William Savill 1782 –1843

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Ancestry Public Trees have a Coles/Ralph tree purporting to descend from a Mary Savill 1825, a daughter born in Matching, of William & Susannah: this is wrong! Also Morley & Boucher tree has children all mixed up.

1782. July 14 1782. William Savill christened in G.D.Church. Parents Ben Savill & Frances Rolfe .D/P 11/1/4. At least two siblings, baptisms found in Barnston : Thomas Savill 1784 and James Savill 1786. Thus Ben & Frances Savill probably moved from G.D. to Barnston 1783/4 .[Other Savilles giving birth in the period 1778 -1790 were Joshua & Johanna, John & Rachel, William & Elizabeth, James & Elizabeth & John & Sarah, all G.D]. His mother, Frances, died in 1797, buried in Barnston, unfortunately no age given.

1803. He was named the beneficiary in the 1803 Will of Thomas Rolfe. He was seemingly living in Thomas Rolfe's house in G.D. at this time, and maybe could have been since his mother's death, but we do not know where his father, Ben Savill, was at this time: he, Benjamin Savill, does not die until 1833, buried in Barnston. . Thomas Rolfe was the uncle of his mother Frances Rolfe. Also living there was Sarah Rolfe, sister of Thomas . It is not stated whether Frances' sister Mary Rolfe was living with them then. As his father Benjamin Savill did not die until 1833, had he, Benjamin, effectively given up the children after his wife's death, maybe unable to cope? . But William was 17 at the time of his mother's death and his brothers 15 & 13, so they would all have been working anyway. This Thomas Rolfe was relatively wealthy, leaving about £600 when he died in 1826, of which £100 each went to William's 2 brothers, William receiving most of the rest. I suspect that Thomas had no children and, likely, had not married. .

William Savill seemingly did not marry until he was 38.

1820. William Savill of Little Dunmow, bachelor, married Sarah Perry of Great Waltham, by licence. 20/6/1820 in G.Waltham church. Both signed. Witnesses Mary & William Perry - probably her parents. D/P 121/1/10. Why by licence?? Was she 5/7 months pregnant!. And given she was 25 and he 38, why by consent of parents??- this likely just routine wording. These ages taken from her 1820 d.c and his baptism


Did he inherit his land in Great Waltham from her family: there is a Will of Elizabeth Perry, widow, D/AEW 40/3/8 in 1796 -looked at this in September 2014 and no connection- all her estate to a grandson William Alger . Sarah Perry was born ~1795 - from her age at burial, and a Sarah Perry is baptised 19/3/1795 to William & Mary Perry - D/P 121/1/4 G.W. baptisms, 1783-1812 , so above Will not seemingly relevant but thought she could be Sarah's grandmother.

great-waltham-church . great-waltham-interior .

2011 Views of Great Waltham Church. Inside we found that George Ernest & Harry Saville had served in WW1. The 1820 marriage took place here of William Savill

1820 Just over 3 months after the marriage, on 4/10/1820, his wife Sarah Savill , 25, was buried in Great Waltham. -D/P 121/1/9. And, on 11/10/1820, a 2 mth old William Savill was buried there - could he have been a son? No baptism for him in Gt Waltham, D/P 121/1/6, images 26 & 27, nor in G.D. - most likely died before a baptism could be arranged, but maybe baptised in a different parish?, but not in the obvious one Barnston

So, only possible child of this short marriage, would have been William Savill, buried, aged 2 mths, 11/10/1820 in G W , a week after his possible mother's burial.

1821 Census for G.D. 2 John Savilles & a Joseph Saville , with their families in age groups, appear as distinct households in this. As William's father was Benjamin, not John, he is unlikely , aged 38, to be living with any of them. So, where is he? - included as the male aged 31-40 in the household of Thomas Rolfe . As soon as Thomas dies in 1826 William Savill is paying the Rates of ~£29 , Feb April & Sep 1826 that Thomas Rolfe had paid 1805-1825. Still paying this in 1828 In G.D. Poor Rates 1833-35 ,only a George Savill is paying rates: William Savill maybe living in Great Waltham or at Aptonfield, Onslow Green. but this latter was seemingly within G.D. boundaries anyway.


Great Waltham ~ 5 miles South of Onslow Green.


1824. 17/12/1824 G.D.Baptisms D/P 11/1/7 image 49.-: 'John son of Susan Morrell, illegitimate, by William Saville, abode Dunmow, farmer' written for the baptism record. Birth obviously before the marriage, which took place on the same day!. Sarah, his first wife had died 4 yrs previously, so seemingly no reason why he could not marry Susannah before the birth!

1824 17 /12/1824 William Saville, widower, married Susannah Morrell in Great Dunmow , by banns - D/P 11/1/11. He was 42, she was 18. Witnesses John Smith & Benjn Cheek . As his Will showed lands in Great Waltham, I then looked there for his first marriage, found to be in 1820


1826. His benefactor Thomas Rolfe died 16/1/1826, buried in Barnston. William likely inherited Aptonfields, 7 other lands in Gt. Waltham & Great Dunmow from him. Will of Thomas Rolfe

1826. 19 Nov . Mary Anne Savill baptised G.D.. William & Susannah , farmer, Dunmow She is buried, aged 4, in Barnston, 30/12/1830

1828. 31/8/1828 Sarah Ann Saville baptised G.D. to William & Susannah, farmer

1830. 4 April. Elizabeth Savill baptised G.D.. . . . .William & Susannah, farmer

1832.9/10/1832 Susannah Savill baptised G.D.. . . .William & Susannah, farmer

1834 .5/10/1834 Emma Savill baptised G.D.. . . . . .William & Susannah , farmer

1836. 13/11/1836 .Frances Savill baptised G.D.. . . William & Susannah , farmer

1839. 14/4/1839 Louisa Savill baptised G.D . . . . . . William & Susannah , farmer, abode Dunmow.

Great Dunmow Church, where William married Susannah. in 1824 & had their first son baptised there the same day!

1841 Census, family living in Onslow Green, Great Dunmow. All born Essex. (district 1 of Great Dunmow, page 2 of 3: there were just 10 households in Onslow Green; his is the only farmer's: also a beer house, a carpenter's and a wheelwright's --ERO-SEAX- has the sale cat. for Green End Farm, Onslow Green in 1866: D/DBT612. From his Will of 1843. I now know that his farm was called Aptonfields, which I located south of Barnston in 2011. His age in the census is on the young side - actually 58/9, as are the ages of all his children!.

William  Savill  54    Farmer
Susannah  36  
John   15  
Sarah   11  
Elizabeth    9  
Susannah 7  
Emma       5  
Frances     3  
Louisa    1     
Mary Rolfe  54 Independent
Several houses at Aptonfields by 2011
Sign on gate in 2011

[ I have proved that Mary Rolfe, born 1779-86?[ no baptism found G.D, L.D or Barnston] , is the sister of his dead mother[ Frances Rolfe] . She dies 25/121849; buried in Barnston, 28/12/1849, aged 70. Mary Rolfe leaves a Will D/AMW 23/15/6 stating that Frances Rolfe was her deceased sister. Although the term 'cousin' is sometimes used loosely in Wills, I have to assume that 'sister' actually means sister.

The use of Savill/Saville on baptisms and marriages seems to alternate. Mary Anne had died in 1830. Some of the ages on the above seem low for the children, as well as for William, and for Mary Rolfe

1842 Dec 1842 Dunmow 12.70 last son Thomas Rolfe Savill was born. Baptised 1/1/1843 in G. D to William & Susanna, he a farmer, abode Dunmow. Susanna was 37 years old here.

Thus William Savill had 8 surviving children, when in . . .

.1843 . William Savill, died, aged 62, farmer, at Great Dunmow, 20/9/1843. Informant: Mary Wade X [ who is she?: she is aged 50 in 1841C, living Barnston - so likely just a neighbour. A Mary Wade was buried in Barnston, aged 79, in 1889, address then New House Farm, Ounslow Green. I thought it was odd that he died G.D. when he lived far side of Barnston, but now realise that Onslow Green was indeed part of Great Dunmow district then] present at the Death, she of Barnston, 23/9/1843. Cause of Death: Anasarca [ also known as "extreme generalized edema", is characterised by widespread swelling of the skin due to effusion of fluid into the extracellular space. It is usually caused by either congestive heart failure, liver failure (cirrhosis of the liver) or renal failure/disease and severe malnutrition/protein deficiency]. D.c. DSA1 . Burial in Barnston 27/9/1843, aged 62.: I didnot find a Gravestone there in 2011 & JK subsequently also failed with a more rigorous search!.Apparently the 1950s and 1960s saw a mass cleanout of graveyards and headstones were often broken up

savwildc .

barnston -church .

barnston-church .barnston-graveyard.

Photos taken 2011. Livermore gravestones.

I feel that William had a house in Great Dunmow as well as the farm, Aptonfields, out on the south side of Barnston. So he died in his 'town' house, this neighbour from Barnston being present at his death.

So, his youngest son was likely under 1 when he died. His widow was left comfortably off, with ~ £600. She did not need to remarry to support her young family of 8, aged 1-19.

William Savill left a Will, with estate of ~£600: Seax D/AMW 23/8/12, there is a mention of a tenant called James Savill - his brother 1786-1858.

1848. His widow Susannah Savill down as Farmer & Owner of Apton-field in White's 1848 Great Dunmow Trade directory . http://www.historyhouse.co.uk/placeG/essexg16b.html. Also Mary Rolfe writes her Will on 7/12/1848

1849. His cousin [ actually his aunt] Mary Rolfe who he mentioned in his Will, dies. She is buried at Barnston 28/12/1849, aged 70, abode given as Great Dunmow-although this could still be Aptonfield, Onslow Green. I suspect that she and Susannah Savill had already moved to Great Dunmow town. She leaves a Will. - estate of < £450

No mention of the sale of Aptonfields in FMP Newspapers

1850. G.D. Church Rate Book. A William Saville has a cottage at Brook, value £2.10s., to pay 3d in the £. There are a total of 9 Savilles in this entry.[Certainly there was at least one other William Savill b~1781 alive in 1841- the above must be he - wonder if connected??]. Books in 1864 & 1865 only have 5 & 3 Saville entries.

1851 Down on daughter Elizabeth's October marriage certificate as a labourer and no mention of deceased. Occupation is odd, almost certainly a mistake, as everywhere else he appears as farmer and family is relatively well off in 1843 & still in 1880. - see Susannah's will. Also, he has been dead 8 years by 1851.

1851. No census survived for Dunmow. But think the family is already living back in G.D. - as Mary Rolfe seemingly wrote her Will there [ but then, Aptonfield was inside the G.D.boundaries ] in 1848.

By 1861 Census, His widow, Susannah Savill, widow, landed proprietess, is living in New Street, G.D. with 2 children.

1880. Susannah Savill dies, leaving an estate of under £200. But, probably 7 children have received sums of £50 each on reaching 21 years of age, these sums being withdrawn from William's Estate between 1846 and 1860. Her Will


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