Savill, Louisa Savill and Thomas Rolfe Savill, the other children of my said late cousin William Savill, deceased. And in case any or either of them, the 7 last named Legatees, shall die under the age of 21 years, then I give and bequeath the share or shares of him, her or them so dying unto the survivors or survivor of them if more than one in equal shares.

And my will and mind is that my said Executrix and Executor or either of them , their Executors or Administrators, shall not be charged or chargeable with, or accountable for any more of the said trust monies and premises than they, he or she shall actually receive, or than shall come to their, his or her respective hands for virtue of this my Will, nor with or for any loss therein which shall happen without their, his or her wilful default, nor one of them for the other of them or for the acts, deeds, receipts, disbursements executors or administrations of the other of them but, each only for his and her respective acts, deeds, receipts and disbursements. And also that it shall and may be lawful for my said executrix and executor and their respective executors and administrators and every of them in the first place by and out of the aforesaid trust monies and premises which shall come to their respective hands by virtue of this my Will to deduct and reimburse to and for himself, herself or themselves respectively all such loss, costs, charges and expenses as she, he or they, any or either of them shall sustain, expend or be put unto in or about the execution of this my Will or in relation thereto.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 7th day of December in the year of our Lord 1848.

Signed by the said Mary Rolfe as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us, present at the same time, who have at her request, in her presence and in the presence of each other, subscribed our names as witnesses. John Ellis & Benjn Anderson. Benjn Anderson was also a witness for the 1842 Will of her nephew, William Savill.

The Textatrix died at Great Dunmow in the county of Essex on the 25th day of December 1849.

Susannah Savill, widow, and John Perry Gunn, hairdresses, both of G.D. aforesaid, are the Executrix & Executor of this her Will.

On 2/12/1850, the within named Susannah Savill & John Perry Gunn, the Executrix & Executor, were severally sworn to the truth and faithful execution of the within Will & they also made oath that the personal Estate of the testatrix does not amount to the sum of £450.

Proved on 13/12/1850 before the Rev. Henry Lewis Majendie, clerk surrogate by the oaths of Susannah Savill & John Perry Gunn, the Executrix & Executor to whom Administration was granted, they being first sworn duly to administer.


My Comment

Her sister Frances, the mother of William Savill, died in 1797, thus she likely helped her brother-in-law, Benjamin Savill, bring up William and his 2 known siblings - born 1782-1786. But in fact, she was living in G.D. in the house of her uncle, Thomas Rolfe, in 1803: we do not know whether Benjamin was also there, but certainly her 21yr old nephew, William Savill, was . Then, when Thomas Rolfe died in 1826, she must have moved in with nephew William, by then married, widowed and remarried!. She probably had a soft spot for his 7th child in that she was called after her sister Frances.

Where did her monies originate? - partly from her uncle, Thomas Rolfe: less likely from her brother-in-law Benjamin Savill, who seemingly left no will [ but the absence of a surviving will does not mean he did not leave one]

. The 7 Legatees - that is all her great nieces and nephews other than Frances Savill , would have received ~£50 each from her estate, presumably on each reaching the age of 21.



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