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Have discovered http://www.barham-kent.org.uk/Genealogy_baptisms_1801.htm .


No Rousell baptisms in Barham 1790-1800.

Then Richard Rousell baptised 1804 Barham to Richard & Mary, but no more Baptisms to them. Could Richard have been born in Dover & then his parents moved to Barham??. Worth looking at Dover baptisms 1790-1803?

a George Rouzle was baptised to Richard & Mary in Charlton, Dover, in 1812

At present I have no firm lead on the parents of James Rousell, born 1800-1804, but in

1841C, Barham District 3, p.6 of 11, Derrington Street, a Richard & Mary Rourell [ but could read as Rowsell] , both 60[ 60-64], ag. labourer and living in the same house/next door is a Richard Rowsell, 39, wife Hannah 43, with family Mary Ann 11, Hannah 6, Robert Andrews 13 & George Andrews 10. This younger Richard has remarried a Hannah Andrews Dec 1839 Bridge, having 2 children by his previous marriage and now 2 stepchildren from his wife's first marriage . Richard, 39, is almost certainly the Richard Rousle baptised in 1804 in Barham to Richard & Mary Rousle.


. Could these be parents and brother?. Deaths Dec 1844 ROUS_LL Mary Bridge 5 27 is likely the Mary 60 above. .

1851C, Richard Rousell, 80?, widower, blind, b. Sletling,[Stelling? - 6 miles wsw of Barham}Parochial Relief Ag.l., living with son William 42 b.Dover, & his wife Hannah & family, all children born Bekesbourne, in Harbledown, Canterbury,~10m.NW of Barham. I think this must be the same Richard as is with Mary in the 1841C, both then given as aged 60. And in the 1841C the same William, b.1810, is in Bekesbourne, ~5m.north of Barham. Thus, if Richard were James' father, James might have brothers Richard & William on this hypothesis.

Richard Rousell who was 39 in 1841C - is on the same census page as James Rousell - Derrington, Barham: Richard Rousell 49 b. Dover with wife Hannah 55, b.Bridge, ocupation?, no children living with them .If his Dover birthplace is correct here, this rules him out of being the Richard baptised 1804 in Barham??, but then in 1861C, he is born Barham!! This suggests to me that this family had lived in both Dover and Barham

1855. Deaths Sep 1855 Rousell Richard Bridge 2a 306 . He would be 74 ~78 if the Richard aged '60' in 1841C. Thus born c. 1780

I have this d.c.: Richard Rousell aged 81, Almsman formerly agricultural labourer, died 20/9/1855 in the Union Workhouse Bridge. Cause of death: Decay of Nature. Informant John Hammond, present at the death, Bridge - he born Harbledown~1828, mother Mary Hammond, widowed by1851C, b. Canterbury ~ 1789. .


1861C. Richard Rousell, 59, b.Barham, wife Hannah 66, b.Bridge & son William Andrews, 43, b.Bishopsbourne. So, this Richard is b.Dover in 1851, then b. in Barham in 1861!. Not obviously in 1871C. But a death Jun 1881 Bridge 2a.421/424 , aged 80 . And Hannah Rowsell, aged 82, dies Jun 1875 Bridge - she ought to be in the 1871C!

1861C. William Rousell, 51, b. Charlton -just N. of Dover , Hannah 46 b. Canterbury and 3 more children ,b.1852-1859 in Harbledown, living in Harbledown, Canterbury.

1871C. Richard, 69, b. Dover, & Hannah, 71/76, b. Barham Russell/Raussell, no occupation, are at Gravel Shoot, Barham, District 6, p.13.

1871C. William Rousell, 61, b. Dover, Hannah 57 , b. Canterbury, 2 children 12& 20, & a 4yr old granddaughter, all b. Harbledown, living Harbledown.

1881C. William Jas Rousell, 72, b. Dover, Hannah, 66, Elizabeth Jane, 22, b. Harbledown, living Harbledown.

1881C. Have not found Richard Rousell, but he could have died just before the census.

1881. Richard Rousell dies Jun 1881 Bridge 2a.421/424 , aged 80- seemingly before the 1881 census. Hannah Rowsell has died Jun 1875 Bridge aged 82.

1882. William James Rousell, aged 73, dies Jun 1882, Bridge 2a.425. Bridge includes Harbledown. thus born c.1809


But, my James 1800 calls his first son, William!!, not Richard., as I would expect if Richard Rousell, c1770-1780, is the father of James



Regarding the 3 trees of Rousle familes above. . .First family is in Barham 1841C, father having remarried Hannah Andrews in 1839 . Cannot find middle family in 1841C. Wife & children of 3rd family are in Barham: William, father, has died in Jun1839 & Anne has remarried Henry Dixon in 1841 Jun: but, IMPORTANT, this William, who married Anne c.1825, cannot be a son of Richard c1780, since there is another William, b.Dover c.1810, with whom Richard is living in 1851 in Harbledown! So ignore the righthand tree above.

I need to examine Dover baptism records


Miscellaneous. [In 1891C Barham: -OAST HOUSEGeorge Rowsell Head 43 Male Sturry, Kent - Agricultural Labourer Emma Rowsell Wife 36 Female Wye, Kent . A c.1847 birth., which does not fit in any of the trees above. Could he be a son of William,1831.]

Deaths Sep 1855 Rousell Richard Bridge 2a 306 .

Marriages Dec 1839 ROUSLE Richard Bridge 5 45 This is a remarriage to a Hannah Andrews as 1841C has Richard with 13 yr old Robert Andrews in his household . This m.c. would give Richard's father.
Marriages Jun 1841 ROUSLE Ann - this to Henry Dixon - Bridge 5 41
Marriages Mar 1847 ROUSLE Elizabeth Frances Bridge 5 53

Marriages Sep 1847 ROUSELL Charlotte Bridge 5 49
Marriages Sep 1848 ROUSELL Emma Bridge 5 53
Marriages Mar 1850 ROUSELL Anna Maria Bridge 5.49.

I wonder if there are other local History Societies other than Barham in this area??

Several Ancestry Trees have a Martha Rousell 1760 born Elham, the next parish to Barham, to a James Rousell 1740. Contacted joannelebars tree 5/12/2008 but she had no more information. Oct 2011 have sent a message to the cgibbs38 tree. Did a lot more probing Feb 2012.



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